Malaguena sheet music – Piano sheet music by Ernesto Lecuona: Edward B. Marks Music. Shop the World’s Largest Sheet Music Selection today at Sheet Music. Malaguena. Subtitle: from “Andalucia Suite” Genre(s): Orchestra Instrumentation: Orchestra (Gould) Other Versions: Band; Chamber Composer: Lecuona. Does anyone know for certain whether or not “Malaguena” by Ernesto Lecuona is in Public Domain? It turns up all over the place, including.

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Classical Guitar Skip to content. Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free sheet music for classical guitar – Delcamp.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. Talk about things that are not necessarily related to music or the guitar. It turns up all over the place, including many method books – Parkening, Noad, Tennant, etc.

Lecuona was Cuban, so I don’t know if Cuban copyright law would apply, but current U. Shouldn’t this still be under copyright? Classical and Flamenco guitar lessons via Skype worldwide – Classical and Flamenco guitars from Spain. Lecuona in and the latest – based on my copy notes was copyrighted by Edward B. Check this beautiful piece simplified arrangement by Sophocles Papas. It is a good learning piece for beginners. That would put it in public domain now.

I just want to be certain. I have a CD coming out early next year, and I want to play my own arrangement of Malaguena on it. But if it is under copyright I can’t and won’t. Hence I want to find out for sure. My prior comments are based on my own sheet Edward B. I have not researched copyrights for this number but I also have a copy written as a “Traditional -Malaguena” piece by Mr. Delcamp issued in June I would just not want to have my CD come out and get sued for copyright infringement.

Yes, this is played and published all over the place, and in methods, anthologies, collections, etc.

This organization is dedicated to preserving the very concept of Public Domain, which has been inexorably weakened and damaged over time. Then it was changed to the lifetime of the author plus fifty years. That was quite enough, but it has been changed again to author’s lifetime plus seventy years.


There has to be a limit somewhere, or else the whole idea and purpose of public domain will be negated. I am also a playwright and novelist, and though it would be to my advantage to have a longer copyright duration, I am not in favor of this endlessly extending copyright duration.

I cannot find Malaguena listed among the works that Creative Commons lists on is website as being in public domain, so unless I can get a definitive answer I will not play it on my CD, although I would like to. If anyone knows for certain one way or the other, please let me know. It may not be considered a violation of any existing copyrights. I am looking at my music for that piece and I found two other ‘Malaguena” pieces. One by the previously mentioned Sophocles Papas and another one by Antone W.

Papas piece he acknowledges Ernesto Lecuona as the author and indicates that his Mr. Papas version is a “simplified Arrangement”. Badrane piece he indicates: Lecuona and then Arr: I notice that in Mr.

Malaguena – Lecuona. Public Domain? – Classical Guitar

Delcamp “Malaguena” published on “19 Juin ” there is no mention of E. But without that, unless you can determine for certain that it is in public domain, then it’s just too risky. I don’t care to go to the trouble of writing my own arrangement, rehearsing it for the CD, cutting it, etc.

It’s a traditional Spanish dance. Malaguena facil by F Tarrega – lecuonna mean easy.

This starts with the E-G -B phrasing that we all recognize. Lecuona’s Malaguena – this a piano arrangement from It uses the familiar E-G -B, but repeats it many more times than Tarrega. I have a copy in a Hal Leonard book of Latin American songs that is very close to the video performance by Lecuona himself.

Most of the guitar arrangements, if they don’t specifically reference Tarrega, are based on Lecuona’s piano. But I haven’t found any that follow the piano arrange closely. In particular the arpeggios don’t follow the piano ones at all. Usually they are inspired by Tarrega’s beginning chords.

To add to the confusion the Mexican Malaguena Salerosa is sometimes just called Malaguena. Last edited by hpaulj on Sun Nov 29, Marks Music Company with all the renewed and international additions. But I wonder how the copyright applies to arrangements and adaptations for lecouna instruments.

Malagueña (song)

The piano score that Malagud have attributes the copyright to Edward B. However, Cuban law says that a copyright lasts the lefuona of the author plus 50 years. So, in Cuba the work would be Public Domain now. The following is part of an article about US copyright which may be of help to you. It was taken from a Legal as in law website.


For the complete article: The original copyright owner has an exclusive right to publish or release the first sound recording of a song. After that, all other performers have the right to cut their own version of the song.

Catalog « Orchestra « Lecuona Ernesto « Malaguena 4 « Edward B. Marks Music Company Classical

To release a cover version of a song, a musician must pay the compulsory or government-set rate for use of the song. Known as mechanical rights, the payment gives the musician the right to use the music malafue its own sound recording or master. Cover songs can be released on CDs or digital downloads. The statutory right to make a cover song does not extend to movie soundtracks, video games or other audiovisual works.

For these uses, a license must be obtained from the copyright holder. Under the law, the compulsory fee is paid through the Copyright Office to the copyright owners lecuonw the composition. Presently, the rates are the higher of 9. To better streamline the process, a nonprofit organization, the Harry Fox Agencyprovides an easy to use website that provides a much simpler licensing system than licensing through the Copyright Office. For small runs of under 2, CDs or digital downloads, Harry Fox provides an online service called Songfile which makes for easy licensing of any of the 2 million songs in the Songfile database.

The version of the song can vary quite a bit from the original song. It can be arranged as needed to malaguw the performer, “but the arrangement shall not change the basic melody or fundamental character of the work. Unlike the mechanical royalty, the public performance royalties are not determined through congressional action. Public performances include live shows at public venues such as bars, restaurants, and auditoriums as well as performances of pre-recorded music on radio, television, the Internet and at public venues.

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