Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu SCEADU MANUAL Ask question. Description. SCEADU MANUAL. Browse this category: Shuttle Sceadu . Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Sceadu Evolution SCEADU SWM INSTRUCTION MANUAL MANUAL. Browse this category: Sceadu Evolution. Beyond Sceadu!! SDX 50HPM kit. This swashplate accepts 90°HPM,. °SWM, and °SWM linkage for all Hirobo 50/90 size models.

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This set up sheet will provide you with exact linkage lengths, suggested engine settings, and other important information to help you finish setting up your new helicopter as easily as possible. For this sheet to work for you, you will need to build your Evolution 30 EXACTLY as the manual instructs you and then use the linkage lengths given on this sheet for steps 32 through We also highly recommend that an experienced rc helicopter pilot checks out your model before its first flight and be with you to teach you how to fly your model.

This set up sheet is a supplement and not a manaul for the manual or having an experienced helicopter modeler inspect your model before its first flight.

Manial a moment to contact your local hobby shop or the store where you bought your model to locate a local rc model flying site, preferably one that has active rc heli model participation.

All data is replicated from this model. No aerobatic or autorotation settings have been made. Please set these flight conditions when you have become more experienced with flying your model. Switch D on the right front transmitter panel controls the dual rate function. When the switch is down, flight controls are at their maximum setting and response. All three rates are set to hirobbo on switch D, aileron, elevator, and rudder.


When the throttle stick is at its lowest point and Switch B is flipped down, the motor will shut off. By using this function, your start up idle is not changed from flight to flight.

When starting you model, make sure Switch B is up, throttle trim is in the middle, and you have a firm hold of the rotor head to keep it from spinning after starting your model.


Normal Radio Switch hirrobo are all switches up front panel and back top of radio. We also recommend removing the baffle in the muffler if tuning is difficult or power seems to be higobo. See step 29 on page 31 for instructions. If your engine starts running rough after running well for a period of time, do not adjust the needle valves immediately.

Replace the glow plug first to see if that fixes it. A bad glow plug will not respond to any needle adjustments.

Use the for the throttle control. Use 6 point servo horns for the aileron and elevator, and four point arms for the throttle and rudder servos. Use a large hiorbo wheel for the collective pitch servo.

To properly center the servo horn on the servo, rotate the servo horn until it sits 90 degrees to the servo itself. Also see a photo of our installation on our website at: The servo horn pivot ball is mounted at the Trim the servo horn so it does not interfere with the aileron servo operation. See photo references for additional clarification. Now check the servo travel making sure the servo pulls the rod to the left of center and reaches full throttle.


Hold the lever tight janual tightening the locking screw to prevent moving out of alignment.

Final adjustment is made after first flights. To check this setting, mmanual stick position listed above can be checked. Before your first flight, check for proper servo movement.

When the left stick is moved up or forward, the throttle servo should move forward or counter clockwise and the collective servo should move the swashplate up. When the left stick is moved across to the right, the servo should pull or move the control rod forward moving the tail pitch plate outwards away from the tail case.

Hirobo Sceadu EVO

When the right stick is moved forward the swashplate should tilt forward and when the scearu stick is moved across to the right, the swashplate should tilt to the right. To further help you finish your model, visit our website at www.

On this page you will find helpful explanation photos. Also if you loose this sheet, you can download a new one from here as well. MRC will only honor warranty claims on Hirobo products used in the combo package.

SCEADU MANUAL – Hirobo – Feel the Heart

If you have any questions, please call or contact us through mrcsupport modelrectifier. We wish you the best of luck with your new model manula hope you have many fun filled flights. Welcome to one of the best and most rewarding adventures in radio control modeling.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.