Regulation syllabus is linked in this page. Professional Ethics in Engineering GE anna university notes pdf; GE PE notes. Name: GE PROFESSIONAL ETHICS IN ENGINEERING. Unit: I. Unit Syllabus: ENGINEERING ETHICS 9. Senses of ‘Engineering Ethics’. Professional Ethics In Engineering – Syllabus of GE covers the latest syllabus prescribed by Anna University, Tamil Nadu for regulation Author.

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To recognize and evaluate ethical challenges that they will face in their professional careers through knowledge and exercises that deeply challenge their decision making processes and ethics. The students will aware of professional rights te2025 responsibilities of an engineer, responsibilities of an engineer for safety and risk benefit analysis.

GE Professional Ethics in Engineering – 2 MARKS with answers ~ EEEcube

The students will acquire knowledge about various roles of engineers in variety of global issues and able to engineerng ethical principles to resolve situations that arise in their professional lives.


The program outcomes that matches with course outcome are as follows. The students will have the ability to understand professional, ethical values and the knowledge of contemporary issues. The students will have the ability to excel in competitive and challenging environment and contribute to industry through professional careers.

The students will have the ability to use the engineering principles to update and maintain the technical skills and continuing their education throughout their professional profesional. Classroom teaching — Black Board. Power Point presentation LCD projector.

Topic to be Covered. Variety of moral issues. Professional Ideals and Virtues.

Uses of Ethical Theories. Engineers as responsible Experimenters. Research Ethics -Codes of Ethics. A Balanced Outlook on Law. The Challenger Case Study.

Assessment of Safety and Risk. Chernobyl Case Studies and Bhopal.

Confidentiality, Conflicts of Interest. Occupational Crime — Professional Rights. Intellectual Property Rights, Discrimination.

GE6075 Professional Ethics In Engineering Nov/Dec 2016

Role in Technological Development. Engineers as Managers, Consulting Engineers. Engineers as Expert Witnesses and Advisors.


Sample Code of Conduct. Special test Class test. No Activity Name No.

GE Professional Ethics In Engineering Nov/Dec Question Paper

GE Professional ethics for Engineering – syllabus. Classroom teaching — Black Board 2. Power Point presentation LCD projector 3.