Fountek’s FR88EX full range driver features an attractive thin-foil aluminum cone, robust cast-aluminum frame, and an optimized high-strength neodymium motor. Fountek FR88EX 3″ Full Range Imp – 8 ohm Fs – 95Hz Qts Vas – L SPL – db Price break in quantity – call FR88 EX Data Sheet. I recently purchased Fountek FR58EX and FR88EX full-range drivers. The packaging box of each model contains a pair. ‘Matched pair’ is.

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So it induces less ringing. I do not understand your answer, please provide some more context. See the before and after curves. Danny Richie on 14 Feb I look forward to ordering them.

Fountek FR88EX

I can’t wait to install the baffle step loss compensation filter to hear the difference it makes. Cone break up adds fr88rx ringing as stored energy that continues to ring long after the original note has ended. Danny, Thanks for the info! This is actually typical metal cone issues. I know you said the shipment was delayed due to the Chinese new year.

Here is a csd response.

This thin design has a very minimal effect on the response. There is actually a peak in the response above 20kHz fkuntek shows up in the csd. Oczka on 14 Feb Sorry you list me there.

Jeff, Danny is saying that the shorter the decay time, the better. So imaging is improved And check out the csd.

So I added a small inductor and Mills resistor to this as a baffle step loss compensation filter. For some reason a lot of people have been lead to believe that these stiffer cones will have lower distortion. And this little driver clearly has some issues in that department. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Stored energy or cone break up is very easy to hear. In short, at the same output level the ringing will be less sever.

  ASTM D1439 PDF

It’s really hard to hear those differences because they are at such a low level. Please note per Proposition 65 that this product may foutek chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. If you flip back and forth from the first csd posted then you will see that the range from 1kHz and down is up now. This is where the rubber meets the road though. I for one appreciate it very much. If there was just one measurement that you can do that will tell you more about how a speaker fohntek sound it’s the cumulative spectral decay.

I will take some time and study them. See details for additional description. So everything is artificially pushed down on the fr888ex. You mention a small inductor and resistor but it would be great to know the values as the result looks like they worked well. I hope that helps a bit. That is typical for any driver used in a small box. I learn a lot every time you post something like this.

Tuning frequency is just over 65Hz. People who gountek this also bought. Be the first to write a review. What I don’t do is put forth time and effort into my design work then give the information away for free so everyone can buy their parts elsewhere.


A 5db reduction in output means it didn’t play near as loud and wasn’t as excited.

Rockford Fosgate T 3-Way 6in. Not something I have really fr8ex in the past. There is an expected baffle step loss below 1kHz. Here is the frequency response measured in Jeff’s box. I have my LGK flat pack from Ben and I am ready to start building as soon as you have the drivers available.

Fountek Fr88ex 3″ Neodymium Full Range Speaker Driver | eBay

Would you care to share what values you used for the baffle filter? Based on the off axis measurements, I should have the speakers turned to face me, correct? The top of this peak is where the computer sets the 0 on the scale. I got them from Madisound. Skip to main content. It will add a little residual ring to everything.

It will show you stored energy or ringing issues over time. Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience.

Compare that with the csd of the LGK’s that I posted in this thread: I asked about the component values used in the baffle filter.