Enjoy LGB Depesche magazine and unlimited access to over magazines on your mobile and tablet. All you can read for just £ a month. LGB Depesche – Das Magazin für LGB Freunde Mit einer Vielzahl von Anlagenbeispielen, detaillierten Bautipps und hochwertig produzierten. LGB Depesche – every quarter The legendary LGB Depesche is back. Membership of the LGB Club entitles you to obtain an exclusive Club model, developed.

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Kgb fun with your trains. New LGB club views. Order Ascending Order Descending. Member since April, From: Posted by Rene Schweitzer on Monday, October 24, 9: For information, go to www.

Member since April,posts. Posted by Anonymous on Monday, October 24, 7: The old LGB Club is no longer glb with their previous sponser and are welcoming all other brands. Member since December, From: Coldstream, BC Canada posts. Originally posted by dontrainman The old LGB Club is no longer affiliated with their previous sponser and are welcoming all other brands. I have also bought a copy of the new English language “Depesche” and I’m far from impressed.

I won’t comment on the contentafter all it is a mfgs periodical. However where I come from one could at least expect to get good translations of the depeschd which were originally penned in German. What they offer is Germlish! Then again that isn’t a surprise either, since the English speakers who use LGB equipment have received that same treatment in the LGB manuals for many years.

Indoorsoutdoors, collectors or deepesche they are all welcome regardless of which scale they fancy or whose items they buy. Some of us actually know that it is more than the high drpesche which makes for a good model.

Which is apt enough for a Large Scale forum. D] PS Ooops I better add a disclaimer: I’m utterly biased and the above is strictly my opinion. Member since July, From: Nebraska City, NE 1, posts. Posted by Marty Cozad on Monday, October 24, 8: Rene, this is old newswhere have you been.? Long live Outdoor Model Railroading. Posted by Anonymous on Monday, October 24, 9: Posted by Rene Schweitzer on Tuesday, October 25, 7: Originally posted by Marty Cozad Rene, this is old newswhere have you been.?

And looking at what is in the goodies bag I’d say “HoHum”. Why, if the LGB quality and service are so outstanding, would one need an extended warranty?

There are several magazines on the market which are more informative i. Those are just two examples. Posted by vsmith on Tuesday, October 25, The straight poop from the LGBof A site The red Lgg Club pins were the hot item of the weekend, and in fact, by the end of the weekend, it appeared that every single family attending had signed up to become LGB Club members.

What do you pay for these benefits? The LGB Club application form is available online lgv www. Just go to that web address and click on the “LGB Club” button.


Lgb depesche download

The new club officially begins operation in January and memberships are offered ddepesche a calendar-year basis. So your form will not be processed until the beginning of Personally I see this as a primaraly Euro offering since thats where most of there market is with no real advantage for me here on the West Coast.

How would these “benifits” affect me? Yes its a sarcastic look at it but its the same in terms of real practicallity. Originally posted by vsmith They also produce a magazine normally four times a year – this year is not quite normal! I started a series of articles which compare different mfgs RhB goodies to the prototype. Of course I only review items that fit my era and since I buy the items from whichever dealer no special discounts, no freebies and no selected goods I’m sure I end up with the same products as every other customer in the country.

No better, no worse. Wellllllll, there are others who take a more “conciliatory approach”, but I’m of the opinion that vepesche don’t white-wash anything. And since I don’t depend on advertising revenue I kind of like it that way. Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, October 25, 1: Access to the worst instructions known to mankind.

I think they can stick it where the Sun doesn’t shine. Even my Dad agrees.

lgb trains book | eBay

Member since January, From: Slower Lower Delaware 1, posts. From what I read here it sounds to me like that club is gonna be like a U-boat that had it’s own torpedo circle around on it sunk! Originally posted by Capt Bob Johnson From what I read here it sounds depfsche me like that club is gonna be like a U-boat that had it’s own torpedo circle around on it sunk! Neither is a given with LGB, even if there are plenty of people who believe it is.

Since they moved some of their production to China things are not honky-dory in the quality ogb, perhaps that’s where the “extended warranty” kicks in.

Or will those designers and QC people who have too many demerit points be sent to China for some “re-education” and first hand experience?? Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 26, 7: Lots of bad-mouthing of LGB and their new club here. I think I’ll join, and sign-up my brother-in-law, as well, since he’s also an LGB enthusiast. I used to belong to the earlier LGB club, and had some great times at a number of their national conventions.

If the goal of the BTOC is to attract new members, it’s probably much better to talk-up the advantages of such membership rather than disparage some other group. LGB, along with Marklin, enjoys a worldwide market, and I’m quite confident the firm and it’s products enjoys a much larger following than is represented in this predominantly sour-grapes thread.

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 26, 8: I can state here with confidence that those who are running for the various positions on the new Board, and I have the list of candidates which will be published in our next issue of the Big Train Operator magazine, have no hard feelings against LGB or their representatives.


The negative opinions of the few, and trust me when I say it’s the few, are not the opinions of the officials of the Big Train Operator Club, Inc. My goal, as an Officer of the BTOC, is to promote and propel our club forward and be a partner with all the other largescale websites, clubs and organizations, to promote the largescale hobby.

Well here I am living in paradise and i hardly understand anything that has been said about this new LGB club. I belong to our club here in Australia which has tangible benfits to me, ie! Basically without talking about silly discounts that I can get anyway and pointless conventions. Whats in it for me?

Bucks County, PA posts. Posted by Bucksco on Wednesday, October 26, Rene, Thank you for posting the info about the new LGB consumer benefits club. I’m sure there are many LGB enthusiasts out there who will be interested. In some cases it will take considerably more than the proverbial 2×4 or baseball bat to the head, for people to overcome years of indoctrination. Of course that’s just dpeesche opinion. But I’m glad that depeschs BTOC takes a different tack – or at least that’s what was professed since Feb 5th – after all there is much more to large scale modeling than LGB.

Just like there always was much more to HO modeling than Depeschr. Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, October 29, 5: I’m sorry HJ but I do not understand all the initials you have used what do they depeschf meann and how do they apply to me, depeche in Paradise. Rgds Ian See we have summer for 6 months of theyear and it has got tobe good to get us away from the beach, lgg booze, getting a suntanwatching young girls etc.

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, October 29, 1: I am also dropping a large scale club and another train mag. The cost and the clutter are too much. I have depesvhe trains and stuff to keep me busy for another lifetime. Originally posted by iandor I’m sorry HJ but I do not understand all the initials you have used what do they all meann and how do they apply to me, here in Paradise.

Welllllll greetings from the “Paradise with four seasons”, we have a very nice summer climate here, no humidity and temps in the low to mid thirties. A very nice Fall with colours. Now, I hope that we’ll always get enough snow in the valley, I want to build a RhB steam rotary and actually use it.

The RhB without decent snow-fighting equipment is not much of a Mountain Railway. Oooooooh almost forgot to tell you, going out the back garden gate it is a short five minutes downhill hike to a super beach.