[Comprising Astrology, A Cosmic Science by Isabel M. Hickey &. Pluto or Minerva by Isabel M. Hickey & Bruce H. Altieri). International Standard Book Number. Astrology A Cosmic Science Isabel M. Hickey The Classic Work on Spiritual Astrology ()ver 80, Sold m \ lardcovcr Reviewers* Praise for This Book “If you . Isabel Hickey’s classic, comprehensive “textbook” of spiritual astrology is now once again available in a new edition with a Foreword by.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. King County library System, Washington “Astrology: Thereafter I recommended her book to all my students over many years, and they also responded to it with great enthusiasm and appreciation. The birth-chart indicates certain physical, mental, nickey, and spiritual tendencies with which the person is endowed at birth.

The blueprint shows what the soul has mi its spiritual ledger—the debits and credits. Such a study brains the student in perceiving realities behind forms. The interpretation of symbols is a necessary faculty for every spiritual student to develop.

Astrology, a Cosmic Science : Isabel M Hickey :

The study of psychological astrology prepares the student for higher planes of greater glory and power. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever including photocopying without written permission from the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical or scholarly articles and reviews. Altieri] International Standard Book Number.

Preface So you have decided to study astrology.

Truly it is a spiritual science. This basic scirnce goes with you throughout life. The birthchart shows our potentials and tendencies. One scienc our astrological teachers once said: He was bom when he was because he was potentially what he is. Fate is earmarked in tendencies, not in facts.

None of us comes “Unbound into this livingness. We do not start here, and we do not finish our livingness here. Life is eternal If we have it in front of us, is it not logical to believe we may have it behind us too? It is as though we have a built-in bookkeeping system. We have debits, and we have credits.

Some of us come into this life with a great deal of capital in our spiritual bank books. This is earned income from a past life.

Others come in with a depleted bank account. This is the difference between an easy life pattern and a difficult one. The horoscope is a blueprint of our isbael. There is nothing static in this universe in which we dwell.

We can change by changing our attitudes and patterns of behavior. In so doing, we change our destiny. Yes, the blueprint or birthchart shows your character and your personality pattern — your human nature, but you are spirit too. The stars impel but do not compel.

S Astrology deals with symbols. The signs of the zodiac are symbols of great and potent forces. The physical planets are but the outer forms through which sou] energies manifest. It is these energies that affect us, not the physical planets. So it is with planetary energies. Let us consider your horoscope to be a roadmap.


Some of the roads on which you will travel will be smooth and easy if you have built them well in a past that your personality doeB not remember.

Some of the roads will be in poor condition and need repair. If you repair them and put them into good condition your vehicle will not break down and cause you difficulties and delays. Always the idea of rebirth raises the question: The soul is acience unit of evolution. The personality Is the unit of incarnation. Another thought worth pondering is this one. Your subconscious self has hidden in it the sum total of all your experiences to date.

New pathways or grooves in the brain are made with every new study you take up. There is an actual expansion of dormant brain cells when you make new pathways of comprehension in your gray matter.

The first part of astrological Btudy involves the use of your memory. The signs and the planets that rule them must be memorized though I would like to add the word visualized. These is a Superconscious Mind beyond that area where you can gain direct knowledge from the source of your Being. Astrology is one of the means of knowing that SELF.

So let’s be on our way. The number of degrees in a sign never changes, but you can have a lesser or greater number of degrees in a house due to the angle of the rays at the tune of birth. This can be confusing to a new student when he is dealing with orbs of aspects. They must be counted by signs, never by houses. When you do not have the time of day for a birthchart you will use the natural zodiac. This gives an understanding of character and shows the cycles that are operating, but it will not show the circumstances through which the energies will operate.

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You will need the time of day and place of birth for this information. The natural zodiac has Aries on the first house, Taurus on the second and the other signs are shown on the other houses in succession. In the time chart any one of the 12 signs can isaebl on the first house Ascendant but there will always be a hidden influence of Aries operating, as it is the underlying keynote of the first house.

This will also be true for the other houses. The natural sign and ruler will be the underlying vibration. Planets are the energies. The signs show how the energy the planets is conditioned and how it operates. The planets in the signs show your capacity, ability or power to achieve what is indicated by the nature of the planets. Houses indicate the the environmental pattern where you will work out your destiny.


They indicate the opportunities offered by your environment. Aspects the flow of force between the planets show your use or abuse of the energies operating in your magnetic field.

It shows how we operate within our sciwnce magnetic fields. We are miniature universes. Every energy operating out in the larger universe la operating In our personal magnetic field for we are port of that universe.

Energy is released and how we release it is the all important factor. The birthchart shows the tendencies and conditioning. It shows what can happen, not what will happen. We have the right to choose not to respond to life negatively. If the real self operates we rule our stars energies and are not ruled by them.

Each sign has a planetary ruler. Some planets rule two signs. At the present time there are ten planets and twelve signs. When we have evolved further along the isaabel of evolution, there will be twelve planets. The next planet to be discovered will be Vulcan. There are seven planets connected with the earth.

In Revelations they are represented by the seven angels before the throne of God.

Think of them as great planetary beings using the physical planets through which to pour certain types of influences. It is not astrolohy physical planets in the heavens the illuminated astrologer means when he talks about planetary influences.

There is a division of the signs into positive masculine and recejv tive feminine signs and this is important in understanding a birthchart.

This will tell whether he fa rightly balanced or not in regard to positive and receptive passive forces. If there are too many planets in feminine signs in a male chart his body may be masculine but his soul will be feminine. He will lack strength and will be passive and dependent. Now be is given hicke opportunity of developing the male qualities. This helps us to understand the over masculine woman and too feminine man.

When svience understand, there is no condemnation or desire to judge. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst, said that every female has a man the animus in her subconscious that she has to understand before she can relate properly to a man in the outer world. Every man has to understand the woman the anima in his own subconscious before be can relate rightly to a female in the outer world.

There are twelve signs and ten planets in every birthchart They all play a part in making you what you are. Every four minutes the heavens change. One can make general statements when the son-sign of an individual is known.