The Purpose of Your Life. By By Jafree Ozwald. “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” ~George Sand. The soul purpose of your life is to love . By By Jafree Ozwald. Manifesting an amazing life that is rich with loving abundant experiences comes only through being connected to the God Source. By By Jafree Ozwald. “As long as we hold on to blame, we cannot forgive. As long as we do not forgive, we cannot love.” ~ Grace Elohim. Throughout the course.

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Just for this moment, allow everything in your life to be exactly the way it is. Yes, you can take a vacation from the world of worry and relax into your innermost paradise. You deserve a break from this very busy mind. Take a deep breath right now and let yourself relax.


The more you can relax into your body, the easier it is to discover this intelligent Jafref energy. Conscious relaxation is truly amazing in that it allows your brain cells to open up and receive full access to the divine Universal Intelligence.

This is where your greatest power and creativity is found. Every experience of tension can be used as fuel for the fire of your spiritual evolution and enlightenment. Every judgment, feeling of frustration, sadness, emotional resistance, or psychic defense acts like a springboard once released that catapults you into a lighter dimension of consciousness.

The magical moment when your tension is transcended you discover this mystical symphony of light that is exists everywhere. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy. The Divine Intelligent Universe is already listening to your every thought, need and desire. It knows you better than you know you. Yet, you may not be listening to it. You may be tuned into a repetitious pattern of thoughts, beliefs and stories in your head from past conditioning.

This is because it truly knows what you really need more than the ever-so-hungry demanding ego. When you release trying to be in total control of ourselves, others and this world, relaxation occurs! This is the only time you can truly hear the Universal guidance that is pointing you towards your highest life mission and destination. So give yourself the gift of life and let yourself trust in relaxation! When you trust in living in an open relaxed body it will soon become an extraordinary experience that transforms the rest of your life.

Imagine that you are laying into the warm welcoming arms of the greatest lover of your dreams. Let go of how you think this should look like, just FEEL yourself let go and relax into this soft warm embrace. You can let go and completely trust this love.

There is a divine protection and deep intimate care for you here. Welcome these feelings as deeply as you can. Now imagine that this love is the divine intelligent Universe that is all around you. It feels sooo good to let go and surrender back into the womb of creation from which you came. This is where you will return to in the end, back to the source of what you are.

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Get ready to skyrocket your life in the direction of your dreams!! It will create results for you, as this program is proven to work and has stood the test of time. Let your life be transformed and shift through any block or challenge. This proven manifesting technology will truly transform your life in a very short time… enjoy! We are in love and he is just like I imagined him! Believe it or not. When I started applying what you taught, money started pouring in from everywhere!

Now whenever I need or want something I just ask for it.

I am in the midst of reading the Manifesting Manual everyday, ozald it is so excellently written that I get SO excited to read it everyday!! It has inspired me to keep a journal with me ALL of the time now, especially for taking notes on the perfectly laid out, detailed secrets and keeping them with me. These secrets are purely beautiful and Jaffee am so forever grateful to you and the Universe that you sell these products… AND that I came across them!

The Spiritual Awakening of Jafree Ozwald

My life IS changing. I feel so empowered and so enlightened already! Of course you do — we all do. The first thing to know kzwald about the clarity of your intent.

You must first see exactly what it is that you desire clearly for it to manifest! If you cant see or visualize it, well no problem!

My good friend Jafree Ozwald is a Super Manifestor and he has been teaching manifestation for the past 20 years. He has created a FREE online manifestation course that will help you to get crystal clear on how to enhance your manifestation skills and truly attract what you really want. It is also super fun to do.

Check out his free starter kit to learn how to start attracting your desires with joy and effortless ease. Despite what others may say, the manifestation process is actually very quick and easy. You can experience real life results in a matter of hours, and dramatically skyrocket your future into success! What Exactly Is Enlightenment? Written by Jafree Ozwald www.

It is not a gradual process, because enlightenment is not something that you have to invent. It is something that you have to discover. It is already there. It is not something that you have to manufacture. If you have to manufacture it, of course, it will take time; but it is already there. Close your eyes and see it there. Be silent and have a taste of it. Your very nature is what I call enlightenment.

Enlightenment is not something alien, outside you. It is not somewhere else in time and space. It is you, your very core. Have you ever wondered exactly what does the word Enlightenment mean? The one thing I can tell you that enlightenment is something that cannot be put into words. Yet, when you meditate on this thought and begin knowing it as the Truth of who you are, an amazing enlightening experience begins downloading directly into your consciousness at the speed of light.

In my brief experience of enlightenment, the first thing I realized was that it happens to you as fast as light and comes directly to you from fully living in the Lightness of your own spiritual presence. It is seeing this world only through pure awareness, where there are no opinions, judgments or mind chatter in the way. When this happens you discover something that turns your entire life around. You realize that who you really are is a mind stopping experience.

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You are indescribable, unattainable, and exist far beyond the imagination of this limiting mind. Stop whatever agendas you currently have with your life, let go of everything you thought to be real or true, and entertain the possibility that who you are is an undefinable infinite being, an eternal soul that was never born and thus will never ever die.

Think of them like particles of sand between our toes, depending how you move through life they will either grind or massage your feet. The most challenging people in your life are also your greatest teachers in disguise. Simply take the approach to explore every experience in your life with a genuinely open mind and childlike curiosity. The reflections are many, but they are each reflecting the same sun. Similarly, when we come to know who we truly are, we will see ourselves in all people.

Well, they simply see how everything is connected to a cosmic intelligent web of energy, love and information that physically exists in between every atom in this Universe.

Manifest your Dream Life and Experience a Spiritual Awakening! | Enlightened Beings

An exponentially increasing flow of deep inspirational insights happens with every thought which passes through. The journey towards enlightenment is a constant celebration of life.

This living, breathing, highly conscious intelligent energy is all-powerful, and it is always flowing through you.

It is around you, instantly available to you, and loves you unconditionally. Enlightenment is fully surrendering to jafree truth everyday, everywhere you are. Nothing ever happens by accident in this enlightened Universe. Even your decision to read this article is not an accident. Life is the perfect teacher. How can an infinitely intelligent Universe ever make a mistake? Every lesson your soul came here to learn is being provided for you through each breath and experience that you are given.

Your spiritual path into enlightenment is your path home. The Universe is constantly here guiding you, helping you to remember and re-awaken the realization of your awesome true radiant Self. Dramatically shift into a higher enlightened state with the exercises and manifesting routines found in our Jafgee Manifesting Program! Everything your heart desires can and will be yours! Do you want to become a Super Manifestor? It contains 12 manifesting meditations and 4 enlightening e-books and a plethora of manifesting technology that will allow you to discover that YOU are an infinitely enlightened all powerful owald who actually has absolute power to manifest anything that you desire!

There is a goldmine of manifesting power inside you, just bursting at the seams to come out! Get ready to totally transform your health, wealth, relationships, and spiritual connection by instantly downloading the entire program below right now! Please keep the inspiration coming. These manifesting techniques are delightful and easy to accomplish.