40HI-LP over temp sensor is a replacement part for the 40HI-LP model, and may correct a E5 error code. sells Eccotemp Tankless Water Heaters at the lowest cost. Order Online or Call Us! The Eccotemp 40HI-LP indoor gas tankless water heater features an efficient design that allows you to enjoy easy access to hot water and save money.

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Convenient and efficient, the Eccotemp 40HI-LP indoor gas tankless water heater is the ideal hot water heater for your home.

Eccotemp 40hi GPM LP Indoor Tankless Water Heater | eBay

It delivers up to 6. It also features a LED screen that allows you to easily adjust the water temperature to suit eccotemp needs. It’s the ideal hot water heater for any home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms! It features an electronic ignition with a GFI cord for added safety.


It also comes with an automatic shut-off device to ensure the unit doesn’t overheat. Convenient Fuel This handy unit is fueled by a 20 lb liquid propane gas tank. It’s easy to refuel, simply attach the unit to a new LPG tank for hours of use.

Warranty This indoor water heater comes with a generous warranty program for 40hi-kp convenience and peace of mind. The heat exchanger is covered under a 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. All other parts are covered under a 5 year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Up To 30 days to return your purchase Money back guaranteed Free return shipping No restocking fees. See Proposition 65 notice. The supplier was very easy to place an order with and the shipping was fast.

I am very pleased.

Whole house unit Warranty: Perfect for use in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home Ignition Type: All material between the water supply and water heater must be metal. Clean, potable water free of corrosive chemicals, sand, dirt, lime and scale deposits, and other contaminants.


Use only a power outlet with a ground terminal Mount Type: Push Botton Display Type: Digital Comes With Vent Kit: Filter System Safety Features: Pressure Relief Additional Information: Split system adaptable for better efficiency and speed of hot water delivery.

Added safety provided by the automatic shut off device Comes with a pressure relief valve for added safety Exceptional warranty ensures long lasting design and years of use Powerful water heater provides enough hot water to support a standard 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home Tankless design is compact and saves space in your home Unit comes ready for installation right out of the box for your convenience.