veronica de la cruz. Updated Nov. 6, Transcript. HOMMO VIDENS. HOMMO SAPIENS. HOMMO SAPIENS. Ernst Cassirer. EL LENGUAJE. CAPACIDAD. Creé este video con el Editor de video de YouTube ( editor). Hommo Videns en Monclova y su Historia, parte 2. Hommo Videns Monclova 2 de 2. culturamonclova1. Loading Unsubscribe from.

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Detail from most recent mural I’ve beeen working on, depicting mazahua comunity and their traditions. Acrylics on sealed wood.

Messy work space and process of a mixed media mural Vidwns ‘ve been working the last weeks, portraying main elements and aspects of the mazahua culture from Villa Victoria, Mexico.

Living color most painfully way Detail of another work in progress, oil on vivens Most common things and situations get stranger if you watch at them carefully, especially in a country so surreal as Mexico. First figure finished, 1 of 5, this one is a mexican marine.


Detail of an early painting, depicting a pop star Madonna in this case as a role model, imposed by mass media, covering up every sign of individuality in audience. Last detail of this mixed media drawing, I used acrylic, charcoal, oils and spray paint.

The whole composition depicts the passion and freedom that only skateboarding and street life can give. Another detail of a mixed media visens.


Detail of a mixed media drawing. New painting stuff is on the way, this time prehispanic art will be the target.

Small detail of my painting “Hommo Videns”. Beginnings of new portrait comission, oil on linen.

Bright colors for great impressions. My painting “Modern Diogenes” recently has been adquired by the mexican gallery “Arte Actual Mexicano” to be part of its private collection of Art, so after different awards and mentions by bidens contests and media, this piece will have a new home in Monterrey, Mexico.

To be honest I really enjoyed to create and living with this painting. Home Search Privacy Terms Contact. Reyez Rayon reyezrayon Instagram profile Contemporary painter Mexico inquiries, sells and comissions to: