View and Download Yamaha FZ service manual online. FZ Motorcycle pdf Yamaha fz(3c15) iindonesia parts catalogue (58 pages). Motorcycle. SERVICES MANUAL FZi: ENGLISH VERSION – taj motoshop: fzi services and accessories ‘A place where fz’s tuned and defined’. Products 1 – 6 of 6 Our FZi Yamaha workshop manuals contain in-depth maintenance, service and repair information. Get your eManual now!.

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Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement. Page 38 of 66 First Last Jump to page: Results 1, to 1, of History n Present ride! Btw which gas station do u all patronise? I heard that different companies petrol grade are different. I know there is shell, esso, spc and caltex. So which one is recommended to go to.

Anyway i’ve only tried shell grade 95 and so far still ok. Originally Posted by xsuicidalx. LKS or JB run? Originally Posted by chivas. Originally Posted by RxzDelux. Faster try la har? Come la u sponser me x01 bottle la. Then i tell u my view on this engine oil. Originally Posted by gkang.

Try all the petrol brands and choose which one u like or prefer. As long as petrol 95 and abv can liao. Dun top up water or kerosene can already.

Dag Loke has no status. Thanks for the advice.

I pumped caltex techron 95 yest. Only travelled 4km, still cannot judge serrvice. Originally Posted by Dag Loke. I pump SPC in Singapore. I not promoting SPC ar. I just saying only i pump SPC cause of the most discount. Cause i budget top of the list mah. U ask step kang. He sure know one.


Originally Posted by tommyvtech. Ya i have heard of it before. I think he watch too much of the Liang Po Po movie. Red car pump red petrol, Blue car pump blue petrol. So this one is Black car pump Black petrol. In the end the car explode and the spring all come out.

U want smooth then want slower finish ar? Where got la bro? Yes u’re right esso is very fuel efficient but not as smooth as caltex la.

I tried all petrol already but preference wise i think is up to individual butt. Well I still have lots to learn. Still P plate, no experience I’ll do more research for each petrol companies. I not the triangle gang. Todate i also cannot find fzi service manual but i think can use the Yamaha Spark service manual as a guideline.

The dunlop TT sold there is it make in thailand or malaysia??? Any difference from what we can get here or JB???

Yamaha FZI {V-Ixion } Repair Workshop Manual On CD | eBay

Coz there are worse ones out there Originally Posted by latino. FI diagnostic tools does NOT come bundled with the bike. You have to buy it separately bro.

Good luck in your search. It is Made in Thailand.


I think is the same like the singapore Made in Thailand one. Price wise i not sure. Srevice care to share the address for servicing in JB??? Well, my opinion is its not the best tyres around but it is Cheap. This one is just my opinion only. Bro go and change the tyres to tubeless as soon as u can. I got bad experience accident using tube tyres when travelling. No intention of offending u ar. Actually for engine oil preference i would prefer a motorcycle specific engine oil especially the ones with JASO rating.


The reason is our motorcycle use wet clutchs. If the car engine oil got friction modifiers, then get ready for your clutch to be damage. That is another reason why i like motorcycle specific oil.

Yamaha FZ150 Manuals

mxnual Are u still able to pump petrol Grade 95? I heard from 1 aug the malaysia government dun allow foreign vehicles to pump grade 95 already? Would be happy to hear a reply from u.

Passed 2B 25 March FZ i Athena 06 November Got motorbike everywhere oso near. Not like u taking bus ma? Anyway it’s raining now. Ride safe and Happy lunch time. The time now is