Read and understand all instructions in the . HP Scanner Tools Utility scanner maintenance information. Table HP Scanjet N documentation. View and Download HP SCANJET N user manual online. Hitachi All in One Printer User Manual. SCANJET N Scanner pdf manual download. We have 8 HP Scanjet Enterprise N manuals available for free PDF download: Getting Started Manual, User Manual, Service Manual, Trade In And Save.

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Contents Use the scanner Scanner overview Scanner initialization or hardware problems Use the scanner The following topics describe the HP Scanjet N scanner as well as how to scan or copy original documents. Scanner front panel buttons Use the buttons on the scanner front panel to start a scan and to configure scanejt scanner settings. Alternatively, start the scanning software that is assigned to this button.

HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow N Document Flatbed Scanner User Guides | HP® Customer Support

When you are ready to begin scanning again, press the Power Save button to wake up the scanner. In the scanning software, set the page size to match the width and length of the paper that you are scanning.

To scan these documents, make a photocopy, and then scan the copy instead. How to load documents 1. Flip up the paper stop in the output tray that best matches the size of the documents that you are scanning. Select the stop position that is closest to and beyond the edge of your documents as they come out of the automatic document feeder ADF. Place the stack in the middle of the input tray. Load the stack face up.

For fastest scanning, load the stack with the left edge leading into the ADF. In the scanning software, choose the layout setting that matches the orientation of the originals in the ADF. Place the original face down on the scanner glass, as indicated by the reference mark. In the scanning software, choose the layout setting that matches the orientation of the original on the scanner glass.

How to scan The basic steps for scanning are: Select the settings that are appropriate for the documents that you are scanning. Carry out the appropriate actions to complete the scan. For more information, see the online help for the scanning software.

HP Scanjet Enterprise N9120 Manuals

Useful scanner features Experienced document management professionals might be interested in the following scan features that are available in the HP Smart Document Scan Software. In the Profile name box, type the name you want scajjet accept the default name. You might want to set up the new profile scannet on an existing one.

To do so, select the Copy settings from profile scanket box, and then select an existing profile from the list. HP recommends scanning long pages individually at a resolution of dpi or lower.

Filter out color from a document color n91120 You can filter out a dark background from the image content, for example black text on green paper or red instructions on a form. Removing colors from the scan might reduce the scan file size and improve optical character recognition OCR results.


Use scanner hardware compression for faster scans The scanner supports multiple levels of JPEG compression to increase the rate of data transfer from the scanner to the scanning software on the computer.

Reorder, delete, and rescan pages as necessary. Install or replace a print cartridge in the imprinter The scanner uses an HP A print cartridge. You must purchase the print cartridge separately. Raise the ADF input tray until it clicks into place. Lift the green lever slightly, and slide the imprinter completely to the left. If you are replacing an empty print cartridge, slide it to the right to remove it from the cartridge stall.

Remove the print cartridge from its packaging. Pull the tab to remove the protective tape from the nozzles. Lift the green lever slightly, and then slide the imprinter to the position that you want. Several paper sizes are indicated in the imprinter carriage. If you set the imprinter at the position for the paper size that you are using, the imprinter mark is printed about 5 mm. Place a single page in the automatic document feeder input tray.

Press the Tools Utility. Click the Imprinter tab. In the Cartridge Status section, click Test Imprinter. Clean the imprinter Clean the imprinter whenever the imprinter mark does not print completely. Care and maintenance This section presents information about how to care for and maintain the scanner. If you use the ADF several times per week, monthly cleaning is recommended.

Set up a cleaning routine that is appropriate for the scanner. Press the Power switch to the off position, and then disconnect the Manul cable and power cable from the scanner. Clean the clear scanning strip on the scanner bed.

Wipe the clear area with a clean, damp, lint-free cloth. Close the scanner lid. Wipe both of these areas clean with a clean, damp, lint-free cloth. Wipe the ADF rollers with a clean, damp, lint-free cloth. To clean the scanner glass, follow these steps: Open the scanner lid.

Clean the glass by using a scanje, lint-free cloth that has been sprayed with a mild glass cleaner. Clean the filter in one of the following ways: If the 9n120 is damaged, replace it with a new filter. To order a replacement part, go to 4. Press the Power switch to the on scanhet, and then update the scanner maintenance history: Press the Tools Tools Utility. Click the Maintenance tab.

Troubleshooting This section contains solutions for common problems with the scanner. Both LEDs are off. Scanner initialization or hhp problems If the scanner does not work after installation or if the scanner has stopped working correctly, you might see a message on the computer screen that is similar to one of the following: If the problem persists after verifying the above items, scanjef the following: Press the Power switch to the off position, and then disconnect the power cable from the scanner.


Reconnect the power cable to the scanner, and then press the Power switch to the on position. Scanner lamp stays on The scanner lamp should time out and turn off automatically after a period of inactivity about 15 minutes. If the scanner lamp scznjet on after a long period of inactivity, turn off the scanner, wait 30 seconds, and then turn the scanner back on.

The scanner lamp does not turn off when paper is in the automatic document feeder input tray. Scanned pages are missing at the scan destination When scanning with the ADF, pages that stick together are scanned as one item.

The hidden pages are not scanned. Enable Misfeed Multipick Detection to stop the scan or copy process if multiple pages are fed into the scanner at one time. When scanning from the scanner glass, the item might not be placed correctly on the scanner glass.

Make sure that h item you are trying to scan is placed face down on the glass and the lid is closed. Scanning at a higher resolution than necessary creates a larger file with no additional benefit. Buttons do not work Mabual each step, press a button to see if it is working correctly.

If the problem persists, proceed with the next step. The buttons might be disabled in the HP scanning software. Clear a jam from the automatic document feeder 1. Remove any loose pages from the automatic document feeder ADF input tray. Remove any jammed pages from the ADF input tray. Automatic document feeder problems Remove any jammed pages from manuxl the ADF.

Remove any jammed pages from the ADF output tray.

If the jammed page still cannot be removed, follow scanjdt steps: Push the green tab toward the scanner lid to open the inner ADF access door. If the door does not open automatically, gently pry it open.

Close the inner ADF access door, and then close the scanner lid.

At the scan destination, examine the scan output to determine which page was the last to be completely scanned. Reload the unscanned pages in the ADF input tray.

HP SCANJET N9120 User Manual

If any pages are damaged, do one of the following: Open the ADF access doors, and then close scajet doors by pressing firmly.

Use the following procedure to test the ADF: Accessibility Accessibility features The N scanner includes the following accessibility features: The LED Reader enables accessibility software tools to express what is being shown on the scanner front panel. Index accessibility 43 clean 22 clear jams 39 cut-off images 42 feeding, troubleshoot 42 load paper 5 maintenance 22 streaks, troubleshoot 35 applications scan from 12 Attention LED 29 background color 15 black scans, troubleshoot 34 buttons scanner front panel 4 troubleshoot 37 clean ADF