Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Genie KFV SilentMax Belt Drive Garage Door Opener at Read honest and. Genie SilentMax DC Motor Belt Drive Garage Door Opener, Revolution Series is reinforced with steel for durability and lighting. To open/close a garage door easily without any noise, buy a Genie SilentMax Garage Door Opener. Select a best garage door opener.

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The SilentMax provides intelligent design for the homeowner that wants quiet performance with superior design and maximum convenience. Please tell us about your Genie experience to help us continue to produce the best products for customers just like genir Puts an invisible beam across the door opening. The door stops and reverses to open position if anything passes through the beam. Provides safety by continuously monitoring operation of the door, stopping the operation to alert you when significant changes occur.

Superior encryption technology also known as rolling codes that prevents piracy of the radio signal that opens your garage door by continually seeking a new code silehtmax billions of combinations. No additional external repeater box or compatibility bridge needed. Product support for other models. Includes details on installation and assembly of the opener and rail only.

Includes programming instructions, safety features, maintenance, trouble-shooting, one-piece door sjlentmax, and warranty. My opener yesterday stopped 2 inches from floor.

I looked though manual and could not find how to fix it. Than I called customer service on feb 14 and technician walked me through 15 steps process and took about 7 silejtmax and problem was solved.

Best customer service ever. Erin Q February 05, geniee Last week it started to act up and not close or open. I called customer care and he diagnosed the problem. He sent the part out with complete install instructions and now it works like new again.


FloraDora30 August 30, The SilentMax is an excellent product.

Genie SilentMax Garage Door Opener Buy Online @ Amazon

This is the 4th garage door opener I’ve had and the best by far. Silentkax July 02, My 13 year old Genie opener died earlier this week. Decided to spring for another Genie opener, my door is kind of heavy, decided to give sileentmax one a try.

All I can say is wow! Easy to install by design. Actually was quite surprised how easy it silehtmax to program and get to work. Even my Chrysler was able to be programmed to open this new door! In summary, as of this morning with 1 day of use I am thoroughly impressed with this opener. Golda May 24, Leggs May 17, Installed and adjusted in under 3 hours.

Came with openers pre programed, worked great, no setup.

Operates so quietly I can sneak out for a beer without my honey knowing. Redbrair March 11, Good value, easy to install, and I did it solo. The directions were clear and easy to understand, and the parts were easy to identify. GAWidow February 07, MrBill February 02, After 23 years my Genie screw drive opener decided it was tired and gave up the ghost. Went to Home Depot and looked over what they had and thought this SilentMax sounded like it would work fine for my application.

Went together easy, mounted easy and setup was very easy. Some things actually do get better over time. The first time I used it I was very surprised by how quiet it is. So if you worry about not hearing the door open in the middle of the night, this thing is probably gonna make you worry a lot more. A nice feature that should have been implemented years ago is the front facing light bulbs.


Most people walk silehtmax the front of their vehicle to enter their home and now I can see. Also like that the door slows down as it closes and silentmmax to it full extent.

Genie model SILENTMAX () garage door opener genuine parts

Nice job Genie folks. JM January 12, If you follow the instructions it is easy to install. The belt is contained inside the rail so it doesn’t sag like other current belt drives. It is also very quiet ShrinkTraveler January 12, Can we help you find something? SilentMax garage door opener by Genie.

Where To Buy Home Depot.

Genie SilentMax 1000 | Best Garage Door Opener Reviews 2018

Wireless Keyless Entry System. Genie Company – 5 out of 5 stars.

Erin Q February 05, So quiet! Jeff March 07, Excellent product and warranty service. I installed this unit over a year or so ago, easy to install and love it. DavidJ July 02, All I can say is wow! Golda May 24, This unit is so quiet that the neighbors don’t know when I’m coming or going Leggs May 17, Highly recommend this garage door opener. Redbrair March 11, Good value, easy to install, and I did it solo. I had to replace the original opener on my garage – and this was a great choice!

GAWidow February 07, Quiet, strong, not a lick of trouble in a years worth of use. MrBill February 02, Nice job Genie folks ShrinkTraveler January 12, I’ve owned a number of garage door openers for two doors over the last 30 years. None has ever been as quiet as this one. I’d recommend this to anyone.