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INPO – The Institute of Nuclear Power Operations promotes excellence in the operation of nuclear electric generating plants. INPO offers exciting job. Older INPO HU documents: INPO ,. INPO , INPO , INPO ,. INPO , INPO Incorporated old Chapter 5 (revision 6) into INPO , Human INPO , Human Performance Tools for Engineers and Other Knowledge. Workers.

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Why your Human Performance Improvement effort needs a “Strategic Plan”

You need a solid human performance strategic plan. This particular meeting was set up to discover top areas for improvement AFIs that were consistent for a period of the preceding 5 years. So, they poured through data of about nuclear plants that are evaluated at least every two years by INPO, found the leading problems which I do not have in front of me to sharebut came to a pretty serious conclusion that I want to share with you right now….

When separated out, companies that had one of these rose to the top of the performance spectrum, and those not towards jnpo top, did not have this one thing.


Above all things you need a human performance strategic plan.

Why your Human Performance Improvement effort needs a “Strategic Plan” | Our Goal:

Without a plan specifically designed to move your efforts forward, you will remain in disarray and you will be stuck hoping or guessing if the random improvement efforts are paying off.

If your operations group wants to do something different than your Maintenance group, make sure it is captured in the plan.

This is also a great way to track a sometimes hard question inpoo answer: What have you done lately to improve performance? The strategic plan cannot be pieces in your Business Plan.

INPO – Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

It should be a stand-alone living document that shows where you are in your improvement effort, who is responsible for each phase if implementation, and also the due dates associated with each item. The 005 Strategic Plan must be proactive as well as reactive, including major corrective actions or improvement ideas based on benchmarking and research.


You can always contact 005 through the phone number on the top of the home page or feel encouraged to email James HumanPerformanceTools. The Strategic Plan Document references all of these documents and the hard work by human performance nuclear professionals throughout the American nuclear fleets:.

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