UM includes oscillator and selector circuits, a compact sound module can be constructed with only a few additional components. A. A brief overview of the UM IC. UM is an excellent ROM IC that can generate Multi . [5] United Microelectronics UM Datasheet [Online]. UM datasheet, UM pdf, UM data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, UMC, Three Siren Sound Generator.

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While building circuits many times we need to generate sounds like a musical sound or some kind of alerting sound.

While UM66 have a limitation of generating only one sound, we have UM which is very useful and can generate four types of sound i.

It is generally used in alarms and toys. It is a low cost and low powered 8 pin IC. It has inbuilt oscillators and circuitry to produce the sounds, and only require one external uj3561.


UM Pinout | Pin Diagrams in | Pinterest | Circuit, Electronics and Police siren

UM works in the range of volts, voltage higher than 5V can damage the IC, so if we are using it with other circuit or using a high voltage source, a Zener diode must be connected, to protect the IC. The output generated by the IC is not sufficient to drive a 8ohm small speaker, so to amplify the output of the IC, a transistor must be used at the u3m561 PIN 3.

UM Pin diagram and Pin description is given below, taken from its Datasheet:.

Below is the table for 4 Playing modes, you can produce whatever sound you want. Zener Diode is just like the other diodes, with only one difference. All the diodes allow flow of current in only one direction forwarddayasheet Zener diode can allow current in reverse direction if the voltage goes beyond a certain limit.

This voltage is called Breakdown Voltage or Zener Knee voltage. Quote and Order boards in minutes on https: Hi buddy there is basic flaw in circuit.


UM Sound Generator IC Pinout, Circuit & Datasheet

U should be careful while drawing the circuit. With some basic mistakes just as in your circuit the beginners will get disheartened when there ckt doesn’t work. The zener diode is dqtasheet directly to the 9 volt supply. There should be a resistence of 1K. UM Pin diagram and Pin description is given below, taken from its Datasheet: We can change the frequeccy by rotating the knob datashret variable resistor.

As we have used 9v battery, so we have used Zener Diode 3.

UM3561 Siren Sound Generator COM22

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