KB Cx Datasheet /3/ Pin Assignment. IO Buffer Description. The internal pull-up scheme for all I/O buffers alike is pull-up to. KB datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. kb datasheet, kb datasheets, kb pdf, kb price, kb buy, kb stock.

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Please be aware that some of these keyboards were probably used with a powered hub. Some of these keyboards work when running the latest Raspbian, but not when using the overclocked XBMC version of Raspbmc, probably due to the overclocking drawing more power away from the rest of the support system devices.

Please be aware that some of these keyboards were probably used with a powered hub Working USB Keyboards The following is a list of specific keyboards known to work and which appear to work fault-free.

KB3920 Datasheet PDF

The normal Dana should work as well. GDE-2 wireless keyboard and mouse combo marketed as “B. Unlimited”, works directly connected to Raspberry Pi.

Functionality on hub and charging not tested. Works directly connected to Raspberry Pi. Very cheap – 2 keys didn’t work but easy to open for repair. K1 Power Keyboard lsusb shows it as “0b Works well as a handheld device, the wireless dongle does not appear to draw excessive current. Also works with Raspbmc with powered hub. If it doesn’t work directly connecting to your Pi, may be it may be just pairing issue kb310 you better connect to a PC let everything pair first.


Datasheets 2 27 29 | Datasheets archive

Works for weeks with openelec and Raspbian without any problems. Highly recommended if you are “working from the sofa”. Only worked on Raspbian. B LX – works fine with receiver plugged directly into the Raspberry Pi accompanying mouse works fine too. G19 Gaming Keyboard, works fine with no external power. Illumination with external power.

Powered hub in back datasheett keyboard works too. G15 Gaming keyboard, as long as kkb3910 press the backlight button twice to turn off the backlight it says below it dosen’t work with backlight on.

Works great with Openelec both keyboard and integrated touchpad. Seems to work fine, even without a hub. Combination keyboard and mouse package with nano receiver. Be sure to configure keyboard layout.

Ortek Datasueet Technology, Inc.

Works fine on Raspbian Wheezy and OpenElec. Wireless USB receiver is recognised automatically. Model B, Rev 2 Has the “sticky datashert issue as reported by other users with other keyboards. Seems to be somewhat related to power when directly connected to the Pi.


Embedded controller – coreboot

Did not try with powered USB hub. Does suffer from dropouts and glitches though. Usual “drawing too much power from USB” problems show up as well – dropped key presses or constant autorepeats.

These can be cured by pulling out and reinserting the dongle in the USB socket.

The keyboard sometimes hangs after power on when used with my laptop – it seems to need 30 seconds of non-use before it works fine. Again, remove and insert the dongle cures it. Followed instructions from this page: RT-MWK01 mini wireless 2.

No powered hub used. Both work straight from the box. Keyboard and mouse set. Does not need a powered hub. Powered hub NOT used. Trust Compact Wireless Entertainment Keyboard datashee Screens – Cases – Other Peripherals Keyboard, mouse, hub, wifi Retrieved from ” https: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

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