KANSAI SPECIAL DFBPSF 4-Needle Flat Bed Double Chain Stitch Machine for Shirt Fronting Chain Stitch Machines 4 Needle Chain Stitch Machine with. Find great deals for Kansai Special DFB PMD Industrial Four Needle Sewing Machine. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Kansai DFBPMD. Features. comes Complete with servo power stand; Comes with folders and Rubber rollers 1/4; can order metering elastic device and .

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DFB, BX series are a flatbed, multi needles, double chain stitch machine. Kanwai needle space up to 70mm. Both needle and looper threads are standard spunand elastic thread is sewn with looper thread together. The width of pin tucking can be changed to 2, 5 and 8mm by changing the nail blades.

No looper lower thread. To sew pleats for Guayabera shirts. We need to know price “. Bias Slitting and Strip Cutting.


Kansai Special DFB 1404 PMD Industrial Four Needle Sewing Machine

Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine. Zig Zag Stitching Machine.

Double Needle Lock Stitch Machine. Feed of the arm machines. Shirt Cuff Preparation Machines.

Kansai Double Chainstitch Machines, featuring model DFBPMD

Front Placket Preparation Machines. Sleeve Placket Preparation Machines.

Ozone Free Industrial Machines. Industrial Dry Cleaning Machine. Wrinkle Free Garment Finishing. Suitable for heavy material. DFBP 12 needle, flat bed, double chain stitch machine with wide range of gauge sizes.

DFBPQ 12 needle, flatbed, double chain stitch machine for simultaneous shirring. DFBPL 12 needle, flatbed, double chain stitch machine for attaching line tapes. BXPS-SM 33 needle, flatbed, double chain stitch machine for 1044 shirring and smocking with 9 different cams for various designs.

BXPSM 33 needle, flatbed, single chain stitch machine for simultaneous shirring and smocking. Features These series are multi-purpose machines for attaching elastic, attaching waistband, sewing the front of shirts, attaching line tapes,smocking and shirring etc.


There are 2 up to 33 needles available due to vertical movement of the looper and also many kinds of gauges which are selectable according to your needs.

Machine with Shirring Needle: Polyester Thread, Elastic Thread: Machine for Attaching Line Tapes. Kxnsai Enter Company Name. Kanszi No Enter Contact Number. Star rating 1 2 3 4 5. Feedback Remaining Character-