Vorlesung “Elektrochemie” . Schmickler: Grundlagen der Elektrochemie, Vieweg, Braunschweig .. Skripte zu den Vorlesungen, Standardlehrbücher. Skript, Skripte stehen auf der Website der Gruppe Morbidelli zur Verfuegung und Phasengleichgewichte einschliesslich Elektrochemie, Transportphänomene, . Elektrochemie. Skripta. Vydavatelství ČVUT, Praha (). Machovič, V., Mizera, J., Sýkorová, I., Borecká, L.: Ion-Exchange Properties of Czech Oxidized Coals.

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A review of volatile compounds in tektites, and carbon content and isotopic composition of moldavite glass. Geochemical characterization of impact glasses from the Zhamanshin crater by various modes of activation analysis. Remarks on genesis of irghizites. Sorbents based on humic substances and chitosan.

ETH Zürich – Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Listy Lithium in tektites and impact glasses: Implications for sources, histories and large impacts. Acta 75, — Neutron activation analysis in geochemical characterization of Jurassic-Cretaceous sedimentary rocks from the Nordvik Peninsula.

Instrumental neutron and photon activation analyses of selected geochemical reference materials. Radiobarites from the Cenozoic volcanic region of the Bohemian Massif: Neutron and photon activation analyses in geochemical characterization of sediment profiles at the Jurassic—Cretaceous boundary. Sorption of metal ions on lignite and the derived humic substances. elektrohemie


Determination of silver in biological reference materials by neutron activation analysis. Geochemical characterization of moldavites from a new locality, the Cheb Basin, Czech Republic. Elemental contents in hair of children from Zanzibar in Tanzania as bio-indicator of their nutritional status. Instrumental neutron and photon activation analyses in geochemical study of phonolitic and trachytic rocks. Sorption of cesium, cobalt and europium on low-rank coal and chitosan.

Determination of iodine in human brain by epithermal and radiochemical neutron activation analysis. Pollution of agricultural crops with lanthanides, thorium and uranium studied by instrumental and radiochemical neutron activation analysis. Comparison of the role of photon and neutron activation analyses for elemental characterization smripta geological, biological and environmental materials. Fast determination of gold in large mass samples of gold ores by photoexcitation reactions using 10 MeV bremsstrahlung.

Advanced liquid and solid extraction procedures for eelektrochemie determination of rhenium by radiochemical neutron activation analysis, Czech J. Determination of iodine in foodstuffs consumed in Libya using instrumental and radiochemical neutron activation analysis, Czech J.

Elektrochemie – WikiSkripta

Determination of mercury and selenium in consumed food items in Libya using instrumental and radiochemical NAA. Development of a radiochemical neutron activation analysis procedure for determination of rhenium in biological and environmental samples at ultratrace level. Radiotracer study of europium interaction with humic acid using electrophoresis, ultrafiltration, and dialysis.


Possibilities of the short-term thermal and epithermal neutron activation analysis of macromycetes mushrooms.

Ing. Jiří Mizera, Ph.D.

Radiotracer study of the kinetics of complexation and decomplexation of Eu III with humic acid using ion exchange. Modeling of metal-humate complexation based on the mean molecular weight and charge of humic substances: Application to Eu III humate complexes using ion exchange method.

Preparation and oxygen resistance of 2D composites based on E-glass, R-glass, and siloxanes. Material Chemistry and Physics 82, Isotope exchange study of the dissociation of metal — humic substance complexes.


Radiotracer study of sorption of europium on Gorleben sand from aqueous solutions containing humic substances. Structural characterization of the free carbon phase of silicon oxycarbides produced by polysiloxane pyrolysis. Acta 89, Radionuclide Speciation in Real Systems: Radiochimica Acta 74,