En la esclerosis sistémica, el esófago se afecta en un 90%, seguido de los tramos anorrectal (%), gástrico ( 70%), colon (%) e intestino delgado. La esclerodermia es un relativamente infrecuente enfermedad reumática autoinmunitaria que afecta la piel y otros órganos del cuerpo. La esclerosis sistémica es una enfermedad autoinmune del tejido conectivo, que se caracteriza por un depósito excesivo de tejido colágeno y otros.

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Systemic sclerosis SS can involve the pericardium, myocardium, conduction system, and cardiac valves. The presence of overt clinical signs of cardiac disease is a poor prognostic sign. Clinical manifestations include dyspnea, palpitations, chest pain, syncope, and symptoms of right heart failure.

However, ecocardiographic prevalence is 5. Patchy fibrosis is the characteristic myocardial finding in SS. esclerosi

Contraction band necrosis is the typical pathological finding. Important complications of fibrosis include left ventricular hypertrophy, as well as systolic and diastolic dysfunction of both ventricles. Early detection of these abnormalities is very important, sistemics of the diastolic dysfunction, since it occurs before the systolic dysfunction and can predict important cardiac damage.

Association of skeletal myositis with myocardial disease has been described. Patients with skeletal myositis are more sisteica to develop congestive heart failure, sustained symptomatic arrythmias, and cardiac sudden death.

Coronary arteries are normal in systemic sclerosis, but there is no endomyocardial vessel involvement.

There is an increased prevalence of arrhytmias, mainly premature atrial and ventricular contractions, as well as conduction system disease. Cardiac valvular involvement esclsrosis minor in systemic sclerosis; mitral valve is the most frequently affected.

Other abnormalities described in this disease include peripheral large vessels stiffness and secondary cardiac involvement due to pulmonary and systemic arterial hypertension. Cardiac involvement confers a high morbi-mortality risk in systemic sclerosis.


Cardiac involvement in systemic sclerosis.

Hemorragia por telangiectasias en paciente con esclerosis sistémica

Clinical manifestations include dyspnea, palpitations, chest pain, syncope, and symptoms of right escleroxis failure. Cardiac involvement confers a high morbi-mortality risk in systemic sclerosis. Br Heart J, 23pp. Rheum Dis Clin North Am, 22pp.

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Tratamiento de la esclerosis sistémica | Reumatología Clínica

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