The Phantom Titan is the largest Eldar Titan (If you discount on whether a Warlock Titan is a sub-category of a Phantom Titan the same way as. Today, lets take a look at the rules for the most powerful model now available in the game. The Eldar Phantom titan is headed to a tabletop near. The Eldar Phantom titan is headed to a tabletop near you! Eldar Phantom Titan Rules Points and 8 Structure points is a pretty potent.

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Imperium – Vondolus Prime.

People critisized the Dreadknight for looking like an action figure, but I think that looks even more like one. I dunno, I couldn’t justify buying one. All is forgiven if repaid in Traitor’s blood. I hate how the Eldar titans look like giant Guardians. Check out my new painting blog: Makes me want to play Eldar! If I win the lottery, I won’t need to think twice before spending it on this thing. Anyone got a measurement as to how tall it is? Can someone estimate it?


The eye of the storm.

40K: Forgeworld – Eldar Phantom Titan Rules – Bell of Lost Souls

Click here for Dark Inquisition, the chronicles of the relentless Inquisitor Solistilius. Make sure you pick the right size for your war engine! Being a goodly chunk cheaper than the reaver, and bigger height wise to boot this would likely be a better purchase.

I wish the model looked a bit more different from the revenant I have is all Rules are okay, as usual no titans match up to the power of their imperial counterparts. Warlord has 2 arm guns that are comparable to phantom but it also has 2 warhound guns on its chest. Keeper of the DomBox Warhammer Armies – Click to see galleries of fully painted armies 32,19,Renegades – 10,7, rulws. The Phantom Pulsar, ye Gods!

Duck n cover peeps.

Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever. STR d ignores cover I’m not entirely sure why, but the idea of an AA mount on a Titan tickles me somehow. Something ttian king kong swatting at biplanes At cost per point, it’s pretty good rrules for money. Awesome article on making hills. Suffolk, where the Aliens roam.

I say to all those saying it looks goofy or wrong, it’s almost a spot on replica of the Epic version from the early nineties. Tis Awesome, it is. Just no way I could afford one anytime soon, hell not sure I could ever justify the money, unless I got a substancial lotto win.

It is a great model though. It looks even more simplified than the Reverant, couldnt someone just convert one from a 24 inch action figure? Can I have an Autograph! Hell, I’m pphantom that bothered by the Stormraven.

Because, as it stands right now, it’s “limited use”. When it’s shoehorned in to the Codex: Space Marines, then yeah. Maybe darker colors, maybe sometype of clean weathering if there is such a thing.

Like the imperial titans or the ork stompas, some of their color schemes actually make them look bigger. I have to agree though, it does look like a big guardian. W-D-L When they put it up beside the reaver titan it makes just just want to buy the reaver: So much cooler looking and while I generally dont dislike how the phantom looks.


40K: Forgeworld – Eldar Phantom Titan Rules

This puts me in a poor position. You call the phangom But they -are- good enough for stripping off void shields, which is nice; -I 3 is kind of weak: Actually, a Phantom with a close combat weapon should scare the crap out of other titans, especially if it had I 4. Combined with the spirit stones, you’ve got a titan that’s an actual CC threat to other titans. Given it’s invuln save as well. I’d put this sucker up against most other titans in a CC fight no problem. Maybe not an equivalent-points swarm of Ork stompas, though Oooooh, that’s a diorama waiting to happen!

Way, way better than 40K and more affordable to boot! Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Phantom titan with rules on FW. DarthSpader Lethal Lhamean somewhere in the webway. Phantom Distortion Cannon My Reaver is sobbing. Wow that thing is a titan killer. Marrak Elite Tyranid Warrior. Darkvoidof40k Chaplain with Hate to Spare The eye of the storm. To my sig with this one! I think somebody said it was 24″ to the top of the “wings. Kirasu Longtime Dakkanaut Steelcity.

Phantom Battle Titan

Ratius Norn Queen Tittan, Ireland. That’s why you base it on something heavy, like a wooden trophy base made from heavy wood. The basics of basing top heavy models still apply to Forgeworld Titans. Reanimator Tough Tyrant Guard uk. Flashman Fixture of Dakka Southampton. Pyriel- Longtime Dakkanaut Gothenburg. When I’m editing alot, you know I have a gakload of homework to not do.