Products | October 26, iU22 xMatrix. Related Content. Canon Medical Launches Healthy Sonographer Program. News | Ultrasound Imaging | October iU22 xMatrix -DS. Ultrasound system. Find similar products. The iU22 system combines exciting technologies and superb imaging performance on a user- centric. The Philips iU22 ultrasound machine is perfect for those seeking exceptional image quality, an ergonomic as well as intuitive user interface, and solid workflow .

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The iU22 system combines exciting technologies and superb imaging performance on a user-centric ergonomically-designed cart – unlike any other ultrasound system available.

Full range of transducers to meet your examination needs. Award winning program means winning performance. Color Power Angio for visualizing small vessels. Excellent abdominal exams even for challenging patients.

Enhanced ergonomics for user convenience. Refurbishment process provides like- new condition. Ergonomic and lightweight, our broad range of transducers is available in multiple configurations, enabling better penetration with less artifacts.

Learn more about our full range of transducers below, and detailed instructions on care and maintenance. Contact us Request contact. Minor Outlying Islands U. Zip or Postal Code. Business details By specifying your reason for contact we will be able to provide you with a better service. Preferred method of contact.

iU22 xMatrix

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iU22 Refurbished Ultrasound Machine | Philips Ultrasound

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What does this mean? It gives you high-quality images by enhancing borders and margins and virtually decreasing speckle noise artifact. Improves your diagnostic review and enhances your diagnostic confidence.

iU22 xMatrix | DAIC

Full range of transducers Versatile performance Full range of transducers to meet your examination needs A wide range of transducers is available for xmateix Diamond Select ultrasound systems. Choose from broadband, volume sector, linear-array, curved linear array, TEE and Doppler pencil transducers xmatrxi fit your needs. This underscores the quality and care that goes into each of our Diamond Select systems.

Color Power Angio Exceptional image quality Color Power Angio for visualizing small vessels This highly sensitive mode allows you to visualize small blood vessels in astonishing detail. The sensitive adjustable controls allow you to control gain, filters, sensitivity, and color maps, while allowing you to select the size and position of the region of interest.

Also supports 3D visualization of small blood vessels. Excellent abdominal exams Exceptional image quality Excellent abdominal exams even xmatdix challenging patients With the C PureWave transducer, imaging larger patients results in exceptional penetration and quality of Doppler and image resolution.

The C provides superb performance for virtually all your patients, from those who are easy to image to those more technically challenging. When the imaging is complete, the system renders a panoramic mosaic display, providing a larger reference image for documentation of spatial relationships of structures.


Voice-controlled operation reduces awkward scanning positions, provides imaging flexibility, and leaves both hands free for scanning and patient iu222.

The system’s powerful architecture supports continuous, quantitative volume acquisition and display, with xmtarix, simultaneous visualization and measurement in three planes. Stunning image quality and the potential to improve your exam efficiencies by changing the way you acquire and visualize ultrasound data.

Enhanced ergonomics Efficient workflow1 Enhanced ergonomics for user convenience From the adjustable monitor and control panel to the easy-to-access transducer connectors and highly maneuverable cart, this system was designed for user comfort.

The LCD flat panel may help reduce eye strain, and the independent height adjustment options facilitate neutral working positions and may reduce repetitive stress injuries. Refurbishment process provides like KBA4 Refurbishment process provides like- new condition Each Diamond Select system is factory refurbished and can be customer configured with the latest compatible software upgrades.

To maintain the high standards set by Philips and meet your stringent performance requirements, all Diamond Select systems undergo a thorough refurbishment process.