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Tamar dadiani pasuxismgebeli mdivani ucxoeli wevrebi: Jurnali xelmzrvanelobs Tavisufali presis principit. The journal follows the principles of free press. The views of editorial board do not necessarily reflect author’s option and it accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information. CxeiZe ; agraruli ekonomikis xelmzrvanelebi: Tsu paata gugusvilis ekonomikis institutis direqtorma emd, jurnwli.

Teimuraz Sengelia, gedevan xelaia, x nugzar paiwaze, usangi samadasvili, jurjali sarcimelia, ekonomikis akademiuri doqtori guram yufunia. Tsu-is paata gugusvilis ekonomomikis instituti ki Tavisi samecniero potencialit angarisgasawevi Zalaa.

saxelovnebo mecnierebata Ziebani

Cvens magalitsi kompania ixdis wliur saprocento ganakvets 2. SemdegSi, Tu kompania amkacrebs kreditis micemis pirobebs im donemde, rom iq praqtikulad ar warmoiqmneba uimedo vali, es albat Secdoma iqneba. Sesabamisad, davalianebis Teoriuli da metodologiuri aspeqtebis damusaveba da srulyofa mudmiv aqtualobas inarcunebs.

Unfulfillment mqgistr this receivables, creates serious financial problems for companies, thats why its important to have 2041 effective management of such receivables.

Because of this, improvement of theoretical and methodological aspects of managing accounts receivables always remains a priority. This magisstr researches such aspects of accounts receivables managment methodologies as: Sromis bazris funqcionirebis Magixtr araformaluri institutebis gavlenis konteqstsi genderuli stereotipebis magalitze: Sromis bazrisadmi aseti myari interesis SenarCuneba mravali faqtorit aixsneba, romelta Soris zogs xangrzlivi istoriuli warsuli gaacnia, zogi ki sazogadoebrivi ganvitarebis yovel axal safexurze an Cndeba, an icens Tavs, an axleburi xedvita da problemisadmi axleburi midgomit aris ganpirobebuli.

Sromis bazris problemis mimdinare Seswavla ganpirobebulia SemdegiT: Sromis bazris problemis kvleva ZiriTadad mimdinareobda da mnisvnelovanwilad mimdinareobs dremde neoklasikuri ekonomikuri doqtrinis, e. XX saukunis Sua periodsi gazlierda qalta monawileoba sazogadoebriv sferosi da, gafartovda qalta Sromis miwodeba Sromis bazarze, ramac mnisvnelovnad Secvala urtiertobebi dasaqmebis sferosi, ojaxsa da mtlianad sazogadoebasi.

Sromis bazris genderuli disproporcia fartod gavrcelebuli problemaa.

Sromis bazris funqcionirebis kvlevisadmi axleburi Teoriul-ekonomikuri midgoma unda moicavdes sakitxta farto wres, romlebic dakavsirebulni arian ara mxolod Sromis miwodeba-motxovnastan, aramed Sromis bazris agentebis aqtorebis ekonomikur qcevastan, am qcevis subieqturi da obieqturi xasiatis ganpirobebulobastan, qcevaze moqmed formaluri da araformaluri institutebis moqmedebastan, sazogadoebrivi fsiqologiis cvlilebastan, erovnul mentalitetze globalizaciis procesis gavlenis gatvaliswinebastan da a.

Sromis bazris kvlevis ganxorcieleba instituciur Sexeduleba- TaAsafuZvelze SesaZlebels qmnis iseti Teoriul-meTodologiuri midgomis Camoyalibebas, romelic didwilad itvaliswinebs am motxovnebs da ganixilavs Siga saorganizacio SromiT urtiertobata sakitxebs ara personalis martvis TvalsazrisiT, rac warmoadgens menejmentis sagans, aramed ekonomikuri mecnierebis poziciebidan gamomdinare da SeimuSavebs Sromis bazris mikroekonomikuri kvlevis iset Teoriul-meTodologiur meqanizms, romelic uzrunvelyofs SromiTi resursebis efeqtur gamoyenebas ekonomikuri zrdis marali tempebis uzrunvelyofisatvis, ukonfliqto da socialurad gawonasworebuli, egalitarul principebze agebuli sazogadoebis CamoyalibebisaTvis.

Sromis bazari maggistr misi funqcionirebis Taviseburebani araformaluri institutebis jurnlai TvalsazrisiT kvlevis sagani: Sromis bazris funqcionirebaze araformaluri insititutebisa da, kerzod, genderuli stereotipebis gavlenis Seswavla. Tanamedrove realiebi ar Seesabameba genderuli stereotipebit ganpirobebul Sromis motivacias da konkurentuli qcevis genderul Taviseburebebs.

Sromis bazarze arsebuli mdgomareobis, damsaqmebelta da dasaqmebulta SromiTi motivaciaze da konkurentul qcevaze genderuli stereotipebis gavlenis sirrmiseuli analizisatvis gamoyenebulia kvlevis xarisxobrivi metodebi. Improvement of the status of women in the United Nations system. The paper expounds why the problem becomes ever more relevant today and considers the research objective, subject, target, tasks and supposes the research hypothesis.

The author flashs out research methodology including theoretical and methodological foundation of research, informational foundation of research, empirical foundation 20114 research, research methods, research objectives for the quantitative investigation. At the end the contribution to science and practice is explained in the paper and includes theoretical and methodological applications, practical applications, scientific novelty, obtained theoretical results and expected results of empirical study.

Tanamedrove jrunali saxelmwifo regulirebis ZiriTadi mizani bazris maralefeqtiani funqcionirebis uzrunvelyofaa, romelic mosaxleobis socialur dacvas, Tavdacvis unarianobis ganmtkicebas, ganatlebisa da profesiuli codnis amarlebis sistemis reformirebas, ekologiuri problemebis gadawyvetas, mzlavri satransporto da informaciuli infrastruqturis Seqmnas, mtp-is mirwevata safuzvelze ekonomikis struqturul gardaqmnas da a.

Tsu-s gamomcemloba,gv. SemoTavazebulia saqartvelos ganvitarebis adapturi modeli, romelic unda itvaliswinebdes: Adaptive model of development of Georgia is offered. It should take into consideration: Governance system oriented towards the state of he art techniques and technologies; 2.

Bakı Slavyan Universiteti

The system should be adaptive and transformational; 3. The government faces three objectives: The system comprises certain set, elements of which function in the open economic system, separately, though serving to achievement of common success.


There arises the problem of relations between the center and peripheries, solution of which is of key significance, for development of the country, in general. Tumca, zogierti eqspertis azrit, bazari misi klasikuri gagebit didi xania ukve arar arsebobs [6].

Consequently, the preservation is necessary regulatory role of the state and at the same time ensuring a balance between the volume of social jurnaali and capabilities of their jurbali. In a society constantly is the problem the optimal balance between the public mzgistr private sectors.

Here is the main theme of cooperation between the state and private jurnnali. They are in the West have become mature enough partners, including the government plays the role of the first and leading partner. Blind faith in the kurnali hand” of jurjali market and government inaction certainly pushed the development of the global financial and environmental crises.

This should be critically examined and university textbooks on economics. Needs and Development Lia Charekishvili International Black Sea University Associated Professor Abstract Gender statistics represent the statistics about the status of women and men in all spheres of public and economic activity. Gender statistics is aimed to ensure objective data through comparison and evaluation with regard to the status of women and men and of the gender equality. Improvement in collection and coverage of statistical data on the ground of gender is very important for people working on the gender issues, as well as for the representatives of legislative bodies, government bodies and civil organizations.

CEDAW The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women is a landmark international agreement that affirms principles of fundamental human rights and equality for women around the world. Countries that have ratified or acceded to the Convention are legally bound to put its provisions into practice. They are also committed to submit national reports at least once every four years on measures they have taken to comply with their treaty obligations.

Close and continuous cooperation between users and producers is crucial to successfully produce and improve gender statistics in Georgia. There are about 8 steps formed for developing gender statistics.

Introduction Gender equality and statistics – women and men should be visible in jurnail, for this, it is necessary that all statistics must be disaggregated by sex.

saxelovnebo mecnierebata Ziebani – PDF

Gender statistics is a part of the official statistics. The goal is mavistr all statistics concerning individuals shall not only be collected, analysed and presented by sex, but mgistr reflect gender issues and problems in society. Sex should be the basis for a comprehensive and thorough breakdown of all statistics.

In addition, statistics should be presented in such a way that they are easily accessible to users. Gender Equality In society, women and men have different roles, resources, needs and interests.

They do not have equal participation in decision-making. The values assigned to women work and to men work are not the same.

Bakı Mühəndislik Universiteti

These differences vary from one jurnalii to another, from one culture to another and from one country to another. Many policies and strategies do not consider these differences, what results in the fact that private and public infrastructures, as well as fields like employment, instruction, business and politics are not always created considering specific needs of women and men.

2041 Gender refers to the gap between women and men, which is being determined, learned and These differences, representing abovementioned gap, are answers to the sex-based social and cultural influences.

Gender equality means equal opportunities, rights and responsibilities for women and men; it is a policy, which ensures both sexes with equal access to the economic resources, economic independence, equal sharing of responsibilities for the family, participation in 22014, public life and social activities.

Gender equality has both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Quantitative aspect implies to the process of generating and handling gender disaggregated data in all public spheres, such as demography, education, health care, employment, social protection, crime etc. Qualitative aspect enables analysis of the rights of women and men.

It helps to determine how equally applications and resources existing in the country are accessible to women and men. I would like to outline that it is necessary for the civil society to put an effort to increase women s political participation in decision-making jurnxli economic empowerment.

It is a big problem in Georgia See statistical data, chapter 5. Needs of Gender Statistics Gender statistics is a field of statistics that goes horizontally through traditional fields of statistics, aiming to identify, produce and disseminate statistics reflecting the reality of magiste of women and men.


Gender statistics allows systematic studying of gender gap and gender issues. Gender issues refer to the ways women and men interact, the gap existing in the access and use of resources, activities they carry out and the way they react to changes, interventions and politics.

Gender statistics represent statistics about the status of women and men in all spheres of public and economic activity.

It is one of the key instruments giving the possibility to take into account the characteristic traits of woman and man – as a specific social-demographic group – in the process magsitr developing optimal policies and principles of equal rights and opportunities.

Gender statistics is aimed at ensuring objective data through comparison and evaluation with regard to the status of sex and of the gender equality.

Magistd is important to note that all statistics and indicators are listed, irrespective of whether they are produced and available or not.

The difference between listed and available statistics represents the identification of data gaps, which is crucial step for the improvement of gender statistics. National Statistics Office of Georgia GeoStat is the judnali entity of public law and carries out its activities independently in collaboration with international and local organizations.

It is an institution established by the government to produce official statistics and disseminate the statistical information according to magustr Georgian legislation Statistics, GeoStat is responsible to work out unified policies and methodologies in the field of statistics, to implement jurali activity program through surveys, analysis and dissemination of research findings, to conduct national census, etc.

There have been six statistical publications on gender problems magitsr In terms of the Countries that ratify CEDAW agree to take all appropriate measures to implement the treaty’s provisions.

Ratifying countries submit a report on how they are implementing the treaty one year after ratification and every four years thereafter. magietr

The CEDAW Committee is comprised of 23 independent experts who are nominated and elected by ratifying countries to serve on magiatr four-year term. CEDAW committee, in its most recent Concluding Comments to Georgia underlined its concern in relation to limited availability of statistical data disaggregated by sex as well as by ethnicity, age, and by urban and rural areas CEDAW, and urged the government of Georgia to: It also calls upon the State party to monitor, through measurable indicators, the impact of laws, policies and action plans and to evaluate progress achieved towards realization of women s de facto equality.

It encourages the State party to mabistr those data and indicators in the formulation of laws, policies and programmes for the effective implementation of the Convention.

CEDAW, The Committee has also requested the State party to include in its next report which was due in the end of such statistical data and analysis.

In addition, in MarchGeorgia adopted the Law on Gender Equality, containing a special article 5 that mandates inclusion of sexdisaggregated data in all the official statistical reports.

Government of Georgia, The necessity to generate, disseminate and use gender statistics is stipulated in the commitments the country has taken both at the international and national levels.

CEDAW in its Concluding Comments to Georgia, points at the lack of quality research and data with regard to women s position and conditions in Georgia and the lack of comprehensive policy-making based on thorough analysis of the kurnali. The Committee requests the State party to provide, in its next report, a comprehensive picture of de facto situation of rural women and ethnic minority women in all areas covered by magiatr Convention CEDAW, The need for sexdisaggregated data generation and use has been recognized by the state through its nationallevel commitments, matistr by the Gender Equality Law of Georgia, article 5, adopted in March Main documents set were elaborated at the Beijing Platform inimproving gender statistics is one of the others.

Certain institutional and legal steps have been taken in Georgia towards achievement of greater gender equality.