View and Download Sony DSR-DRA operating instructions manual online. Sony DVD Recorder User Manual. DSR-DRA DVD Recorder pdf manual. Primarily designed for recording and edit feeding applications, the DSR- DRA takes full advantage of the benefits of disk-based recording while maintaining. The DSR-DRA is a DVCAM stream-based, hard-disk recorder that brings new production opportunities to the DVCAM family. This half-rack unit uses a.

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Video Disk Recorder Operating Instructions Before operating the unit, please read this dsrr thoroughly and retain it for future reference. Record these numbers in the spaces provided below.

Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Search dial This unit is equipped with a responsive search dial for jog and shuttle playback. Count value of the time counter U-BIT: User bit data TC: Also used to display error messages, edit data, setup menu data, etc.

You can connect remote control units to these connectors using an optional 9-pin remote cable. Use the IN R connector to connect an editor. When connecting remote control devices, connect the device that When in 2 CH 48 kHz mode: When in 2 CH 48 kHz or Setting the Date and Time When dr10000a start this unit for the first time, you should set the data and time.

fsr See page 72 for more information about basic menu operations. The character to appear in these two columns is always a colon: The current setting is shown on the monitor screen and in the time counter display on the front panel. The leftmost digit keeps flashing. Advancement of internal time code generator The internal time code generator can advance in either of two modes, which can be set with the RUN MODE menu item see page Advancement starts when the data saving operation is completed.

Advancement starts when recording starts and stops when recording stops. Recording and Playback Recording This section describes the necessary settings and operations to perform recording on this unit.

The same settings and operations apply whether you are using the unit as part of an editing system, for dubbing, or as a stand- alone recorder. Power on the video monitor, then set its input switches according to the signals input from the player.

To Set Cue Points Setting ds points at highlight scenes makes it easy to cue those scenes up later.

Sony DSR-DRA User Manual | pages | Also for: DSR-DRAP

For ddr signal specifications, contact a Sony service representative. Playback Playback This section describes the settings and operations necessary to perform playback on this unit. Press the PLAY button. This starts the playback operation.

Vsr all data is played back, the unit stops playback. To perform the following operations Operation Do this R and P lit at same time: Recording signals are output when the R button is lit, and playback signals are output when the P button is lit.


The following menu display appears. High-Speed and Low-Speed Search —Quickly and Accurately Determining Editing Points Use the search function to easily locate the desired scene and to quickly and accurately determine edit points. Clip Operations Clips Data recorded on the hard disk of this dr100a0 is managed in units of clips.

The section from the recording start point Rec In to the recording end point Rec Out is defined as a single clip and automatically assigned a clip name. Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4 This unit can also fast forward in clip units clip jump. All clips or individual clips are protected. In clip 2, cue up the point that you want to use as the In point of scene B.

Working with Playlists Scenes that you define within clips by setting In and Out points are assigned numbers in the order of creation and displayed in playlists. In playlists, you can reset In and Out points, sort scenes in dr1000x orders, and add new scenes. You can save up to 7 edited playlists cliplist1 to cliplist7. The screen returns to the normal monitor screen. Playback or search to find the position that you want to set as a new In point.

Select one of cliplist1 to cliplist7 and press the k OUT button. Press the SET button. The current list is saved as the list with the selected number. Network Menu Use the Network menu to send data, save received data, check communications status and perform other network operations. Communications will not be carried out correctly if a folder is specified. When you have set all the required items, check the Sending Data You can send each clip, clips registered in cliplists, and address book data to other recorders.

Sending Clip Data Use the following procedure to send clip data. Sending Cliplist Data The following procedure allows you to send the data of clips in cliplists that have been saved. If the destination host der correct, press the SET button. HOST1 Destination host name: Menu Setting Chapter Menu Organization As shown in the following figure, the menu system consists of four levels and is divided by function into six subsystems: Menu Contents Setup Menu Dr000a purpose and settings of the setup menu items are described below.

Select the xr1000a mode. Set the standby and The larger the numerical value, the longer the delay. Select supplementary status information superimposed on output from the SUPER connector to the monitor. Set the type of characters in menu text superimposed on output from the SUPER connector to the monitor.

Select the advancement RUN mode of the time code generator. Select whether the time code generator and time counter operate in drop frame mode or non-drop frame mode.


Select the reference video signal to use. Determine whether or not to remove black setup 7. Determine whether or not to add black setup to analog video output signals.


Select whether to mute the closed caption signal to be superimposed on the 1st field of dr000a output video signal. Select the frame display style during high-speed searching. Select the audio recording mode. For more information about this, consult your Sony dealer. Saved sets of menu settings can be recalled for use as required.

The menu selection level display appears on the monitor. The time counter display of this unit shows only the currently er1000a item.

Sony DVCAM Master Series Hard Disk Recorder P/n DSRDR1000A

This displays all basic and enhanced items on menu level 1. Wait until the saving is completed before powering off the unit. The display returns to menu level 1, leaving the settings unchanged. Note Production of some of the peripherals and related devices described in this chapter has been discontinued.

For advice about choosing devices, please contact your Sony dealer or a Sony sales representative. Connections With Camera System Event Recording The figure below shows how to connect this unit to a multi-camera system to record sports and other events. Connections to a Digital Non-Linear Editing System The following figure shows a connection diagram to a non- linear editing system in which this unit serves as the feeder machine.

For details of connecting devices other than this unit, refer to the instruction manual for each device. Audio monitor system connections The following shows an example of audio monitor system connections. For details of these connections, refer to the instruction manual for each connected device. Settings on an editing control unit When connecting an editing control unit, make the settings as follows, according to the model. PVE No settings are required.

If they are not synchronized, picture instabilities or color break-up may occur at edit points. Sync phase Subcarrier phase Align the sync and subcarrier phases of the black burst signal to the reference line. Output the player 1 signal from the PVE Press the A channel button on the vectorscope. This displays the sync and subcarrier phases composite signals only of the signal from player 1. These counts can be displayed on the monitor screen and in the time counter display of this unit.

In general, consult your Sony dealer about necessary periodic maintenance checks. Digital hours meter display modes The digital hours meter has the three display modes. To reset the trip values About this operation, consult your Sony dealer. Troubleshooting If an alarm message appears on the monitor screen, or if the unit appears to be malfunctioning, please check the following before contacting your Sony dealer. Editing restriction Symptom Cause Video cannot be edited This unit does not support insert mode.

Error Messages This unit is provided with a self-diagnostic function that detects internal abnormalities.