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Includes bibliographical references (pages ) and index. – “Ley de Convertibilidad del Austral”: pages Medium: pages ; 21 cm. Ley Declárase la emergencia pública en materia social, económica, administrativa, financiera y cambiaria. Régimen cambiario. Modificaciones a la Ley. Ley de Convertibilidad Boletin Oficial , Pa ́gina 1. In this regarding the Tribunal stated at para ‘As the Tribunal has found above that the.

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Programa de propiedad participada. Plan de emergencia del empleo.

Se aplica a los trabajadores dependientes tanto de los contratistas y subcontratistas de obras como de los locadores y sublocadores de servicios. Namely identifies the category of self-employed persons who are subject to be granted taxation privileges; also introduces an appendix of list activity sectors for which taxation privileges are available. The Law introduces the concept of financial equalization, explains its principles; also regulates the procedure of providing communities with dotation by the principles of equalization of the budgets.

The Law establishes, inter alia, the structure of dotation, the calculation procedure of its constituent parts, the coefficients of community fiscal and income capacities, of the regulation of community expenditure needs; also the calculation procedure of expenditure factors of community location height, age of inhabitants.

Repeals the previous law No. Concepts and tax system Chapter I: General provisions Chapter II: System of taxes and payments Section 2: Taxpayers tax agents and tax agencies Chapter IV: Organizations and individuals Chapter V: Participants of joint activity Chapter VI: Duties and rights of taxpayers tax agents and their officials Chapter VII: Duties and competencies of tax agency tax supervising official Section 3: Tax liability and realization thereof Chapter IX: Tax calculations Chapter X: Calculation documents Chapters XI-LIV Sections introduce the essence of value added tax, excise tax, profit tax, income tax, environmental tax, road tax, nature utilization fee, real estate tax, vehicle tax, turnover tax and tax payers, also the objects subjected to these types of taxation, the privileges, the calculation, the bases of taxation and rates, the procedure of payment, return and joint account entry of amounts of these types of taxes.

Special systems of taxation Chapter LV: Turnover tax system Chapter LVI: Patent tax Section System of registration of taxpayers Chapter LIX: Registration of value added taxpayers Chapter LX: Registration of taxpayers in case of re-organization and change of tax agency of registration of taxpayer Chapter LXI: Functions of accepting and providing tax calculation and other documents Chapter LXV: Calculation of tax liabilities and debit money Section 17 Chapters LXVII-LXXV introduces tax supervision, studies, assessment of indirect tax bases and liabilities and parallel procedures of supervision; as well as regulations for transfer price formation; application of cash registers; usage if excise stamps.

Section 20 Chapter LXXX introduces the procedure of appellation of activities or inactivity of tax agent. Sections 21, 22 Chapters LXXXI-LXXXII conclude the Code with final and transitional provisions, which establish, inter alia, that certain paragraphs of articles 64,,, enter into force on 1 January Repeals the Law No. Establishes, inter alia, general concepts, purposes and directions of activities of agricultural cooperatives; introduces unions of cooperatives Chapter I ; creation and membership of agricultural cooperatives, legislation thereof Chapter II ; management structure of ruling bodies, general council of agricultural cooperatives Chapter III ; property of cooperative, share, distribution of income Chapter IV ; reorganization and liquidation of cooperative Chapter V ; state support in the field of agricultural cooperation Chapter VI.


Grants relief from taxes and fines to private entrepreneurs and organizations who submit adjusted calculations for the reporting period of time.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

HO on consumers’ lfy protection. Law on protection of the domestic market. Act on the promotion of competition. Regulates the procedure and basis of organization and conducting of inspections, studies and controls within commercial and non-commercial organizations registered in the Republic of Armenia. Law of 9 January on bankruptcy and financial reorganization of legal entities, enterprises without the status of legal entity, and private entrepreneurs. Comprehensive code of bankruptcy procedure in Armenia.

Regulates leu proceedings, financial restructuring of the debtor, and liquidation of debtor’s property. Applies to bankruptcy of private companies and individual entrepreneurs but not to public organizations or enterprises, banks and insurance companies. Bankruptcy Amendment Regulations No. Made under Bankruptcy Act Amends Bankruptcy Regulations Inter alia provides for personal insolvency agreements, performance standards for trustees including controlling lyand some related matters.

Establishes that family assistance and social security payments are not income of a bankrupt under section L of the Act. Also deals with contribution assessment under section K of the Act, control of trustees other than official or registered trustees, and some related matters. Essential Services Commission Act No. Establishes Essential Services Commission and provides for economic regulatory framework for regulated industries. Sets out objectives, functions and powers of Commission, including powers in respect of inquiries and 23982 investigations.

Primary objective of Commission is to protect long-term interests of consumers with regard to price, quality and reliability of essential services. Also regulates process for consultation between Commission and prescribed agencies, as well ldy appeal against certain decisions of Commission. Corporations Amendment Regulations No.

Made under Corporations Act Amends Corporations Lley, Inter alia deals with takeover procedure, variation of offers, acceptance of offers made under off-market bid, compulsory acquisitions and buy-outs, continuous disclosure, financial services and markets, licensing of financial markets, licensing of clearing and settlement facilities, limits on involvement with licenses, compensation regimes for financial markets, licensing of providers of financial services, financial service disclosure, financial product disclosure, and key related matters.

Corporations Law Amendment Rules No. Amends Corporation Law Rules with respect to inquiry into conduct of liquidator, application for examination or investigation under s 9 bs or s 3 of the Corporations Law, takeovers, aquisitions of shares and securities, and some related matters. Integrated Planning Act No.

Requires development planning and projects on the local and state level to review the ecological impact of such development. Queensland Competition Authority Act No. Establishes the Queensland Competition Authority with the function of developing criteria for declaration of government monopoly business, investigating pricing practices relating to government monopoly business activities, and other key matters.

Ley de convertibilidad 23.928 (Ley Cavallo) – Derecho constitucional argentino speech

Environmental Legislation Amendment Act No. Inter alia, amends provisions of the Environmental Let Act relating to 239288 management. Establishes the National Environment Protection Council to implement environmental protection measures. Establishes a National Environment Protection Council with the function of proposing environmental protection measures.


Consists of 64 sections and a Schedule comprising the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment. An Act concerning corporations, securities and the futures industry, and for other purposes. Chapter 2 covers constitution of companies, Chapter 3 – internal administration, Chapter 4 – various corporations, Chapter 5 – external administration, Chapter 6 – acquisition of shares, Chapter 7 – securities, Chapter 8 – the futures industry, and Chapter 9 – miscellaneous matters.

Statutory RulesNo. Proclamation declaring the occupations of farriery, floristry, and landscape gardening to be trades for the purposes of the Industrial and Commercial Training Act Makes certain reforms in relation to certain government business enterprises and authorities and amends, inter alia, s. Partnership Limited Liability Act This Act provides for the formation and registration of limited partnerships and for related matters.

Part II concerns the formation and maintenance of limited partnerships. Part III covers modification of the general law of partnership and Part IV contains provisions concerning dissolution and cessation.

Research ly Development Legislation Amendment Act Rural Finance Act Inter alia, creates the Rural Finance Corporation of Victoria, which includes among its objectives promoting the establishment, growth and stability of, and increased opportunities in, rural industries.

Bankruptcy Amendment Act Amends the Small Business Development Corporation Act in minor respects, including by repealing ss. Off-shore Facilities Act An Act to provide for the application and administration of let at sites where off-shore facilities are or are to be moored and fixed in the adjacent waters of Queensland and for related purposes. Industry Research and Development Act Pey promote the development, and improve the efficiency and international competitiveness 2928 Australian industry by the provision of financial assistance for research and development activities.

Establishes the Industry Research 32928 Development Board and sets forth its functions and structure. Rural Industry Adjustment and Development Act Authorises loans to farmers and others.

Amends the Small Business Development Corporation Act to set forth, inter alia, its objectives and functions s. They include arranging training for small business. Rural Industry Assistance Act An Act relating to copyright, and for other purposes. Repeals the Copyright Leuas amended.

Sets forth a new Act on the reorganization of Companies Unternehmensreorganisationsgesetz – URG which provides for a procedure for solvent companies to reorganize their structure. Ordinance of the Minister of Finance, which creates a seperate procedure for the reimbursement of deductable taxes for foreign entrepreneurs. Sets up a seperate lfy for businesses with no headquarters or branches in Austria. Defines dangerous products and requires producers and importers to register any products which may pose a danger to the public.

Federal Act of 24 November on measures for financing research, development and reconversion in the industrial economy Innovation and Technology Fund Act.

Justia Argentina :: Federales > Leyes > Ley Nº :: Ley de Argentina

Establishes the Fund, which is to promote research, development, reconversion and investment. Contains provisions on its administration.

Sets out various measures to counteract unfair competition.