Embryogenese somatique du cocotier (Cocos nucifera L.) a partir d’explants foliares: etude histologique []. Buffard-Morel, J. Verdeil, J.L. Pannetier, C. Une étude histologique a été réalisée aux différentes étapes de l’embryogenèse somatique du cocotier (Cocos nucifera L.) à partir d’explants foliaires. Conditions d’apparition d’une embryogénèse somatique sur des cals issus de la culture de tissus foliaires du chêne vert (Quercus ilex). C. Féraud-Keller and.

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embryogenèse somatique et semence artificielle by mariem ben ayed on Prezi

Country of ref document: Kind code of ref document: EP EPA4 fr US USA1 en Dihydropyridines ayant une action inotrope positive, nouveaux composes, leur utilisation comme medicaments et procede de preparation.

Novel dihydropyridines having calcium antagonistic and antihypertensive activity.

Composes et compositions utilises comme modulateurs de recepteurs steroidiens et d’activites du canal calcium. Derives de 4-phenyloxo-1,4,5,6,7,8-hexahydroquinoleine utilises comme medicaments pour le traitement de l’infertilite. Procede pour provoquer une embryogenese somatique directe et une embryogenese secondaire dans les cellules vegetales monocotyledones, et pour regenerer rapidement les plantes fertiles.


Generation of active pools of abscisic acid revealed by in vivo imaging of water-stressed Arabidopsis.

Endopolyploidy in seed plants is differently correlated to systematics, organ, life strategy and genome size. Methyl jasmonate reduces grain yield by mediating stress signals to alter spikelet development in rice.

Somatiique stage specificity and the role of mitochondrial metabolism in the response of Arabidopsis leaves to prolonged mild osmotic stress.

Variation in growth rate between Arabidopsis ecotypes is correlated with cell division and A-type embfyogenese kinase activity. Cytokinins modulate auxin-induced organogenesis in plants via regulation of the auxin efflux. Rapid in vitro propagation of Dendrobium hybrids through direct shoot formation from foliar explants, and protocorm-like bodies.

Biotechnological advances in guava Psidium guajava L.

Régénération via l’organogénèse ou l’embryogénèse somatique chez le Scorpiurus

Identification of inhibitors of auxin transcriptional activation by means of chemical genetics in Arabidopsis. Transport of the two natural auxins, indolebutyric acid and indoleacetic acid, in Arabidopsis.


Plant regeneration from leaf base callus of turmeric and random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis of regenerated plants. A novel method to induce direct somatic embryogenesis, secondary embryogenesis and regeneration of fertile green cereal plants.

Clonal plant embryogneese from self-and cross-pollinated seed families of Pinus sylvestris L.

Anthocyanin stimulates in vitro development of cloned pig embryos by increasing the intracellular glutathione level and inhibiting reactive oxygen species. EP Kind code of ref document: