Sangat Ji, I need a PDF of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in larivaar. I know there is one I used to have it, . May I please get pdf copy of Lareewar SGGS Ji. My Email is. Offcourse, as many point out and also i mean this, Larivaar is the way .. I will look at all of if you have seen SGGS on internet. Home › Ang. Share on Whatsapp; Copy URL. Display FontੳਅLarivaar. sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI – AMg Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang nwrwiex sB mwih .

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I am following you blogs for last years. Infect, I check every Monday, to see what latest have you posted.

Larivaar Gurbani

I like the fact that you always bring positive side of our panth. However, ladivaar or non-ladivaar saroop is a panthic issue which is very similar to Rag mala debate. Bhul chuk maaf bhai sahib jee, but for the first time I thought you are being biased to show one side of the story. Even though there are multiple versions of padh-ched versions of saroops however, you can make mistakes even reading through ladivar saroop. I agree that whoever calls himself sikh must learn to read from Larivaar saroop but reading correctly is another debate.

It seems like now days, we larviaar issues after issue just to stamp that the sect we belong to church culture- I belong to this church because of …. My simple understanding of why Maharaj Jee had ladivaar saroop to begin with to restrict people to add words as per their matt.

Larivaar Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji | Discover Sikhism

As long as, there is no additional words, its fine. Just like Maharaj Jee, mentioned of shabads in a particular raag of each Guru Sahib Jee and respected bhagats at the end of each sahbad.

We have enough already. Its only little bit over one year, that we have Maharaj Jee Saroop With padh-ched and with Raagmala parkashed and whenever we have a question for Maharaj, he answers me with his Hukum.

We do Kirtan every day in the evening along with our kids. We go to every Gurduara Sahib in town regardless of samparda and attend most of the smagams regardless of of samparda who is organizing it. Bhai Sahib, your article really hurt me because I never expected this from you. From today, I am not going to visit your website to find out something positive. Guru is complete in every state. Guru was complete when he was slapped by his father for spending 20 rupees.

He was complete when he sat on burning pit. He was complete when his head was chopped off.

He was complete when his kids were killed. He is forever complete. My 8 years old son who absolutely adores Maharaj Jee and does chor and Kirtan in utmost love. The ultimate thing is do as Guru Maharaj jee asks us to do.

My English is not that great and I hope I am making sense in stating my point. Anonymous Jee, While it is true that there is a lot of negativity and division in the Panth today, and with all this negativity it becomes hard to further our Gursikhi Jeevan, we cannot label everything as being negative. This article brings to light a major larivsar in the Panth today.

There is no “other side” for this issue like there are for issues like Raagmala. It is clear as night and day. This issue has nothing to do with any group within in the Panth, all major groups accept that Larreevar is the original version of SGGS and that Larreevar should be Parkash on Takhat Sahib.

Gurdwara’s Download Section

Your logic of Guru Sahib using Larreevar to ensure no extra words are added to Gurbani does not make any sense. So many extra words have been added into Gurbani. Not just at the end of SGGS but even in the middle. There are Saroops with extra compositions in Ramkali Raag. Without making this too much of a debate, this isn’t causing any divisions in the Panth.


If tomorrow someone came to your house and told you that he is now your father and your real father is no longer your father what would you do? Would you accept this new person as your father because you don’t want to start a fight?

We cannot give up on such things just because we do not want to start a fight. What if Gursikhs had just surrendered when the Indian Army attacked Darbar Sahib because they did not want to cause any fights? There are some things that we need to fight for and this is one of them.

You have agreed that Larreevar is important and we should learn to read from Larreevar. This is article is not creating any divisions, in fact it will help Gursikhs improve their Jeevans and will help the Panth get to Chardi Kala. Bhai Manvir Singh has not used any negative terms for pad chhed and he has not told us to get rid of pad chhed in a violent way, he is educating us and slowly over time with more and more education the Panth can slowly grow into a state of Chardi Kala.

In order for us to have Chardi Kala in the Panth though, we need to follow what Guru Sahib told us to follow. NO ONE can deny this.

No one has ever attempted to deny this.

Pad Chhed has only been around for the last 80 years or so. Bhul Chuk Maaf, Gagan Singh. I understand your feelings and sentiments. However, I have not intended to cause controversy, hurt anyone’s feelings, or spread negativity.

The issue of the decline of Lareevaar and the emergance of Pad-Chhed is not controversial to my understanding, unlike Raagmala or other issues, because all scholars, schools of thought and Jathas agree that Lareevaar is the original form of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Saroop, that this was the way of writing sanctioned and used by Guru Sahib, and that Pad-Chhed is a modern invention which although is a useful aid for readers to aim to read Gurbani correctly, it has some flaws that there are above discrepancies in doing Pad-Chhed.

The aim of the article was to promote Lareevaar, the original form of Satguru Ji’s Saroop, which actually unites all Sikhs, rather than divides. If the article gave that impression I apologise and have gone over article to see if any lines in the article possibly gave that impression. However, it is an issue of preserving tradition, preserving Gurbani’s original form and obeying Guru Ji’s Hukam. Whether Gurbani is printed or hand-written, the Gurbani written is still the same.

There is no room for divisions, difference of opinion or personal understanding required. However, with Pad-Chhed, it requires an individual’s personal “mat” understandingwhich can differ to anothers. Both give a meaning, however, the reader takes what he or she gets from Guru Ji.

Need Larivaar Guru Granth Sahib Ji Pdf – POLITICS | MEDIA | FEEDBACK | LIFESTYLE – SIKH SANGAT

But doing Pad-Chhed of the Saroop of Guru Granth Laeivaar Ji that sits on the Takht can be so serious that includes human intervention and understanding rather than Divine. If we ignore this and carry on, in the future no Gurdwara will have Lareevaar Prakaash. Already, it is difficult to find Maharaaj’s Lareevar Saroops in mainstream Sangat. Awareness has changed things.

Speaking to ex-Jathedar, Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, sgg said Lareevaar Saroop is vital and should be only Prakaash on Takht of Guru, but he also said he believes Pad-Chhed of Gurbani in form of Gutkas, pothis, books or devices is importance for us to know where to put spaces and help to pronounce.


He said it can be aid but the actual Saroop of Satguru Ji should not be changed by humans. I hope this has cleared things. May Satguru Ji bless us all with Gurmat and pyaar. Galteeaa Bhul Chuk Maaf karneeaa jee. After sending my message, I also retrospect my thoughts where I found that we are actually moving away from the originality and reality. I apologize from the core of my heart if I said anything which was inappropriate.

However, our samrath Guru is always there stgs guide us and connect us to correct sources. I was wrong to put you in the same scanner. May Guru Maharaj Jee make this insect his Sikh to eradicate these impurities!

We ought to know what the Guru said there and if we don’t know then we need to have a team of top scholars working on it. Otherwise, how do we know what we are reading? Are we just leaving it to the reader of the larrivar beerh? They might be making the mistake? I’m assuming the pad cheed beerh was organised by scholars. If not, we need to get the most educated linguists and Gianis onto it – we need to know the meaning of every single word in Gurbani, otherwise we don’t know what we are larivsar and will become the laughing stock of religions.

In extending the discussion and points raised hereperhaps all the gutkas should also have been written in ladivar saroop. This would have helped the masses get acquainted with reciting bani in this form. Monday, January 18, The Perfect Guru Larivaar is where Gurbani is written in continuous form, with no breaks in between the words larivazr Gurbani.

Padd-Chhed is the form of many Larivaa we see today, where the Gurbani words are separated. In the different schools larifaar thought in the Sikh tradition, each has their own form of ‘Ucharan’ Speaking style and how to do ‘Padd Chhed’ of Gurbani.

Many different scholars have had different views about how to do Padd Chhed of Gurbani. Lareevaar is Gurbani written in continuous form, with no breaks in between the words.

Padd-Chhed is the form of many Saroops we see today, where the Gurbani words are separated with spaces.

All forms of written Gurbani are worthy of worship and respect. There are different schools of thought in Sikh tradition in regards to ‘Uchaaran’ how to pronounce and how to do ‘Padd Chhed’ of Gurbani. Different sggw have had different views about how to do Padd Chhed of Gurbani.

He doesn’t ask or consult anyone else. However, the printing presses caught hold of the idea and decided to use the idea. It is not sure that when the words were broken up that it was done correctly. There are various Saroops that have been done Pad-Chhed i. Version 1 of Pad Chhed: Five years later, the matter was carefully looked into by the SGPC who came the following decision that was passed as Gurmatta Guru sanctioned resolution: All forms of Gurbani are respectworthy and should be shown full respect and reverence, however Lareevaar Saroop should be Prakaash on the Takht in line with original Maryada of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Sadly those that opposed Pad-Chhed printing of complete Saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, ended up joining the printing presses in making money from Sikhs that did not have awareness of the importance of Lareevaar.