The VitalSource Bookshelf application lets you perform a number of advanced functions with your VBK e-books. Since the VBK format is a proprietary format. Convert vitalsource-e books-to-pdf. 1. The Official Guide to Convert Vitalsource Bookshelf to PDF and Remove VBK DRM; 2. 1. What is. What I’d love to do is convert the DRM-controlled ebook and be able to read it on my kindle, instead of the bloaty VitalSource software. I saw a.

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Every now and then, students and researchers purchase textbooks from Vitalsource Bookshelf. This method will cost you no penny! Most of you may do not know that Mac comes pre-installed with a PDF printer. To Print the book, first of all, we have to open this book on your Mac. Please go to the official site of VitalSource Bookshelf to download the desktop app and install it.

Then download the books you want to print via VitalSource Bookshelf app. It will pop up a new window asking you to fill in the range of the pages you want to print.

In this window, you will see that if there is print limitations. If yes, we can not bypass the limitations for now. Ignore this restriction and just click on “continue” to go to the next step. The print window will pop up. Now you can fill in the copies, pages you want to print. Then click on ” Save” to generate the PDF file. Since there may be print limitations, you may have to follow the above guide to print the rest pages. Now you can get a full book. Unlike Mac, if you are using Windows system, there will not be a built-in printer preinstalled on your computer.

As there are so many free PDF creation appliation on the market, why not install one on your Windows? Go to VitalSource Bookshelf to download the desktop app and then install it on your Windows.

How to download Vitalsource Bookshelf ebook to PDF?

This virtual printer will allow you print files as regular printer, but the result will be a PDF, not a real paper. Open the VitalSource Bookshelf and download the book you want to ebooks.vbl.


Now you will see the print settings window. Choose “doPDF 9” as the virtual printer and select all pages.

Then click on “Print”. You can change the file name and storage at your computer by clicking on “Browse”. Then click on “OK”.

Convert eBooks from VitalSource Bookshelf to PDF

The printer will begin to print this file tto give you a PDF file. As there may be print limitation, you have to print the pages one by one. The above mentioned methods are very complex and time-consuming, and you need to install so many software to achieve your goal.

It will take about your whole days to download a book with one thousand pages. With this software, you can download the VitalSource books to pdf with one click. Download the Epubor VitalSource Downloader and install it on your computer. It supports both Windows and Mac system.

The Easiest Way to Convert VitalSource VBK to PDF

Very clean interface, right? It won’t remember your account info unless you allow to do that. And the account logging in settings is set to be used for the library accessing so that all your vitalsource eTextbooks can be downloaded well. It now supports batch downloading. Right right click the mouse to select “Download all books” or “Download selected books”.

When you log in, you will see all books you purchased from VitalSource website. If you found that not all purchased books are displayed in this library, close the software and restart it again please.

You can also click on the “cloud” like icon, it will allow you to download the book too. When the downloading is started, the processing bar will show you the process. Please wait patiently until the downloading completed. Keep in mind that, to ensure the downloading speed, you are allowed to download one book only at a time!

You can also click on the blue folder icon, it will show you the output path. If you think this article is useful, please spread it to more places or give us a thumb up. If you had any better suggestions, you are welcome to share these methods in the comments. Iris Yan joined Epubor since She always wants to share everything related to ebook reading and improve your reading journey. I tried doing these steps, but I only got the first page converted.


Although we can only choose page from 1 to 1, but actually, it will print all pages if you keep following my steps. Following all the suggested steps also on different books I still have the first page printed or if it says two pages only we have two pages printed NOT ALL! I am sincerely sorry for this issue. I too followed ALL your proposed steps but I got onlt the first page printed! We too followed ALL your proposed steps but we got only one or two pages.

If tehre is not answer you should remove your advise. For print the rest pages, please click on the page you want to print at first, then click on print. The method in this article is a alternative way to save your book. For the software we mentioned in this article are all free. Gotta agree with ED on this one, most windows computers already have the print to PDF feature, still doesn’t help with the page restriction on these E-Books.

We will release a new software soon to solve your problem recently. This new software is in test. If you are like, we can send you the software so that you can download the Vbk file. You can contact epubor. You have to go to the section you want to save, then select print and the print range max is 2 pages.

This is not a real solution for books with several hundred pages though. Thank you for your comments.

We just provide this way as a temporary solution. Our technical team are writing a new software to download the VBK books. This software is under testing. If you like, please contact epubor.

She will send you the Beta version so that you can have a try.