View and Download HP Color inkjet cp user manual online. Hewlett- Packard Color InkJet Printer User’s Guide. Color inkjet cp Printer pdf manual . View and Download HP Color Inkjet cp user manual online. color inkjet printer. Color Inkjet cp Printer pdf manual download. View and Download HP Business Inkjet cp setup online. color inkjet printer. Business Inkjet cp Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Business inkjet.

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The information contained manua this document is subject to change without notice. Hewlett-Packard HP makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. A Note icon indicates that additional information is provided.

For best results use HP products.

cp11660 To find more information about options on each tab screen, point to an option mannual click the right mouse button to display the box. Click manuao buttons to change page views: View the page in actual size Fit the page in the window. Fit the page width in the window. Use to zoom in on a page. Read about these and other features in the following sections.

The printer has several features designed to make it easy to use. To learn about a feature, click the name of the feature below: LCD panel buttons and lights infrared lens paper tray ink delivery system automatic paper type sensor Each icon represents one of the following: The printer needs attention.

Other icons on the LCD panel flash when the alert icon appears to indicate that attention is needed.

The printer is busy. It may be receiving data. For more information, see ink cartridge selection numbers. Very low on ink. Last portion of ink level flashes. Replace soon ut of ink. Ink level may vary. For an explanation of ink expiration, see To see instructions for replacing an ink cartridge, see cartridges. The printhead that needs to be replaced flashes. For a description of the printheads, see printheads. When the printer cp110 an error, the alert icon appears and one or more icons flash to indicate the source of the error.

In the example below, the top printer door has been left open for too long. The printer buttons let you turn the printer on and off, cancel a print job, or resume printing. The lights give you visual cues about the status of the printer. The Power button turns the printer on c1160 off. It may take a few seconds for the printer to turn on after pressing the the Power button flashes when the printer is busy.


HP Color Inkjet cp Printer series User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Always use the Power button on the front of the printer to turn the printer on and off. The printer has a special Infrared Ir lens. The Infrared lens allows printing from an infrared sending device such as a Manyal device, laptop, or notebook computer. For a full description of infrared printing, see infrared printing. The printer comes with a sheet capacity paper tray. The paper tray can be removed from the printer.

The length and width guides adjust to the size of the media being used. For ease of loading, the paper tray top raises. Lower the top when printing.

The printer deposits printed pages on top of the paper tray. Pull the paper tray extension out to prevent the paper from falling off the tray. When the print job finishes, push the tray extension back into its storage slot.

The printer uses four printheads. The printheads apply ink to printable media. After installing printheads, do not open the print carriage unless a printhead needs to be replaced. Opening the print carriage needlessly can damage the printheads. It holds the two ink cartridges and the four printheads. Do not open the print carriage unless a printhead needs to be replaced or you are asked to by an HP support agent. This feature, particularly when used with HP paper and media, provides better printing results.

When the Automatic Paper-Type Sensor is engaged, the printer scans the first page of a document with a blue optical sensor light to determine the best paper type setting. Insert the duplexer in the back of the printer until both sides snap into place.

Do not press the buttons on either side of the duplexer when installing it in the printer. Use these buttons only when removing the duplexer from the printer. The printer offers a number of options for connectivity, including: The printer can connect to your computer with a USB cable if your computer is running Windows 98, Me, or The printer can connect to your computer with a parallel cable via a parallel cable adapter and the LIO slot.

For instructions on connecting with an LIO module, see the Setup poster that came with the printer or the documentation that came with the LIO module.

Select one of the following options: For an explanation of the printer software, click the following: The printer is controlled by software installed on your computer. Open the file you want to print. The Printer Properties dialog box has several tools to make it easy to use. Click a tab to see its contents.


To see a description of a specific tab, see setup, features, color, or services. Quality and print speed. Use with envelopes and Hagaki cards.

HP Color Inkjet cp1160 Printer series User Manual

Use Different First Page: Paper type, paper size, and paper tray for the first page of a document. See Pages per Sheet: Number of pages printed on each sheet of paper.

Number of sheets of paper used to print a poster. Ink volume and dry time. Print in shades hl gray. Intensity of printed colors.

Lightness or darkness of printed colors.

Warmth or coolness of printed colors. The Services tab allows you to open the Toolbox. Open the HP Toolbox: Click this button to open the Toolbox. To see a description of the Toolbox, see toolbox. The taskbar icon allows you to adjust default printer properties. Default manuak properties apply to all documents that you print.

Check to use the duplexer.


Click outside of the dialog box. A dialog box appears advising that the selections made determine what printer properties the printer will use when printing. If you do not want to see this dialog box again, select Click OK. Use this cl1160 to select a default printer if you have more than one printer installed on your computer.

Right-click the taskbar A list of available printers appears. Select the printer you want. Follow these instructions to print a document: Follow one of these paths to open the Printer Properties dialog box: If you want to print a two-sided document on a media type not supported by the duplexer, see manual two-sided printing instructions Follow these instructions to print a pc1160 document: The Two-Sided Printing Margin dialog box appears.

Select Change any other desired print settings, then click OK. When the first side prints, the printer pauses while the first side of the printed page dries. Once dry, the second side of the page is printed and released to the top of the paper tray. Push the Rear Access Door into place.