Introduces physics to science students with a wide range of interests. Morton M . Sternheim and Joseph W. Kane are the authors of General Physics, 2nd. I have been searching for days and days to find the PDF file of the following book: General Physics, 3E, by Morton M. Sternheim and Joseph W. General physics / Morton M. Sternheim, Joseph W. Kane Sternheim, Morton M., Machine derived contents note: The General Laws Of Motion. Motion in.

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You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. Would you like to change to the site? SternheimJoseph W. General Physics, 2nd Edition. General Physics, 2nd Edition Morton M. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Description Introduces physics to science students with a wide range of interests.

Unlike many other physics texts, the coverage and emphasis here is influenced by the specific needs of science majors, including those in the life sciences, and thus generql topics such as geometric optics, mechanics of fluids and acoustics.


General Physics, 2nd Edition

The derivative is introduced in Chapter One and integrals are used sparingly until electricity and magnetism are covered. Entire chapters are devoted to applications of physics strenheim subjects such as nerve conduction, ionizing radiation and nuclear magnetic resonance, demonstrating the widespread utility of physics and the unity of science.

To aid in comprehension, calculations involving calculus are carried out with a good deal of detail and discussion. Each chapter features a checklist physcis terms to define or explain as well as problems and exercises.

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Additional problems and exercises are located in the Supplementary Topics section. About the Author Morton M. Sternheim and Joseph W. Kane are the authors of General Physics, 2nd Edition, published by Wiley. Motion in a Straight Line.

PDF file for the General Physics, 3rd edition, Kane & Sternheim, | Wiley

Motion in Two Dimensions. Newton’s Laws of Motions.

Work, Energy, and Power. Linear and Angular Momentum. Elastic Properties of Materials. Temperature and the Behavior of Gases.


Thermal Properties of Matter. The Mechanics of Nonviscous Fluids. Cohesive Forces in Liquids. Electric Forces, Fields, and Potentials. Induced Currents and Fields.

The Description of Wave Motion. Wave Properties of Light. Mirrors, Lenses, and Imaging Systems. Particle Properties of Light: Wave Properties of Matter. Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Teneral. The Structure of Matter. Answers to Odd Numbered Exercises and Problems.