Appears on 1 list. Duikplaatsen Nederland. Created by Efraim Delies – SU2 32 items • 8 followers. Netherlands» Zeeland» Schouwen-Duiveland». Op vindt u meer informatie over de verschillende en de mooiste duikplaatsen, Bekijk voor het duiken eerst de Meteo, getijden, golfhoogtes en temperaturen Top. meteo duiken oosterschelde zeeland. Verzameling weerkaarten.

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Mola Mola and diver. Kopalnia Maria Concordia cavediving mine coal miner uwphotography underwater. Each year, thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles visit this Costa Rican beach in order to lay their eggs. This three day nesting event, known as the arribada, also draws powerful jaguars in search of a meal. The north east coat of Bali has an abundance of Nudibranchs.

This particular species feed only on Dysidea sponges. Shot with Olympus TG-5 i A quick view from the bottom plate paralenz camera of my CWT dive to m at originecn VB this year. Proud to announce that the stories of Chasing Coral and Chasing Ice are available as short clips, lessons, and resources for educators on the new Doc Academy pl Doc Academy pairs acclaimed documentary film clips with lesson plans and activity toolkits to unpack complex issues in the classroom: The ocean is so beautiful.


Thistlegormun milagro poder hacer esta foto sin que te salgan multitud de buzos!!!

In memory of November 1st, when the ocean welcomed us with open hearts. Dada Li marvelling at the beauty of the Apex Predator from below. In collaboration with the one and only Greg Lecoeur for Orcanorway. I’m not anything more. Dada Li shadowing the pod. In collaboration with the one and only Greg Lecoeur for orcanorway.

Squat Lobster Galathea sp. This guy was hanging out in the middle of the day on his coral.

ADC diving duiken Antwerpen Deurne informatie pagina

Move over year old whale, here comes the year old shark! If we let them live they will grow big and beautiful. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Duikplaatsen on Facebook.

Duikplaatsen shared Nolan Omura Photography ‘s post. December 17 at Duikplaatsen December 10 at 6: For hundreds of years, the Bajau have lived at sea, and natural selection may have made them genetically stronger divers.


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Diving in Zeeland (NL)

December 10 at December 9 at 5: Duikplaatsen shared Irena Stangierska ‘s post. December 7 at 9: December 4 at 5: Duikplaatsen shared Bali Secrets ‘s post. December 5 at 6: December 2 at 3: Duikplaatsen shared National Geographic ‘s video.

National Geographic posted an episode of Untamed. Duikplaatsen shared Creative Scuba Images, Indonesia.

Creative Scuba Images, Indonesia. Duikplaatsen shared William Trubridge ‘s video. Duikplaatsen shared Chasing Coral ‘s post. Duikplaatsen shared Nolan Omura Photography ‘s video.

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Diving in Belgium – Sealand (the Netherlands)

Behind the Mask is with Florian Fischer and 6 others. Behind the Mask is with Pierre Robert de Latour and 5 others. Some scientists dispute the correct age, but the Greenland Shark is still likely the oldest living vertebrate on zeelqnd planet.