With most current kernels, however, including Linux, the primary benefit of vfork has disappeared because of the way fork is implemented. Rather than copying. Quora User, Unix dev since ’01, kernel dev since ’03, Linux user since ‘ 2 US patents. Originally Answered: What is difference between fork() and vfork()?. When the process is created by fork(), both the parent and child process run simultaneously on the linux system.

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Linux – Difference between the fork() and vfork() system call

What is the difference between fork and vfork in Linux? It is useful when the purpose of fork would have been to create a new system context for an execve. It consumes less resources by avoiding the duplication of the father’s address space Similar Threads equivalent of fork-join in vhdl 0. Tuning Fork in IC Layout 0.


UNIX & GNU/Linux – System calls – Difference between fork() and vfork()

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Difference Between fork() and vfork() (with Comparison Chart) – Tech Differences

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