Forbes talks to Kay Hymowitz, author of the controversial book Manning Up, about her theory that women’s advancement produced a new. In Manning Up, Manhattan Institute fellow and City Journal contributing editor Kay Hymowitz argues that the gains of the feminist revolution have had a dramatic. Men in their twenties and thirties are fed up with women, but author Kay Hymowitz says you can’t blame them when women are demanding.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Manning Up by Kay S. In Manning UpManhattan Institute fellow and City Journal contributing editor Kay Hymowitz argues that the gains of the feminist revolution have had a dramatic, unanticipated effect on the current generation of young men.

Their old scripts are gone, and young men find themselves adrift. Hardcoverpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Manning Upplease sign up.

Lists with This Book. Mar 17, Hunt Brown rated it did not like it. The jacket design is the best thing about the book. No one can make you mad, belittle you or denigrate you: Helen Smith, but if men are, in fact, choosing computer games over relationships, if men are choosing to be Chester Riley rather than Ward Cleaver, then understand this one thing: The rise of women, the conflict of who gets the check, the distinction of alpha or beta or even theta male has nothing to do with it.

It is a choice. While the book is copiously footnoted, most of the references are anecdotal and tautological, and many of the core premises of her argument go unsubstantiated: The truth is we are sexual creatures and the hormones that propel that drive are at their most rampant in our fertile years. Young men and women fuck around. Always have, always will, and sadly my only authority for that is my personal experience, yet even that limited authority is more than Ms.

Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys by Kay S. Hymowitz

Correlation is not causation. But one of the major problems with Ms. This is passed off as new and interesting despite the fact that we all were in junior high school at one time or another and learned there that beautiful intelligent girls play the field and seek out alpha males.

The hope is that somehow, as a species, we evolve past junior high school. It seems iffy, but it could happen. May 22, Jack Donovan rated it liked ip. Review Originally Posted to The-Spearhead.

With either help or direction from her publishers, Hymowitz baited readers with a yellow op-ed, insulting cover art and a goading thesis. It was a sensationalistic and trashy move, but we live in a sensationalistic, trashy manninh. The real problem is that this belittling detracted from the more measured — and often sympathetic — tone of the book itself. My paternal grandfather never graduated from high school. He went straight to work. Jobs like that are few and far between these days.

The stable lunch pail jobs were often outsourced, and replaced with job growth in more creative, exciting jobs. Hymowitz overplays the size and importance of the creative class — while those jobs abound in major metropolitan areas like New York — Hymowitz lives in Brooklynthere are too many graphic designers, web designers, script writers and photographers everywhere else.

She also seems to inhabit a mental world where everyone went to Brown or Wesleyan or some posh east coast school, and one wonders if she is writing about the sexes in America, or just Sex in the City. She is correct, though, that the knowledge and service economies demanded skills which matched female tendencies. This is easy enough to verify. First, working women make and spend a lot of money.


Second, women can find satisfying passion-filled? When it comes to feminist heroes and doctrine, Hymowitz is not afraid to criticize Betty Friedan, who she portrays as being a bit spoiled and delusional, or Micheal Kimmel. This feels like an afterthought, because while she spends the entire book outlining the problems young men and women face she offers no solutions whatsoever. Aug 21, Yellow Rose rated it did not like it.

I read this fairly small book pages in about 3 and 30 minutes I skipped the last chapter because this book is so awful. Here are the reasons why the book is called Manning up so plainly I believed it would involve the discussion about todays men, wrong the first three chapters were all about women and how these modern women are striving ahead in the world of males in education, workforce, charity work, maturity etc.

So anyways the first chapter is called Preadults hp their Brilliant careers pretty much how much more educated people are these days and she gives loads of statistics to prove it without offering an opinion of her own. The author also states that this increase in people graduating from colleges has made society less mature because people might continue their education up until their 30’s and then marry.

She talks about television shows such as Friends and Seinfeld to prove her point. The second chapter is called the New Girl order, again she reiterates how women are graduating more from schools and that they hymowjtz entering high ranking previously only male schools and then this statement “The formerly mostly male schools of the high establishment are hardly being chivalrous or politically correct in welcoming so many female students” And then she completely does not support her statement and just says that women have the right stuff, so in essence she made a fallacy in her own argument she said that women are outnumbering men then she says that these hymowwitz are discriminating against them in the quote above as if to get a rise out of women and then says women are the best that they have the right stuff.

Then in the same chapter she loathes women being breeders and domestic laborers and praises the fact that women are in the workforce again where is the talk about boys?

Nope the first few chapters just talk how better women are. In chapter three she finally begins to talk as to why the women have risen and this is because of the workplace economy this is what made men boys according to the author.

Because according to Hymowitz their is hymowjtz of feminine leadership skills of team work, talking about emotions etc. Chapter four is called the child man in the promise land boring the hymowitx chapter is dedicated to Adam Sandler.

It is funny that she is a feminist and she is against this the whole goal of feminist is to destroy the family in turn by destroying the manly role of breadwinner protector and provider, how can she expect men to man up? Feminism is full of hypocrisy.

Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys

A very good book on the subject is Men and Marriage by George Gilder where he argues that women are the civilizers of men, so correct in this care because of feminism women no longer cared about protecting what is hymkwitz by nature and therefore sought to become men by doing everything to bash and deny their inherent femininity.

The further chapters where filled with even more feminist garbage and ridiculous assumptions about the roles of men and women or how she in page says that it is misogynist to to have professional and college football for men as their favorite past time this is the most insane ludicrous statement ever, kqy author seeks to destroy masculinity and anything that is considered hymowktz such as outdoors sports activities as wrong.


Thanks to feminists like her and others our society is in shambles divorce is higher then it has ever been and men and forgetting u be men and women are forgetting hymwitz it means to be maanning woman. Be warned this book is dangerous and misleading. Interestingly this book pops up with a lot of anti-feminist books, however, this is a feminist book to the core.

Feb 11, thethousanderclub rated it really liked it. I’m a Latter-day Saint, and I come from a certain culture. I was married at 22 and now at 28 I have three daughters. There are certain cultural and sub-cultural attributes found within the American experience that I simply do not understand. ,ay Manning Up was an eye-opening, enlightening, and, at times, disturbing glimpse into a culture that I have never belonged to and am glad I never did.

I heard about Kay Hymowitz’s book while listening to the October General Conference—oddly enough, a Latter-day Saint semi-annual gathering. Todd Christofferson quoted the book several times, which I found terribly intriguing since Apostles of the LDS Church choose their sources and quotations very, very carefully during something as public as General Conference.

The title and especially the subtitle of the book—How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys—captured my attention, and I decided to give the book a go.

Manning Up’s subtitle—How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys—doesn’t, of course, do the book’s nuances justice, and might have been a little too polemical just to get attention. Hymowitz does address in detail how women’s changing role s in society has affected men within that same society, but there are a lot of details and variables involved in any cultural change, especially in one majning consequential as this one.

The author’s arguments, theories, and suggestions in the book should not be ignored. There is very valuable commentary to be found here, and I feel even more interested in this important topic now that I’ve read Manning Up. Regardless of whether or not you agree with Hymowitz in her central thesis, Manning Up does provide an insight into the preadult culture that is both educational and shocking at least for me. Society has changed, and Manning Up delineates a few of the ways in which it has.

I would recommend Manning Up. Mannibg a certain extent, I think the hy,owitz was tacitly recommended by someone far more influential than me. Regardless of your ideological and sociological viewpoints, you will find a lot to hate or a lot to love in Manning Up. I was more on the love side of things, but Hymowwitz understand how difficult it is to truly define cultural and explain its many mwnning.

For what it’s worth, Manning Up is a valuable contribution to the discussion. Nov 05, Judith rated it did not like it Shelves: Hymowitz applies Manhattan Institute politics to factual demographics. Less privileged young people are also marrying less and later, but they write fewer books hymoiwtz articles about it.

Nov 25, Ben rated it did not like it. I can’t review this mannihg without swearing, so I’ll just give it one star and move along. Jul 01, Wellington rated it liked it. Bymowitz cover grabbed my attention. Bracing for a vicious attack on males, I charged ahead any way. The book doesn’t really rip on men. The author bases a lot of the book an anecdotal data frequently citing book titles not the book itself and popular culture.

It’s not like “Child-man” is one of the categories in the US Census. Or if there really is a way to measure maturity. It made me wonder As my male friend said, sometimes I like to “stab things in t The cover grabbed my attention.