Endura network example. In today’s post environment there is a strong need for security solutions to help counter ever-growing dynamic security threats. Overview. Endura is a complete solution for high definition video encoding, recording, and display. While most manufacturers supply incomplete solutions for . Learn more about Pelco’s Video Management Solutions products, including VideoXpert, Endura, and Digital Sentry.

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Endura – IP Video Management System

You will be charged as soon as the manufacturer receives this drop-ship order. This item is noncancelable and nonreturnable. Please check your local sales tax laws. The SM manages the discovery and registration of all Endura components and cameras on the network. When registering Pelco cameras and encoders, it acts as a secure enduar server.

This can be used to authenticate video from the source as needed for law enforcement agencies or other evidentiary requirements.

The SM System Manager monitors the health and functionality of all components on the network. Device diagnostics are logged in its database. In addition, the system manager logs user activities such as logon, logoff, alarm response, and initiation of video export. As a management server, the SM hosts user rights and permissions. Endura clients work in conjunction with user configurations stored in this distributed system management to expose functions and language preferences configured for each role and user account.

This improves operator efficiency and minimizes training requirements. It can also interact with an LDAP server supported by Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication, providing single sign-on capability for security operators.

The manager hosts the Endura Script Manager, allowing scripted responses to be executed on a given alarm condition, a programmed schedule, or by manual initiation.

In the absence of an external NTP server, the system manager can act as the time source for Endura cameras and servers; however, the system will be subject to time drift inherent with COTS servers. The SM is designed for the demands of a mission critical surveillance system. To ensure continuous uptime, the system manager is equipped with two solid state drives SSD containing the operating system in a RAID 1 configuration. In addition, redundant fans and the option of RAID 5 storage for exported video content provide insurance against hardware failures that could compromise data integrity.


Users can also configure a series of up to 24 SMs to act in a failover capacity; the members of the failover cluster can be prioritized to take over system management responsibilities should the primary unit fall offline. Dual Gigabit Ethernet network ports allow the system manager to act as a proxy between two networks, enabling network administrators to manage the impact of surveillance video on shared network links.

Network port 1 is available for Endura network traffic. Network port 2 supports IPv6 and is used for remote access only. The unit provides a browser-based interface for remote video viewing with minimal overhead. This allows administrators to effectively manage the impact on shared networks. Administrators can also grant or limit user access to remote live view, search, playback, and export functions.

A browser-based status dashboard provides vital diagnostic information endrua the health of the system. Administrators with the proper credentials can remotely view the status of the hardware and configure the SM through a web browser.

Integrated SNMP services can also provide network administrators with hardware and software status information.

Pelco Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Its online, real-time transcoder can convert up to 16 high resolution, high bit rate IP streams envura megapixel cameras into MJPEG frames, enabling users to stream video from compatible browsers without installing additional software. Installing the Pelco Media Plugin allows users to stream full-quality H.

The system manager can serve up to 32 H. Users with appropriate credentials can also search for recorded video on Pelco NSM units by camera, time, date, and recording triggers manual, continuous, motion, or alarm. Search results can be viewed in a 1 x 1 interface with standard play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind functions, as well as a scrub bar to quickly pinpoint the segment of video required for an investigation.


Recorded video segments can also be exported through the web interface. Videos are stored in the proprietary PEF format. This is the native format of the cameras involved and ensures that videos retain their original resolution and authentication signatures, supporting their use for evidentiary purposes. The web lelco is designed for light to moderate Endura users.

When accessing Endura in installations with 1, cameras or more, the WS client software should be used. Home Surveillance Surveillance Video dceydwecwycbstubrfwfcczaccwxxztray.

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Pelco Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Reviews 0 Write a review. Manages Endura IP video management system Administers rights and privileges for all Endura users Stores and administers secure keys for system level security Logs errors and alarms Provides DHCP address management for Endura components Functions as a time server NTP for all devices on the Endura network Supports failover services for system redundancy Acts as a gateway, providing access to Endura over a public network Includes web interface for easy configuration 1 Please Note: All power cables are 3-prong, molded connector.

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