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In The Power of Eight, Lynne McTaggart – an expert on the science of spirituality – reveals her remarkable findings from 10 years of experiments desig Lynne McTaggart Eksperiment Namjere. El Campo – Lynne Mctaggart Esta a punto de ocurrir otra revolucion, tan atrevida y prfounda wksperiment el descubrimiento de la relatividad, por Einstein.

En eksperimen frontera misma de la ciencia estan surgiendo nuevas ideas, que cuestio He played almost every sport in high school and went on to play football professionally. Howes then transferred his competitive nature from sports to busin…Full description. The Eight Characters of Comedy. The Eight Characters of Comedy Comedy. Chapter 1 – Intro Technopreneurship tester.

The Power of Concentration. The Power of Thought. Te idea of placing people into small groups of about eight started out as a crazy whim of mine during a workshop I ran in eksperimeent, just to see what would happen if group members tried to heal one of their group through their collective thoughts.

Lynne McTaggart – The Power of Eight (Intro & Chapter One)

I am not an atheist — or even an agnostic. A deeply spiritual side to me remains convinced that human beings are more than a pile of chemicals and electrical signalling. But the reason I remain drawn to the Maginot Line separating the material from the immaterial is that I rely upon bell curves and double-blind trials to underpin my faith. Te frontier scientists I met during the course of my research — all with impeccable credentials attached to prestigious institutions — had made astonishing discoveries about the subatomic world that seemed to overthrow the current laws of biochemistry and physics.

A few frontier biologists had conducted research suggesting that the primary system of communication in the body is not chemical reaction, but quantum frequency and subatomic energetic charge. Each of them had stumbled on a tiny piece of what compounded to a new science, a completely new view of the world. I had grown especially curious about the implication of these discoveries: Tis idea continued to nag at me.

A number of bestselling books had been published about the law of attraction and the power of intention — the idea that you could manifest what you most desired just by thinking about it in a focused way — but to all of this I maintained a certain incredulity inc redulity, overwhelmed by a number of awkward questions.

Is this a true power power, and exactly how all-purpose is it, I wondered. What can you do with it? Are we talking here about curing cancer or shifting a quantum particle? And to my mind, the most important question of all: But that fact, which begged many profound questions about the nature of consciousness, had been trivialized by these popular treatments into the idea that you could think yourself into great wealth. I had in mind a bolder enterprise.


I wanted to examine whether this capacity was powerful enough to heal individuals, even the world. Like a 21st-century doubting Tomas, I was essentially looking for a way to dissect magic. As it turned out, the experiments did work.

But the results of the experiments themselves are only part of the story. For most of the time I was running these experiments and Power of Eight groups, I now realize, I was asking the wrong questions. Te most important questions had more to do with the process itself, and what it suggested about the nature of consciousness, our extraordinary human capacity, capacity, and the power of the collective.

Te outcome of both the groups and the experiments, amazing though they were, paled in comparison to what was happening to the participants. At some point I began to acknowledge that the group-intention experience itself was causing big changes in people: With each experiment, no matter how large or small, whether the global experiments or the Power of Eight groups, I observed this same group dynamic, a dynamic so powerful and life-transforming that it enabled individual miracles to take place.

Tey healed long-standing serious health conditions. A few of them even transformed right in front of me. And there was no shaman or guru present, no complex healing process involved — in fact, no previous experience necessary. Te inciting instrument for all of this was simply the gathering of these people into a group. What on earth had I done to them? Eventually it dawned on me that these experiments were providing me, in the most visceral way, with an immediate experience of what I previously had understood only intellectually: Tis story stor y is about the miraculo mi raculous us power you hold inside of you to heal your own life, which gets unleashed, ironically, ironically, the moment you stop thinking about yourself.

I started writing out our thoughts on a PowerP PowerPoint oint slide: It certainly seemed to. I then wrote down: Over the years, he had had both hips replaced, and he was in constant pain.

He had numerous X-rays and other medical test reports, he said, and so he could produce a full record of his eosperiment history by which to measure any change. I feel like a normal person again!

We could have ekspefiment anywhere in America, in one of those massive hotel complexes that sit along a highway. It still felt far too early in my own process of discovery to be running this workshop, and I was worried about what was going to happen the following day.

eksperimeent Should we be forming circles? Should everyone hold hands? Where should the person who we were aiming to heal be — in the centre of the circle or as part of the circle? How long should the group hold their healing intention? And did it have to be exactly eight, or could we use any number of members in a group? What eksperiemnt somebody got hurt? Only one thing seemed certain, to me, even though it was only a feeling I namjrre On Saturday, we divided our audience of into small groups of about eight, making sure that most were complete strangers.

  AS9101 REV D PDF

Tis technique began with a little breathing exercise, then a visualization, and an exercise in compassion to help people get into a focused, energized, heartfelt state. Before they left that evening, we asked the target people to be prepared to describe their experience and their current mental, emotional and physical state the following morning.

Eksperiment namjere lynne mctaggart what doctors download

A group of about 10 people lined up at the front of the room, and we handed each of them the microphone in turn. Te stories stori es continued c ontinued in this vein for an hour. Te lame may as well have been walking. Ekspeiment all that I disparage woo-woo, the biggest woo-woo was occurring right in front of me.

I dismissed the possibility of an instant, miraculous healing.

And then it got warm, and then my muscles started to nnamjere, and everyone was also shaking with me. And I felt the pain going away away. Tat night Heddy was able to climb up and down the stairs easily and go to the hotel sauna. Te following morning, the pain was still gone.

Lynne McTaggart – Polje

I just walked downstairs normally. After her turn as the intention target, she reported that her pain had vanished. During the intention, his back felt sore, his hips felt heat, and his extremities cold.

He felt an increase in pain, a sensation of his back stretching, as though it were growing. For a moment it felt like it were about to break. Tere were hundreds, even thousands, more, and each time I was standing there, watching these changes unfold right in front of me.

I should have felt good about these amazing transformations, but at the time I mainly viewed them as a liability.

Which is why why, for many years, I ignored what was happening. As any journalist journal ist would tell you, yo u, I buried the lede led e of the story. And if I received this I would be able to heal. It felt like I was giving and receiving healing, like I was healing myself. Remember me Forgot password?

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