6-Channel Analog Power Amplifier, rack ears included (replaces Z/Z) ELAN A6. Designed specifically for the Custom Installer, the A6 Power Amplifier. The ELAN Home Systems Z• Comm Controller has been registered with the Federal . Please take a few minutes to read this manual thoroughly. It will help. This manual provides step-by-step installation instructions and connection the safe installation and operation of ELAN Home Systems’ A6 Six Channel.

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As a manufacturer, ELAN strives to provide you with excellent service after the sale.

For free product information write us at: ELAN reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Operation is subject to the following conditions: Its 8×8 matrix can independently select any one of 8 video sources in up to 8 video zones.

Or with as many as three Zs, 8×24 switching is possible. HDTV-compatible wide band switch matrix and video line drivers are placed on a premium double-sided flooded ground plane circuit board, ensuring that the highest quality video and cross-talk performance specifications are maintained. Once again, the RS serial communication ports are used as the data link between devices. Multiple CCTV cameras up to eight!


Sharing Video Sources — Have a home theater or media room and want distributed video throughout the house? Z – Pressing MAN disconnects the Z from Z network communications and allows you to manually access any of the video sources via the Source keys.


Typically, this feature would only be used to access sources 7 and 8 i. Note that if manually selecting sourcesZ system keypads and audio will not track. The Lean Remote no longer ships with the Z However, it may be purchased as a separate item. Z – Functional in MANual mode only.

Elan Z Series Z Installation manual |

Will also manually select sourcesbut keypads and audio will not track. None Although you can select sources with the remote, this feature is generally not used in an HD or RS controller application. In these systems, the HD’s keypads or the RS controller i.

When selecting sources manually from the remote, keypads and audio will not track. Should you change sources with the Z’s remote, you would need to re-select the original source to re-sync the system [pressing AUTO will not do it] Stand-Alone Application: Z – Lets you visually check what source is being viewed in each zone; also manial you change sources in the zone selected MAN e,an only. Stand-Alone – Same as above.


Dual runs of coax are recommended so that multiple signals i. Setup Software Reference Manual for details. If more than one Z is being used, this dip switch must be moved to the UP position on the 2nd and 3rd Zs.

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The dip switch would then be moved to the UP position. The factory default setting of When interfacing with other RS devices, confirm that unit’s baud rate and move the dip switch to the 9.

Failure to set these dip switches correctly will result in poor picture quality. The foregoing warranties do not cover reimbursement for labor, transportation, removal, installation, or other expenses which may be incurred in connection with repair or replacement. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.