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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Multi-criteria approach for maintenance management in HV substations manage,entul. New analytical methodologies for radiative heat transfer in enclosures based on matrix formalism and network analogy more.

Indes Elicoptere – Elicoptere Romania – Vanzari, service si revizii

This study proposes new matrix relationships of the radiative interactions in enclosures along with their corresponding applications. By means of several transformations one establishes matrix formulae based on equations of radiative By means of several transformations one establishes matrix formulae based on equations of radiative exchanges containing variables defined in a discrete analog form, and further on, by means of a multidisciplinary approach, the solutions are organized in algorithms that use the theory of networks, graphs and electric circuits.

The theoretical advancements consist in two different paths: As a result of the advancements, a high degree of parameterization of the problem of radiative transfer in an enclosure is achieved and it facilitates superior physical interpretations at the level of the ensemble.

It will be simple to use the developed methodologies in designs, balances and simulations. Volume25 AugustPages — Publisher: Power quality measurements and analysis for a Romanian WPP more.

Therefore, compensation methods are considered for the reactance of long distance cable connection. High voltage DC transmission cables for wind power plants interconnection to the grid can also be considered and used.

In the present paper, the problems raised by AC cables, from power quality point of view, are analyzed. A real wind power plant system of 80 MW connected to the public grid, located in the managemenrul area of Romania, is analyzed. Power quality measurements were conducted manqgementul different points of the analyzed real case study.

A new mathematical model for assessing optimization decisions of the loading factor flowing through substation transformers more. ABSTRACT The paper proposes a new mathematical model used to determine the optimum loading for power system substations equipped with only one transformer.


Because of the cyclic way of the planning process, the capacity and density of Because of the cyclic way of the planning process, the capacity and density of electrical substations are influenced by the technological progress and previous adopted measures. Operations knowledge comes in handy in day by day activities but only strategic knowledge confers electric companies an edge. In comparison with the methods used until now, the proposed model takes into consideration aspects related to operation, monitoring and maintenance costs throughout the lifetime of transformers.

The goal is following tendencies instead of on-point. Coordination control of active crowbar for doubly fed induction generators more.

Dezvoltarea electroenergeticii romanesti la mijlocul secolului al XX-lea more. Researchers in protection against electrocution in case of increase of voltage level in coal-face with high productivity and for conveyor systems for underground mines more.

Wind Power Plants, the main provider for renewable energy sources in Romania more. Achieving energy savings and thermal comfort through intermittent heating in very low energy buildings more. Technical matters regarding the increase of voltage level to supply low voltage underground users more. About protection against electrocution in case of supplying with voltage more than V underground mining sector more.

Fiabilitatea instalatiilor managemrntul industriale more. Programmed equipment for controlling the mining process in hazardous areas more. Tackle strategies in the achievement mentenantri of optimisation of electric mining network more.

Possibilities of automatic control of the transport process in coal mining areas more. Researches in protection managemwntul electrocution in case of increase of voltage level in coal-face with high productivity and for conveyor systems for underground mines more.

UPC România externalizează către Huawei managementul operaţiunilor de reţea

Evaluarea pericolului de electrocutare in subteranul exploatarilor miniere grizutoase la marirea nivelului tensiunii de alimentare more. Aspects of asset management in electrical substation more. Influence of duct geometry on Achard turbine efficiency more. Several Achard turbines, superposed, form towers. For such towers, the flow is almost unchanged in horizontal planes along the vertical axis, allowing thus 2D numerical modeling in a cross-section of the tower.

The studied case focuses on a row of two towers, placed across the water flow direction.

Both duct geometries proved to increase amnagementul turbine efficiency with respect to the case of an isolated Achard turbine. Improved LVRT based on coordination control of active crowbar and reactive power for doubly fed induction generators more.


ABSTRACT This paper proposes a control system, for crowbar protection and voltage support, for wind turbines equipped mxnagementul doubly fed induction generator. The control system based on PI controller enables the low voltage ride through The control system based on PI controller enables the low voltage ride through capability of the wind manahementul. The reactive power control of doubly fed induction generators is mostly achieved by controlling its rotor side converter.

The proposed control mmanagementul allows regulating the reactive power using the rotor side converter as well as mxnagementul grid side converter. During crowbar activation, the rotor side converter can no more control the reactive power. The proposed system controls the voltage at the point of common coupling to be above the imposed low voltage ride through curve, until the grid side converter returns to normal operation.

The case studies refer to a control system with hysteresis band for the crowbar protection of a 3MW doubly fed induction generator based wind turbine. The simulation results highlights that the proposed control improves the coordination between grid side converter, rotor side converter, and crowbar protection.

The household energy consumer in a smart metering environment more. The modern society is information oriented, technology dependent and collaborative-network active. The paper discusses the The paper discusses the existing conditions of the transition period from the old meters to the smart meters, in terms of its impact and considering the different types of electricity consumers.

It also addresses the future perspectives of the smart meters implementation in the context of actual technological changes. As the young Web 2. To obtain the most benefits from smart metering systems, the household energy consumer must be actively involved in the planning process nanagementul its early stages, to become both a real actor in shaping the future implementation and an aware customer who adopts good demand side behaviour.

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