You can receive a PostScript error when sending a file to a PostScript . rangecheck; stackoverflow; stackunderflow; syntaxerror; typecheck. I have a report which is printed by clicking on an advancedbutton created in a dialogue. I seem to get this message now and again. Error in. Ok, first off an Invalid Program Exception indicates something is wrong with the compiler, not your application. This means that you can test to see if the problem .

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I seem to get this message now and again. Error in event handler code for OnClick event for ‘Print’: Amyuni Low Level Print: If I shut down alpha and re-start it sometimes it resolves itself – other times the error continues. It seems completely random. Its being stubborn this morning and I cant eerror any work done! Took me a while to find that restarting Stackunderglow, so far, has always worked for me.

Interestingly, desktop report preview while in design mode does not give the problem. But running the report from the desktop or web does.

Have gone back to a previous build and I think that solved my problem. Stack underflow means that it is waiting for a command which it can’t find. I reinstalled the amyuni printer directly from its program folder.

This should install all printers you need to show the pdf files. Result Stack Underflow Intermittant Error When Printing PDF Report The problem seems to have vanished on my local pc but now that I’ve uploaded all my content to my server I have the same message on the server, although the path is slightly different.

Troubleshoot PostScript errors

Spooler service is running. I did notice while stackunddrflow the Amyuni exe an error could be seen in the text box that appears. I cant see the end of the error but im guessing its “being used”. Apart from that error the Amyuni printer installation says its succeeded.


Any ideas what to do now? When things happen randomly sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t I start thinking about resources Serving Webmasters since Reports now print every time on my PC! Im still having problems with my VPS though.

When I click print on my website the webpage just waits forever. Heres my report code in case there are any errors in it: As I say it works fine locally and filters properly. Once the reports work my application is finished! Its a bit slow even with simple pages. I may upgrade to a dedicated.

Feel free to contact me with some deals! Last edited by stevemreid; at Just installed it on my customer’s server where we were having continual problems, and now it’s working well.

.net – How to correct Stack UNDERflow error – Stack Overflow

I simply installed the original app server file then installed the beta update but no joy. As above my reports work fine locally now but still no luck on my virtual server. Only difference I can see is in the port settings of the Alpha5 printer on the server. I’ll try it on a 32 bit os and see if there is any difference. We also installed the full desktop version of V8 you can use the trial download if you want — you don’t need to stackunderflkw a license for this and then applied the latest patch to that.

This assures that the pdf converter files are all present and up-to-date. Finally, I made sure my development machine my office laptop also had the latest patch. Mine still isn’t working. It’s running MS Windows staxkunderflow 64bit edition. Can’t help but think its causing the problem. I think it’s 32 though. The environment details show me things like this, which suggests a bit system: Did you check reror the server Control Panel that all of the required printers are stackundwrflow


post script error

It’s just someone else’s computer. I’ll try your hosting once I can get a company card from someone, to see if its a hosting issue like memory as you suggest. Still, I like a challenge so will continue to search for my solution!

Thanks for all you help with this! So my earlier suggestion about rebooting was not effective. I can’t figure out the pattern, but I now get that Amyuni Low Level Print error on all new or existing reports via the Application Server. If I reinstall an older patch, the problem goes away.

If I reinstall buildthe problem returns. This is on my normal development computer publishing to localhost. The current build of that Selwyn points to below is working correctly for me.

Intermittant errors are fun aren’t they?! Hopefully the guys will come up with a solution soon. In the meantime what patch are you using that works? I think I’ll try get a hold of it until this prob is sorted. Steve W – How have you created your reports? Perhaps your method for calling them is different to others? With the client at issue for me here, I use a grid or dialog link to call an.

So far I haven’t built them anything with a direct call from a dialog’s AfterValidate event — I prefer the seperate a5w page for greater flexibility.

Postscript error: stackunderflow

The Beta is dated August 3. It must be on both server and local. Last edited by peteconway; at Last edited by Steve Wood; at It’s working for me with the installation configuration I describe also in this thread.

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