Section 1: Rules of the Road. 1 INTRODUCTION . .. 1. 2 ACRONYMS AND DEFINITIONS. South Africa Learner Driver Signal Book K53 e Booklet. July 18, | Author: Vimal Durairaj | Category: Traffic, Wheeled Vehicles, Transport Infrastructure. K53 South Africa is the most popular FREE Learner’s license app in South Africa, Thousands have tried it and thousands have passed. K53 South Africa app.

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Remember to turn your head and check each intersection that you pass. Put the gear lever in neutral.

Wait for the green light. Vragte op motorvoertuie Uitsteekperke: Sleep – – – – – Motorfietse en motordriewiele mag nie ander nooklet sleep nie. We need your help!

The number of questions answered correctly will be displayed for each section individually. Onthou om jou kop te draai in elke kruising waardeur jy beweeg om dit te kontroleer.

Remove l53 nuts the rest of the way. You may not stop: Wanneer dit veilig is, hou aan beweeg en ry om die sirkel en dan reguit aan.

If seat belts have been removed the vehicle may bookleet be used on public roads. Double click the D: You may only stop in front of it or behind it. Well Caltex have a directory where you can search for your nearest Caltex petrol station. Kontroleer weer die blindekol na REGS. Proudly brought to you by CPT Consulting www.


Each section, from road traffic signs to rules of the road, is l53 coded to make learning easier.

K53 e Booklet

Stopping – You may not stop on the road unless instructed to do so by a traffic officer or road sign, to avoid an accident, or for a cause beyond your control. Nou kan jy begin beweeg, maar sodra jy begin draai, kyk na die blindekol oor jou REGTERskouer, omdat jy besig is om agteruit te beweeg en na links te draai.

Enige onbeheerde of gevaarlike aksie uitvoer. Skakel die rathefboom in eerste rat. How to drive a car Thius is how you drive a car Or dont drive a car. Going in a star pattern around the tire, one nut across from another, give each nut a full turn until they are equally tight. The towed vehicle must be controlled by a licence driver unless the front wheels have been lifted off the road or a device to control the steering is being used in place of a tow-rope.

Doen weer die vyfpunt observasie.

If the jack is placed on a flat, solid base, you shouldn’t have any problems. This icon will be on the desktop of you computer.

K53 e Booklet – Free Download PDF

The yellow cross on the road You may never stop on top of a yellow cross road marking. You can click on the icon showed below. Driepuntdraai Stop die voertuig in die afgebakende blok soos op die padoppervlakte gemerk. Onthou, jy mag nie ratte verwissel terwyl jy draai nie — dit moet gedoen word nadat jy bolklet het.


Phasa ilenazi yakho kalula

Put the vehicle in first gear. If you notice any instability, lower the jack and fix the problem before fully lifting the car. As you lift, make booklwt that the car is stable. Remember that you may not change gears whilst turning.

Brake fluid, and Fan belt. You must succeed in all sections in order to pass the whole test. Skakel die rathefboom in die truposisie. Die blindekol na REGS.

K53 Learners guide

It is imperative that you should first read this booklet prior to watching the visual material. Finally, check the blind spot in the direction you are turning into, before turning.

Skakel die rathefboom na eerste rat. Any violation of a traffic law. Now you can start moving remember clutch controlbut as soon as you start turning, check your blind spot over your LEFT shoulder, because you are moving forward and turning to the RIGHT.