Gellért, Gábor. Overview . Most widely held works by Gábor Gellért. Lázas nyár, március Mafia by Gábor Gellért(Book) 4 editions published. as a criminal organization and the country they live in as a mafia state. Gábor turned out to be Gábor Kubatov, currently one of the three deputy . Gellert. OT but cannot help sharing this very important interview on. The phrases “mafia government” and “mafia state” spread like wildfire. Gábor Horn, the author of the critique, is, like Magyar, a former SZDSZ politician. . Lévai) purchased a 90m² apartment on Gellért Hill where Ráhel (24).

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He is just doing the prime minister things. Polt ever charging any prominent Fidesz member with anything. So he become anti-communist. So gelert makes one wonder: No, there is always a price and reason for happening to be at the right place at the right time.

This has for a long time been the obvious thing for the opposition to do but they cannot agree about anything however obvious. These two, ad hominem and ad argumentum, support each other in both directions, and rely on a Gzbor Belief in the background. July 30, 9: If he had to give everything else up in order to keep the power, he would do it without a second thought.


He is chosen, therefore he is entitled. And it took many years to find out that on all levels there were police involved which just let things disappear or ignored hints re those murders — at first they tried to give the impression that this was a totally different story.

July 30, I agree it was also endemic in previous administrations. Horn disagrees with Magyar in fundamental ways.

This is why someone holding out the vision of such a place has such powerful appeal. I wonder whether the two characteristics exclude each other… I agree.

“Is Hungary being ruined by a scoundrel or a fanatic?” A debate | Hungarian Spectrum

The top-down macia do not provide a favourable environment for any control systems that may be put in place. His folks went rags to riches in a few years.

I am siding with Andor: July 30, 4: Given that by some miracle a professional team could get into power, in which every one of them would be a decent and knowledgeable person with the single aim to right the wrongs that were done to this country since the reign of the FIDESZ, it still would take years to get back where Hungary was before them.

This institute presented very honest reports on Ukraine: Also, no decent Tony Soprano worth its salt would tolerate within their organisation the amount of clueless idiots that VO has promoted to positions of power.


Imagine if he steered the Fidesz geplert a normal christian democratic direction. And because he is chosen, he is entitled to reward those who are loyal. Orban can do this with his self-deluded domestic constituency.

Gabor Gellert MAFIA [antykwariat]

Do you remember the footage exactly a year ago when the dude seemed like he was trying to catch flies with his tongue? And if he makes a lot of money out of it, good for him, he deserves it.

According to my theory there hellert now 3rd way here. These are not just poor Roma families or working class Hungarian families with drunken father figures either.

Fidesz and the criminal underworld – Hungarian Spectrum

Deliberately filling up gate-keeper positions with their soldiers they seem to be untouchables. They geloert had to share the spoils and hold onto them as directed. To put it another way: Andor brings up a recent news item. Is this a surprise? The brain-dead morons the regime has put in charge of the judiciary, the media and all other state bodies. The utter cynicism pervading it makes belief drop out of action as a useful category: