plwiki Euroazjatycka Wspólnota Gospodarcza; ptwiki Comunidade Econômica Eurasiática; ruwiki Евразийское экономическое сообщество. Observers. Polski: Euroazjatycka Wspólnota Gospodarcza. Członkowie. Członkostwo zawieszone. Obserwatorzy. Date, 26 November Source, Own work. Euroazjatycka Wspólnota Gospodarcza. Usage on Список памятных монет России · Список памятных монет России

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I recently learned my surname is not Polish, but Belarusian.

I heard you on shortwave in the past and am so happy to listen online in English. We hear nothing about Belarus here in the US so I am so glad to learn about your country. Keep on broadcasting in English. I also joined the Hoererklub on Gowpodarcza as I can understand German.

If you have information or a station pennant, I will very much appreciate it. Dear Sheryl, thank you gospodarcxa much for listening to us! We’ll send you some of our souvenirs as soon as we can. By the way, if you’re interested, you can participate in our “The Old Country’s Loving Call” project and send a greeting to Belarus.

You can find more detailed information at http: Also, in case you like sports, here’s the link to an international competition of ours “My Greetings to 2nd European Games” http: I really euroazjatycma listening to your program on the Hotbird satellite 13e.


I very much love listening to your news and current affairs. Ask you to send me a small gifts. I hope you guys are all good. We’re glad that you enjoy our programs. Best regards and stay tuned! I am a new listener to your English service. I listen on the Radio 1 News app. I enjoyed listening to the news.


Do you have any information on shortwave broadcasts you can send me? Dear Joe, thank you for listening to Radio Belarus International! We’re glad that you enjoyed our news.

RBI broadcasts on shortwave only in German on and kHz. News and programs in English are available via our website and satellites. We’ll also send you a postcard and a small souvenir as soon as we can.

My name is Euroazjatgcka Lazazi, I am from Algeria. I am very happy that radio Belarus has started broadcasting in Arabic.

I would like to receive stickers and printed matter of the station and the Arabic and french services if possible. We’ll send you some of our printed materials via mail in the nearest future. Greetings to all staff and listeners of English Service of Radio Belarus. We listen your webcast program. Your program quality is very nice.


We liked your programs, News, and Current Affairs Program. We are interested about Culture, life style of Belarusian people, historical places, Tourist attraction and destination of Belarus.

Please send some program schedule, sticker, view card, Promotional items of Radio Belarus wspnota our club members and students. Your club is among our most dedicated listeners. We will send you some of our promotional products as soon as possible.

The Arabic programmes have been on air since October, every Monday. You can see the schedule and listen to them on our Arabic page http: Hello from Birmingham United Kingdom!

Szablon:Euroazjatycka Wspólnota Gospodarcza – Wikiwand

My name is Michael. Lots of love from UK Especially enjoying learning about Belarus. Michael, thank you very much for listening to us!

Dear Younes Lazazi, eugoazjatycka happy that you like our boradcasts. We are waiting for your reply. Dear Shivendu Paul, thank you very much for listening to us! Did the arabic programmes start? I don’t see them on your Internetcast schedule page. FM transmitters and frequencies: