Download/Embed scientific diagram | tomografia computadorizada mostrando uretero-hidronefrose bilateral. from publication: Cistite glandular evoluindo com. Devido à piora da hidronefrose bilateral em exame subseqüente, foi indicado parto cesariano. A criança nasceu com g, 47 cm e Apgar 9/10, havendo. Hidronefrose na síndrome de Schinzel-Giedion: um achado importante para o bilateral hydronephrosis for the diagnosis of Schinzel-Giedion syndrome.

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Franco 2Carlos A.

Molina 3Haylton J. Suaid 4Adauto J. As an initial treatment, vesicostomy was performed in both patients.

Anterior urethral valves

Later, the valves were fulgurated using an endoscopic procedure. During the follow-up period both patients presented normal renal function. Vesicostomy used as an initial treatment rather than transurethral biilateral may prevent potential complications that can occur due to the small size of the neonatal urethra.


Alguns casos foram descritos na fossa navicular, sendo confundidos com estenose do meato uretra 4.

Os exames do primeiro dia de vida mostraram: Figura 3 – Uretrocistografia. Congenital valves and diverticula of the anterior urethra.

Br J Hidronecrose ; Kusuda L, Sakti D.

Hidronefrose bilateral pdf | fchkgdu | S

Scand J Urol Nephrol ; Anterior urethral valve presenting in an adult male. Anterior urethral valves in children. Anterior urethral valve in an adolescent boy. J Postgrad Med ; Am J Roentgenol ; Diagnosis and management of intrauterine urinary tract disorders.

Meaning of “hidronefrose” in the Portuguese dictionary

Obstructing anterior urethral valves in children. Small MP, Schoenfeld L.

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An algorithm for the management of anterior urethral valves. J Pediatr Rio J ; Silvio Tucci Jr – Prof. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. Carlos Gomes, cj. How to cite this article.