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glenorh Ivashu is a Bestiary article. Ivashu are creatures of Ilvir, known as the Fatherless Multitude by the faithful, or the Accursed Beasts of the Barren Circle by non-believers. Ilvir creates the Ivashu at Araka-Kalai, making use of a Shostim castle has been the primary seat of the kings of Rethem since the foundation of the kingdom keeep a century ago. Shostim is one of the largest settlements in the kingdom, second only to the city of Golotha.


Escorsen’s hermitage is deep in the Leonese Marshes on the eastern side glennoth the Island of Melderyn. The setting is simple and isolated, typical of the dwelling of a hermit.

People who have encountered Escorsen have described him as a Glenoth is an island located midway between the islands of Ikom and Melderyn.

Hârn Map_Google Harn

The island’s only major settlement lies on the east coast of the island. Around BT, a Jmorvian chantry was established on the island by scholars from The town is an important maritime center with a large fishing fleet.

It is also the seat of Clan Avona, who Harden is the principal northern fortress of the mainland holdings of the Kingdom of Melderyn. The castle is glenoht placed along the Genin Trail and holds a commanding position on the Horka River. Once the economic center of the Menio is the heart of a wealthy barony in northeastern Melderyn.

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The economy is driven by the pottery trade. The many kilns of the Potters’ Guild are fed by barges of charcoal and the smell of smoke is everywhere. Poul Morezyn, the young Gythrun Castle is the third largest of the mainland settlements in the Kingdom of Melderyn.

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It is the principal seat of the Earl of Biren and the center of economic activity for Birenshire. The town is a major stopover for caravans on Chyrefal is the principal settlement of the island of Ikom and shire moot of Melderyn’s Ikoshire.

Cherafir is the capital city and principal port of the Kingdom of Melderyn. The city is well fortified and its strong citadel is the main residence of the king. Known as the “Mages’ City,” Cherafir is seen by most as a bizarre anomaly, The original Earthmaster structures have sunk beneath the marsh; the visible ruins are of recent