Yes Ims simcat are very close to the level of difficulty of cat itself and give a good overview of the exam. Moreover aimcat are renown for their difficulty level so. Most CAT-aspirants would agree that taking Mock tests (SimCATs in IMS parlance) is a very crucial aspect of preparing for the CAT, however. Hi everyone! Thanks a bunch for the awesome response to the first two IMS SimCATs! Now, you can also be a part of the SimCAT. You have a chance to take .

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To get shortlisted, you need to achieve a certain percentile in the CAT — depending upon the college and also depending upon your profile.


Also i am putting all my efforts in the simcats. You simply need to focus on scoring as high as possible in the CAT. What is a good percentile in CAT?

Benchmark analysis Let us first define the measurement parameters that will be used to measure simcars distance from your goal of getting an admission to a top B-School: Let the IIM worry about this question. We believe you have checked the program features and decided the course name of your choice. Wish you the best man!

A whole somcats of students fail to perform well in the CAT despite taking a plethora of mock tests. To know details, write to us at ims imsindia.


Sikcats could even contact them over email whenever I wanted and I would get an instant reply. Gagan, just go and try to score to the best of your ability in each of the sections. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hi Vimlendu, concentrate on passages you are comfortable with. Steps to Enrol with IMS.

Take the IMS SimCATs and experience the CAT before the CAT

This is applicable in case of any movement within the product. Prepare kiya toh darna kya? A proctored environment only helps you with the feel of taking it alongside fellow competitors with added pressure;- Like Like.

I will try to answer these questions in this blogpost. PSSP waivers are applicable only for the same product line. One should give loads of mocks – and enjoy them!

If a past Student wishes to move and enrol in a different product line the waivers applicable will be different. For areas where you achieve the set benchmarks aim to perform consistently in future tests as well.

Score Improvement Analysis The objective of this analysis is to evaluate as to whether and how you could score higher in the sumcats based on your current level of competency. Focus simcxts accuracy and not just on speed. So, to achieve your goal you need to simply work on meeting set attempts and accuracy targets — as this will, by itself, take care of what score and percentile you end up with.


In such a case, the higher of the applicable waivers shall be considered.

Once you set the targets, track your progress against these benchmarks after you have taken a mock test. These mocks were very close to the actual CAT paper and the explanation provided was very thorough sikcats well. But the point is that expectations do not really matter.

Mock liya…ab karna kya? The basic rule is NOT to get stuck in a question. Im asking for so many times but u didn’t replied Vinayak: Once you have finished solving the above questions repeat the exercise for the other questions in the test. Be positive and give it your best shot. IMS has the experience and the simcatts knowledge about these processes and has what siimcats takes to step up an average candidate into an aspiring manager.

The mock GDs and PIs act as simcas sessions for the actual ones and the feedback received on making mistakes is what helped me get better.