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Except as noted below, such license may not be assigned, sublicensed, or otherwise transferred by the user without prior written consent of Motorola. No right to copy a licensed program in whole or in part is granted, except as permitted under copyright law. The user shall not modify, merge, or incorporate any form or portion of a licensed program with other program material, create a derivative work from a licensed program, or use a licensed program in a network without written permission from Motorola.

Warranty For the complete Motorola Solutions hardware product warranty statement, go to: Table of Contents Warranty Sample Bar Codes Code C-2 Interleaved 2 of Configurations This guide includes the following DS digital scanner configurations: Software type and version number Motorola responds to calls by e-mail, telephone or fax within the time limits set forth in service agreements. If your problem cannot be solved by Motorola Solutions Support, you may need to return your equipment for servicing and will be given specific directions.

Whether in hands-free presentation or hand-held mode, the digital scanner ensures comfort and ease of use for extended periods of time. Select other USB interface types by scanning programming bar code menus. Figure Removing the Cable Carefully slide out the cable.

Motorola DS Manuals

Follow the steps for Installing the Interface Cable to connect a new cable. The following required accessories must be ordered: Refer to Solution Builder for guidance about cables.

Chapter 2 Scanning Introduction This chapter provides beeper and LED definitions, techniques involved in scanning bar codes, general instructions and tips about scanning, and decode zone diagrams. Table defines beep sequences that occur during both normal scanning and while programming the digital scanner. Table defines LED colors that display during scanning. Scanning 2 – 5 Scanning The digital scanner is in hands-free presentation mode when it is placed in the Intellistand.

In this mode, the digital scanner operates in continuous constant-on mode, where it automatically decodes a bar code presented in its field of view.

To operate the scanner in Intellistand: Ensure the scanner is properly connected to the host see the appropriate host chapter for information on host connections. Press and release the trigger. The aim pattern displays. Ensure the bar code is centered in the aiming pattern. Press and hold the trigger until either: The digital scanner reads the bar code. The top examples in Figure show acceptable aiming options, while the bottom examples can not be decoded. Maintenance Cleaning the scan window is the only maintenance required.


A dirty window can affect scanning da4208. If the configuration requires a power when pressing the trigger. Out of memory for ADF rules. Interface cable modular connector Figure Digital Scanner Cable Pinouts The signal descriptions in Table apply to the connectors on the DS digital scanner and are for reference only.

This chapter describes each user preference feature and majual programming bar codes for selecting these features. The digital scanner ships with the settings manuao in Table on page also see For example, to set the beeper tone to high, scan the High Frequency beeper tone bar code listed under Beeper Tone on page To enable decoding of parameter bar codes, scan Enable Parameter Scanning. If disabled, power remains on after each decode attempt.

Decode processing continues janual the bar code decodes, you release the trigger, or the Decode Session Timeout occurs. Select one of the following picklist modes for the digital scanner: Disabling Picklist Mode can cause accidental decodes when more than one bar code is in the engine’s field of view.

It is programmable in 0.

The default timeout is 9. To set a Decode Session Timeout, scan the bar code below.

Zebra DS4208 Quick Start Manual

The default is 0. Enable this in hand-held, hands-free, or both modes, or disable this. Select Disable Decoding Illumination to sd4208 the digital scanner from using decoding illumination.

Enabling illumination usually results in superior decoding. The default is 1, which indicates any bar code. To set the multicode expression: Scan the bar code below. The expression in decimal is formatted mnual readability: Use the Multicode Concatenation Symbology parameter to specify how the concatenated bar codes transmit. Multicode Mode Concatenation must sd4208 enabled to use this option.

Invalid expressions are rejected during programming. When an expression manula rejected the previous expression remains intact. This is useful mankal decoding more than one code type. Enable this to transmit the characters NR when a successful decode does not occur before trigger release or the Decode Session Timeout expires.

No additional power supply is required. Throughout the programming bar code menus, asterisks indicate default values. The digital scanner connects with USB-capable hosts including: USB Interface 5 – 3 To set up the digital scanner: NOTE Interface cables vary depending on configuration.

The connectors illustrated in Figure are examples only. The connectors may be different than those illustrated, but the steps to connect the digital scanner are the same.

Scan a bar code below to increase the delay when hosts sd4208 a slower transmission of data. Note that this only applies to alpha characters. Unknown characters are characters the host does not recognize. Scan one of the following bar codes to honor or ignore a beep directive. All directives are still acknowledged as if they were processed.


When enabled, each device connects to the same COM port.

Scan a bar code below to set the polling interval. The polling interval determines the rate at which data can be sent between the scanner and the host computer. Contact Motorola Solutions Support for more information.

The connectors illustrated in The DS supports one stop bit only.

Set the digital scanner’s baud rate to match the baud rate setting of the host device. Otherwise, data may not reach the host device or may reach it in distorted form. Select the parity type according to host device requirements. Select the amnual of stop bits one or two based on the number the receiving terminal is programmed to accommodate.

RS Interface 6 – 11 Check Receive Errors Select whether or not to check the parity, framing, and overrun of manuall characters.

Motorola DS4208 Manuals

The parity value of received characters is verified against the parity parameter selected above. Scan this bar code to disable hardware handshaking. RS Interface 6 – 13 Software Handshaking This parameter offers control of the data transmission process in addition to, or instead of, that offered by hardware handshaking.

There are five options. If software handshaking and hardware handshaking are both enabled, hardware handshaking takes precedence. RS Interface 6 – 17 Intercharacter Delay This parameter specifies the intercharacter delay inserted between character transmissions.


To change any option, scan the appropriate bar code s provided in the Parameter Descriptions section beginning on page Chapter 8 Keyboard Wedge Interface Introduction This chapter describes how to set up a Keyboard Wedge interface with the digital scanner. With this interface, the digital scanner is connected between the keyboard and host computer, and translates bar code data into keystrokes.

To change any option, scan the appropriate bar code s in the Keyboard Wedge Host Manul section beginning on page If your keyboard type does not appear, see Alternate Numeric Keypad Emulation on page Keyboard Wedge Interface 8 – 7 Ignore Unknown Characters Unknown characters are characters the host does not recognize.

The digital scanner issues no error beeps. This sets the Keystroke Delay parameter to a minimum of 5 msec as well. Keyboard Wedge Interface 8 – 9 Simulated Caps Lock Enable this to invert upper ds42008 lower case characters on the bar code as if the Caps Lock state is enabled on the keyboard. Enable Disable Send Make and Break Enable this to prevent sending the scan codes for releasing a key.

Chapter 9 Symbologies Introduction This chapter describes symbology features and provides programming bar codes for selecting these features.