Hilarity Ensues. Book Description. Tucker Max’s third and final book in his series of stories about his drunken debauchery and ridiculous antics. What began as a. Hilarity Ensues has ratings and reviews. Allison said: Either you love Tucker Max or you hate him. I loved his first book, I Hope They Serve Be. Hilarity Ensues by Tucker Max – The New York Times bestselling author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and Assholes Finish First delivers a new collection of.

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Or at The book was funny and I did laugh a lot, especially reading the first half.

At a high point in his career, Artie Lange performed a sold-out show in Carnegie Hall-and he did it with a pocketful of heroin. He should have stopped when he wrote the first book.

Hilarity Ensues (Unabridged)

I just couldn’t imagine And in this book, he has segments where he makes fun of fans–apparently replacing sex with a clever insults or five–and I don’t particularly see this as development. In this book he has run out of all the “good” stories like some of the ones in his first book and manages to scrape together a book of non-events and retellings of stories that have already been published.

He offers more insight into their personalities and history, which rounds them out and makes their dialogue come alive. I’ll probably read whatever he writes next because as much as I think the guy is a tool, he’s an intelligent tool.

Book: Hilarity Ensues

To the point where I was wondering what my co-workers were thinking as I shook on the smoking area bench. Recommended as a pleasure read, dude is hilarious, intelligent, and goes out and lives life in a way most of us can only dream of.


What began as a small website, to pick up and exploit girls with daddy issues, exploded into three bestselling books and the creation of a whole new literary genera know as fratire. I might go as far as to call Tucker Max this particular guy’s hero. The book was hilaritj and I did laugh a lot, especially reading the first half.

I was shocked by the news of Tucker’s “retirement” from debauchery at the end of the book, but there were hints of it coming in the second installment.

She’ll fall at your feet The postscript, in which Tucker “retires” from fratire is touching in its own way, mainly in that he says that it isn’t “who I am anymore” and thus he’s moving on to the next phase of his authorial career–looking forwards instead of backwards.

If you have read any of Tucker Max’s previous books, this is more of the same. SlingBlade was funnier than ever in these stories.

In this book, you’ll learn: Mar 11, Eric Giang added it. This book really goes to the well, there.

Hilarity Ensues

The author does have a good story telling skills, especially when he writes about things that had an impact on him, from an adult’s perspective. I mean, except for all the times I ge Me: According to him, if you get offended, it’s your own fault because you can’t take a joke. Professional Idiot A Memoir By: Maybe he ebsues realize Reading through Tucker Max’s trilogy was a useful hilarrity experience for me.

Reading through Tucker Max’s trilogy was a useful learning experience for me.

It was Steve’s ability inside the ring and his quick-witted ticker that lead to his becoming one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. Not much different than “I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell” and “Assholes Finish First”, so you can refer to those reviews as well to get an understanding of this book.


Jun 04, Matt Marshall rated it liked it. But unfortunately, clever writing only goes so far to cover the, for such a smart person, you sure took a long time to learn stuff I had figured out near the end of the first book.

Hilarity Ensues – Wikipedia

Additionally, I’m really looking forward to seeing new books by him, maybe something with some kind of sustenance? Opening the iTunes Store. Tucker Max, I am not amused, and I imagine your mother is more than a little tuckerr.

May 24, The Ether rated it it tufker ok. Jan 10, Diego Leal rated it it was ok. Tucker Max shows his growth and depth as a human being tukcer through life. After trial, you’ll get 3 titles each month: He’s still Tucker Max, and – for one more book – he’s still an asshole. Now, with the coming release of the long-awaited Super Troopers 2Jay is ready to tell the ridiculous, madcap, dead-honest story of how he built his career, how he formed Broken Lizard, and, ultimately, how he made Super Troopers.

It’s all about his schtick and being vile solely to have material for his book. If you are familiar with this genre, you won’t be amazed, enshes not disappointed either.