III III A GUIDO A. • BONATTI • Liber A. Astronomiae X • Parti • ‘ p* Translated i ; by /foftert Zoller I by Robert Hand -v^- Project Hindsight I Latin Track -A. Latin. Guido Bonatti was a 13th century Italian astrologer who wrote one of the most important books of traditional astrology, the “Liber Astronomiae” literally the Book . Liber Astronomiae Part 1: Project Hindsight Latin Track Volume VII [Guido Bonatti , Robert Hand, Robert Zoller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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By the way, in saying, “through his Arabic sources,” I do not mean to imply that Bonatti read Arabic. Clearly, astronpmiae are certain necessary things and there are certain impossible things.

Nor indeed is so little able to be known concerning astronomy; but however much it is which is known, it is still more than can be known about theology.

Guido Bonatti Liber Astronomiae, Part 4 & On Horary, Part 1

Was it because they ran the Inquisition? Moreover a man would not be glad in the embraces of a beautiful woman, nor in conviviality, nor in objects of piber, 1 nor in beautiful clothes, nor in the sound of music, nor in worthy things, nor in anything in which his nature rejoices in which there ought to be gladness, because they do not last forever.

He held that the Abraham, who, when he came to Egypt, taught the Pharaoh astrology. They succeeded in defeating the Pope’s army in the first assault on Forli, but Bonatti is said to have followed his patron Montefeltro into a monastery following their defeat in the following year.

Such “housewives” were indeed rare. Agrippa’s 15th century De Occulta Philosophic. In Bonatti’s work we are dealing with a Medieval scientific explanation for something older, something which might not have a reason which can be found simply because there never was a “reason” for it in the philosophical sense.

Astromomiae,gives “stitch in the side” or “cramp. Averroes’ doctrines were powerfully influential in Medieval European Christendom and Medieval Jewry and a major means by which esoteric Neoplatonism was perpetuated.

Indeed they plant trees in those limes in which they were used to seeing that they lived according to different types of crops. It is because that name is composed of “astro.

And it must be pointed out that the “science” that was re-introduced to the West included not only the Arabic interpretations of Aristotle, but an Aristotle intimately wedded to Astrology. Therefore, by this etymology or interpretation of the name, astrology is a science.

This point of view could be and was viewed as complementary to the more religio-magical Hermetic view. We have commentary and description on virtually every aspect of practical Medieval astrology, complete with examples, not perhaps as many examples as we might want, but certainly enough to give us an adequate idea of his methods.


All these terms are used by Bonatti. The Picatrix was produced in Arabic Spain in the 1 1th century. Lbier was an extremely successful practitioner of the Art who travelled throughout the Mid East in service to numerous Indian, Persian, Arab, and Egyptian chiefs of state. Nevertheless some of these [predecessors] who loved brevity said that, whatever [else] liebr might say by way of introduction, it was their intention to speak to those who are [already] advanced in other sciences, even though they need to be introduced to astronomy, especially to judgments, and [are] unlearned [in these.

But the parts of the other heavens 3 differ in light, number, and virtue. And they say that he who abounds in riches lacks nothing. The Book of Astronomy by Guido Bonatti.

As is said elsewhere, [these are the more noble because of their demonstrations. What is confusing is that the text immediately afterward again refers to the trinity of which a patron saint cannot possibly be stars, and such illuminating lamps’ that by their virtues they dispose and rule all inferiors, and similarly offer guidance to Man insofar as it is granted; 2 and he has placed rational souls before all other animate beings so that everything might serve them, and preferentially causes these same [rational beings] to know and to understand; he has manifested to them also the motions of the supercelestial bodies and their significations; he has spread out heaven for rational beings as a parchment so that they can recognize in and through heaven, which communicates and reveals the divine wisdom, not only the past or present, but also [so they can] guard against, foresee, be able to pronounce upon future matters.

eBook – PH – Latin – V11 – Guido Bonatti – Liber Astronomiae, Part 3.pdf

But the light or splendor of the 8th heaven has been scattered in diverse places or assigned by the First Cause to sensible bodies in diverse parts of it for the purpose of diverse operations, and thus they are able to imprint many and diverse significations accordingly astrono,iae the First Artifex constituted them from their formation. He discusses why the signs are ordered in the way they are, why they are counted in the direction they are counted in, why they have the names they have, and which atronomiae are of direct or of crooked ascension.

He was fluent in astronomy as well.

But tell them that it is posited that heaven will fall while the stars will remain in the sky; and if the heaven should fall, would not the earth be buried? Since you know all things, you ought to know what will happen to yourselves. Together these tables permit the c. Similarly if any one should foresee that there was going to be rain, he would be able to flee to his house before it began and get to places in which the rain would not be able to drench him.


The Necessary and the Impossible, but not the Possible. Famous scientist, mathematician, and astrologer-astronomer. Those who say that this science ought to be held in low esteem [hold that] although the astrologers discover some worthless things, they may 1 This is meant figuratively as relates to order of importance, and also literally.

Still, it would not have been a theological problem for a Moslem, who would view Jesus as a Prophet and Man. It shows up in the gudo of books in the libraries of numerous persons of importance. Routledge and Kegan Paul, They think to determine if there is any such advantage and how and when.

Even while he summarized all of astronomias methods with which he was familiar, he also reviewed them critically based on his own, extensive experience.

Guido Bonatti Liber Astronomiae, Part 4 & On Horary, Part 1

Certainly it seems astronomixe if one thing is impossible, another is possible, unless it is just as they say. Alcaiat — See Alboali. Holden has used the latter. But some object to this, that the foreknowledge of some things causes sadness or lamentation after he shall have received the thing because he may not hope for more after it is received.

If wealth is promised, he will be able to receive it, and that will be useful to him. Likewise, should anyone ask, fearing lest his enemy may insult him, you will be able to predict to him whether Ithe enemy] will attack him, and [whether] he will be able to fortify himself with friends and arms and guodo like, so that he may be able to expel the enemy. And it is possible that this man, when he is born, is king, and it is possible that this same man is not king.

His work on the subject, Optici thesaurus Alhazani, translated by Gerard of Cremona, became very influential in the European Middle Ages. Whence Alpharabius 2 says concerning this science, “astronomy, that is, the science concerning the significations of the stars, namely what the stars signify regarding things present, past, and future.