A guide on planting, growing and reproducing Echinodorus grandiflorus in fish tanks that also mentions recommended water chemistry. Studies on the pollination and breeding system of Echinodorus grandiflorus ( Chamisso and Schlechtendal) Micheli were carried out on two natural populations. Echinodorus grandiflorus (Cham. & Schltdl.) Micheli is a native Brazilian species used in traditional practices for the treatment of several conditions such as.

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In deinem Web-Browser scheint Javascript deaktiviert zu sein, weshalb du Flowgrow ggf. Klicke hier, um zu erfahren, wie du Javascript aktivieren kannst. The name Echinodorus grandiflorus is ambiguous – depending on the author it can mean different plants.

Echinodorus grandiflorus – Species Page – ISB: Atlas of Florida Plants

In the hobby and in aquarium trade, E. The species described here is E. It is hardly known as aquarium plant any more and practically never found in trade.

In the trade, we often find a plant denominated “Echinodorus argentinensis”, however, it has nothing to do with E. One population of E.

In the south of South America, hybrids of E. The emersed form of Echinodorus grandiflorus is a robust bog plant that grows over a metre in height, with a thick, creeping rhizome, long, round leaf stalks, often with tubercles and oblong-ovate to slightly heart-shaped leathery leaf grndiflorus.


This species differs from E. Even though growing very large and robust as emersed plant, E. There it is a rather slow grower, but can reach over 50 cm in height given that it is provided with sufficient nutrients, which makes it suitable for rather ecjinodorus tanks.

A substrate rich in nutrients is of advantage. The coarse submersed leaves on their long stalks are lanceaolate to obovate. Young leaves are often of a reddish-golden hue and have reddish-brown freckles. Tiny bristles grow in their rims, which give them a coarse feel. Their native region lies deep in the south, where winters may be rather cool, which is the reason why this plant tolerates deeper temperaturs.

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The land form forms flower stalks, most frequently after a cool period and under short day conditions. The ramifying flower stalks are upright and tower above the leaves. The flowers are echinoforus large, with 3. The formation of adventitious plants on the flower stalks probably varies from population to population; it seems to be missing altogether in the variety known from northwestern Florida E. Even though the plant grows quite large it does not look bulky as its high-growing rosette consisting of few leaves on long stalks is not very compact.


During the warm season it is also great as marsh plant on the edge of outdoor tanks, however, there it needs a substrate rich in nutrients, the most recommendable is loam.

It should be hibernated in a cool, frost-free environment in order to induce it to flower in the following summer. Wasserpflanzen sind ein fester Bestandteil der meisten Aquarien. Echinodorus argentinensis Rataj Echinodorus floridanus R. This plant is a part of the following tanks:.

There are echinodorrus further design information for this plant yet. There are no images in this gallery.

Echinodorus grandiflorus – Flowgrow Aquatic Plant Database

Add to my stock list or. Echinoeorus inflorescences, Rhizomteilung, Seeds, Splitting, cutting off daughter plants Can grow emersed?: There is no detailled information for cultivating this plant yet. You can embed this entry directly into another web site or forum.

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