Fostex FEES – R Full range speakers with lacquer finish. Asking Price: RM Condition: 8/10 Location: PJ Contact: Thomas. Fostex full range unit. units limited production. Ferrite magnet. FEES-R FOSTEX 画像. Used. Consigned. Hold. Reserved. Sold Out. HiFiDo Home. Nov 16, Derek Sanderson’s Sachiko with Fostex FEeS-R.

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Fostex fe206es-r pdf

A friend of mine ordered a pair of Fostex E for fe206ess-r and for me. Best balance will be with the Klipsch K33 or somthing similar. Now I read on your site about the Nirvanas. Supplemented with a quality subwoofer, this system gives an unusual presentation.

We generally recommend the “Big Port” version for most customers. The clarity of your design is amazing, even fe206ees-r completing the break-in. They are mounted in 2. The “Big Port” version offers more mid bass at the expense of some low bass output and is best for most people in most rooms. LaScala by BertTuesday, February 21, It’s the next best thing to being there! To save money, the FEEn does not use a phase plug. Fostex speakers work in identical cabinets to our other systems, so you can upgrade to Audio Fd206es-r or Lowther speakers with no change to your cabinets.

Fostex FEES-R Full Range Speakers

Do you have a link to them? Would they be overkill? It looks like the smaller 5. They produce a very open and highly detailed image. We offer many different cabinet designs for Fostex 8 inch full range speakers. Fostex speakers are precision made with very light paper cones and incredibly tostex magnets for precise control.


fw206es-r Posted some questions yesterday but apparently they got lost. We guarantee your satisfaction. We can’t recommend a more expensive speaker, gostex our customers, if it doesn’t sound better–even if we would make more money by doing so.

I’m new to this forum. Overseas customers please email for the shipping prices. This gives a ‘fat’ sound that is very nice for classical music or for people favoring this type of sound. I didn’t delete any message, are you sure that you did select the submit button? The Oris should be heard with a properly balanced driver i.

We’re happy to share our experience with other enthusiasts. The purpose of it is to prevent cancellation of sound from one side of the whizzer cone across to the other side. And a brand new design using a paper cone with ‘camel humps’: You’ll hear the quality of the drivers very well but for a reasonable flat response you should use higher Q drivers for more output in the deeper range below hz.

Fe206ss-r can supplement it with a subwoofer for more bass output. Basically all drivers work in the LaScala but the results are different. I’m looking at the Fostex Feesr as the first driver for my Oris that I plan to buy sometime soon.

Fostex FEE Speaker Box back loaded horn and bass reflex enclosure design diy how to building subwoofer box projects loudspeaker plans cabinet diagram. Could you be more precise on what Q do you mean by higher? We’ve had 8 pairs returned in 15 years. Even the least expensive Audio Nirvana 8 inch models have a bigger magnet, lighter cone, better surround and spider materials, cast aluminum frame, and much safer packaging I couldn’t access the plans.


We choose to sell only the best Fostex full range speaker, even though that model happens to be the least expensive. RSS Feed of thread. This cabinet was specially designed for 8 inch full range speakers and the performance is stunning. Looking at these changed specifications the frequency curve then I have to say that these drivers might work very well in the Oris horns. How would these work? Fostex Feesr by FrodeSaturday, February 18, It is a traditional full range whizzer cone model.

Please email for prices: It also makes a foste center channel or surround speaker. Audio Nirvana and Lowther whizzer cone models use phase plugs. I would flstex them above anything else I know. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Fostex Feesr – Bert’s WWWboard

Obviously my best bet would be to try the Oris with the Supravoxes that I already own but maybe I would be wasting the time and money put into building the Oris system by using a less than adequate driver. The modification isn’t too hard to do and I have seen the specifications of the limited edition of the FEES-R drive unit.

We’re not just a business.

For those requiring a smaller system, we have three different ‘bookshelf’ size bass reflex cabinet designs available: Dear Xavier, Could you be more precise on what Q do you mean by higher? I could try those with the Oris