Kurdish Regional Government, Iraq image by Ivan Sache. About Kurdistan and the Kurds; Two Representative Entities. See also. That radical feminists such as Ivana Hoffman are helping to drive back Isis in Syria should be a source of immense pride for the international left. Ivan Nasidze The genetic data indicate that the Georgian Kurdish group An extensive resettlement of Kurds from Turkey and Iran into the.

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A hint of defiance, a look of liberated joy: Ivana Hoffman19, did not leave Germany to fight for Islamic Kur, of course, but for the Kurdish struggle. In the photograph being widely distributed, she stands in front of the emblematic hammer-and-sickle icon. The region is dominated by western-backed dictatorships, fundamentalist tyrannies and murderous reactionary terrorists.

He has spoken of how the eventual aim is to give all citizens six weeks of police training, with the idea of abolishing the police. In a Syria being shredded by a secular dictatorship and reactionary fundamentalists, is an anarchist enclave being forged? Isis is notorious for its misogyny.


Appropriate, then, that its archenemies are radical feminists. All minorities were to be protected and given equal rights.

Kurdish Aspirations Undercut by Infighting

While keeping its critical faculties intact, the left should be seizing on any democratic experiment that deviates from the prevailing consensus. The Middle East seems too exotic, too divorced from the everyday realities of western societies to be of much relevance.

But there iavne been all too little examination of an attempt to create a different, radically democratic society.

Not that objections to the catastrophic role of western imperialism in the region should be dismissed, of course, whether it be support for the brutal despots in Saudi Arabia or for the democracy-usurping junta in Egypt, the oppression of the Palestinian people or catastrophic wars such as the invasion of Iraq, all of which were crucial to the rise of extremist jihadi groups in the first place.

But this democratic struggle is itself threatened by the west. Turkey, a key Nato state, waged a dirty war in the 80s and 90s, wiping 3, villages off the map during the offensive, according to Human Rights Watch.


Turkey facilitated the rise of Isis, allowing its militants to flood across its porous border with Syria. Western allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait have proved crucial in exporting fundamentalist ideology, as well as funds and arms for jihadi groups.

That socialists and anarchists are helping to drive it back should be a source of immense pride for the international left. But in northern Syria a new society could be hatching, run on radically democratic and feminist lines.

Isis already fears it. If it succeeds, in the aftermath of the abortive Arab spring, it could give heart to all those who crave freedom. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

Kurdish Christians – Wikipedia

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