Image by: Freek van den Bergh. What’s on · Performing arts & comedy · Misc. Mingling Disclosures and Distortions Het Zijn Net Mensen: Beelden Uit Pictures from the Middle East) by Joris Luyendijk, Uitgeverij Podium. Het zijn net mensen by Joris Luyendijk, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Welcome to my website which like most writers I use for three things: For two year I was active on the JorisLuyendijk Banking blog for the Guardian in London, an experiment in long-tail journalism. Also on special offer is an account of my time as a correspondent in the Middle East.

In the book I am trying to be as critical of correspondents as correspondents are of the rest of humanity.

It even won a few prizes in Holland and France, and there are now a dozen or so translations. And if you happen to be Japanese or Korean, you will soon be able to, too, as editions for these countries are in the works.


There are a few other reviews in English, from Australia: In the US, the book has received no attention whatsoever, something it more or less predicts. We are encouraged to view ourselves through the prism of the government census questionnaire, so here goes: In the mids, I did a year of anthropological fieldwork in the Egyptian capital of Cairo.

Het zijn net mensen : Joris Luyendijk :

Perhaps they should have kept the title, but then again, perhaps the book is just crap. Shortly after the book came out, a Dutch newspaper asked me to become their Middle East correspondent.

Jumping at the chance, I had five roller-coaster years as a reporter, first from Cairo, then Beirut and finally East Jerusalem. By I had had enough and returned to the Netherlands to write a book.

This book makes two main arguments. The first is that dictatorships are so fundamentally different from democracies that you cannot describe and report them accurately if you use only the tools of journalism developed in the West.


This is why the Arab Spring or Awakening came as such a surprise: These days I have gotten very interested in the jogis, and more generally, in this stunning transformation all of us are living through. Change itself seems to be changing, and incredible new opportunities for the collection, presentation and delivery of information are opening up. Dear Surfer, Welcome to my website which like most writers I use for three things: Volg mij op Twitter.