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Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough Welcome to YoYo’s semi Silent Hill Origins guide This guide I am making as I play the game so this is how I beat the game, so dont read this if you dont want the roigins spoiled The Sanitarium I guess i started the guide a bit late lol, ill try and get the beginning soon.

This guide starts just a little bit after the demo. The first nightmare mirror i found is 2nd floor sanitarium in the “Female Treat” room. Used the nightmare mirror get scaryran out of the female treat room and back up the steps to the first floor.

Run down the hall to “Female dorm 3 and get energy siilent and Target Pistol Ammo leave room and go back into the hallway and watch out for weired mummy dudes, take them down. Walk to the womens deetonado and you will find another mirror before using it go to the showers on the womens bathroom and get the Oriins Knife go back into the bathroom and use the mirror to leave nightmare mode. When things are back to normal, go back into the showers and you will see on the floor written in blood it says ” Bring Me My Son fuckin weired huh?

What does this mean???? I hi,l fucking know hilo Im just playing the game and typing origihs I do at the same time lol. Leave the womens bathroom and go to the “Female dorm 5” and get the Baton and Duty Log, Female Seclusion and Target Pistol Ammo and Patient belongings key Now go all the way down the hall and take a right and go through the double door, walk forward and you will come to a 4 way, keep going straight to the next set of sipent doors and unlock then and go through them.

Take a left and go all the way down the hallway and take a right and go to the “East Solarium”, go inside and run to the next set of doors to your left and exit the “East Solarium” You will now be in a big open room, look at your map and go to the “Patient Belongings” room and use the Patient belongings key to unlock the door. Take a right and enter “Storage” and get Hammer and you will also find another mirror: Ok as i look at my map I have already been in almost all of normal basement so I am going back to nightmare mode and searching the rest of the basement.

And also note that I havnt used my shotgun once yet, I am saving it for when I really need it. USe mirror and go back to nightmare, leave “Storage” room and go forward into the “East Pipe Room” and examine the small hole in the room, it adds a red square on orgins map?????

Leave “East Pipe Room” and enter the long hallway down the hall on detoando right. Ok look at your map and go back to the “Storage” room in the basement with the mirror, and get the ampoule i just seen i forgot and dftonado go back retonado normal mode I guess.?.?.?.?.?

Enter Basement and go left all detknado way down until the dead end and find Shotgun Ammo and 2 other things i forget Go back to the other door by were you came in. Examine the tubs full of water with the key in it, on the other side of the tub is a green bottom press it and the tub drains, and the key goes with it. Go back to the stairs and go all the way back down to the basement, when you get to the basement go left and run all the way down that long hall and you will come to a door, go through door and go left to the “East Pipe Room” Hmm I was guessing that the key that went down the drain would come her but I guess I was wrong, ill have to re-check this in nightmare.

Now if your understanding what’s going on, we need to run back down to the basement “East Pipe Room” and hopefully the key we seen in the tub ends yo there. Im guessing its the orgins.

Office key” When you leaves to run back to the basement, watch out for the 2 nurus and the invisible guys. When you get to the detonaco watch out for another bug back lee-roy Yes, thats what im gonna call them take him down and run to the “East Detinado Room” Just to find out there is a drain blocking the fucking key, damn.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough

Run back to basement “Storage” room ps the mirror and return to nightmare and leave “Storage” room, watch out for the 2 invisible chain guys that are now here, I run right past them ; Enter “East Pipe Room” and get Interview archives key Solent “East Pipe Room” and RUN I say run because there are now 3 invisible chain guys in the hall to the “Storage” room”! USe mirror to reture to normal and leave “Storage” room” and go upstairs to the 2nd floor SAVEPOINT on 1st floor stairs On 2nd floor right as you enter there will be a nurse right in front of you and a bug back lee-roy to to right, take them out.

You have a flashback, pretty cool. Get Shotgun Ammo and portable TV You will also see a mirror, use the mirror and go to nightmare, examine the room and you will find a Katana Leave the “Archive” room and we will now be on the 2nd floor big room with lots of un-checked doors Look at your map, see “T. B Ward” we are going to run to the double doors right beside it, enter doors and go to the stairs and go down to the part of the basement we havnt seen yet!.


Run down the long hall, watch out for 2 mummys and go up the stairs to the part of the first floor we havnt been at yet: Enter 1st floor and run to the “Male Seclusion” Detonwdo enter the room and you will find the Baton and the Medications note, Enter room 3 and get the Energy drinkEnter room detonaxo and find a Razor I hav a feeling we will be back to this room. Doll Puzzle It’s easy – Room 1 u see the razor right, then the patient 4 is in room 1 – Room hiol u see that’s burn, then the patient 2 is in room 2 – Room 3 u see the dress, so the patient 5 is in room 3 – Room 5 u see many food, then the patient 3 is in room 5 because he’s very thin – Then Patient 1 is in origisn 4 right?

U follow the note: Harris’s Key get Scalpel off the table I missed the first time, leave room and go back to the stairs and os2 down to the basement, run down the long hall and to the “Storage” room with mirror we havnt used yet, go back to normal and get the Amber Icident report leave “Storage” room and go to the stairs door, go trough and you will find a Wrench in the small room before going up stairs.

Go to the first floor and go forward and unlock the door in front of you and enter it. Welcome back to the 1st floor big room, look at your map and make your way to “Dr’s. First things first, get out your hiill Ok, make detlnado you keep moving, only to stop to shoot.

Keep silwnt around her, like only takes originss 7 shots for me. Silent hill Ok as you leaving grab the Theater Ticket off the table and leave the Sanitarium. Run down the street and get on origina ave” on the right side on the street by the blue hoes you will find Jagged wood on a trash can, keep running down the right side of the road and you will come to a blue car hikl the hood of the car you will find a Ticket with some written on it.

Keep running down the street and right before”Butchers” in between the buliding you will find Target pistol Ammo and a Energy drink. Leave “Butchers” from the door you didnt come in. Once outside, look at your map and find your way to the “Lumber yard”. Go throught the lumber yard and detoado the health drink and keep going until you also get the Hammer keep going until you reached the door. Once outside look at you map, your on “Industry dr.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough

Examine the mailbox on the wall and see that apart. Run down the stairs and out the double doors. Once outside make your way to the small dead end to you right and get Meat Hook and service Pistol Ammo uh lal la.

Now look at your map and go to the “”Storage” Room on your right, use the door on the right to go out onto the stage and you will have another flashback, keep running until you reach the “Curtain control” Room you will find Jagged Wood and enter the “Curtain control” Room. Leave “Curtain control” Room using the back door and it will take you out to the hall way around the Auditorium, go north through the double doors towards the “Mens dressing Room” and you will see a cut scene of a dummy hanging there comes to life, get ready to shot and kill him and move on to the “Mens dressing Room”, Once inside you will find a Katana and the Note on the table, you will also see our first mirror of the theater, but before I use the mirror I wanna check out the rest of the theater first.

Leave dressing room and and go down the hall and you will find another portable TV keep going down the hall and you will have to find another hanging dummy and you will find Shotgun Ammolook at your map and enter the “Directors Office” and you will find Sun Totem and a Health Drink and the Service Pistol ; and service pistol ammo and a Book on the desk.

Look at your map and run back to the “Curtain control” room doorway and then keep going down the hall and you will find a Hammer.

Ok now go back to the “Curtain control” room and back out onto the stage and back to the “Storage” Room to get the typewriter I forgot and back into detonaod “Auditorium” and back to the door we first came in. Ok now we are in the main hall again because I wanted to check out the rest of the theater before i use the mirror.

Silent Hill: Origins Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PlayStation 2 – GameFAQs

Back in the main hall you will fide a Health Drink and a Wrench on the right side of the room. Go upstairs and get the target pistol ammo off the bench on the right side of the hall.

Go back downstairs and back into the “Auditorium” and make your way to the “Curtain control” room and out the back and into the hall, go down the hall and you will find a Hammer.

Now look at your map and run to the “Mens dressing room” with the mirror, go to nightmare. Take a look at your map and run all the way back to the “Curtain control” room and down the hall to the set of stairs, go up the srairs and on the sileent landing you will find Service pisotl ammo keep going up the stairs and enter the 2nd floor, kill the dummy and examine the door with the 2 square holes, use the Sun Totem. Go back donwstairs and look at your map, run all the way back to the “Mens Dressing Room” and use the mirror.

Leave the “Mens Dressing Room” and make your way back to the “Lobby” and up the stairs I know, its sooo much fun to run back and forth all the time. Once on the 2nd floor again, Unlock the door on the right side on the hall using the sikent Corridor Key”. Leave the “Lighting Box” and go down the small set of stairs to you left and go through the double doors leading to the other half of the 2nd floor.


Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Look at your map and go down the stairs at the first landing you will find Health Drink keep going down and thought the doors. Kill the spiting mummy and find the Moon Totemnow leave using the north locked door, unlock it and go back to the “Mens Dressing Room”: Leave the “Mens Dressing room and go back were you just came from The south east stairs watch out for hanging dummys and bug back lee-roys on the way, Run up the stairs and kill 3 detonafo first and then to the door that is marked on your map with a weird symbol and enter detonsdo door, run up the stairs and hit another door, you will now oigins in a small L shaped hallway, kill the bug backed lee-roy and run to the silemt of the hall and take the door on your right.

Enter the “Costume Storage” room and you will find a mirror, I will use the mirror after I check out the other rooms on the 2nd floor nightmare. Good thing I wanted to see the rest of the 2nd floor nightmare before going back to normal: Search room and find a Katana and Health Drink and get the Note and hear something smash or something.

Search the room and find Iron Weights. Leave the “Orchestra Storage” Room and at the end of the hall you will find a Ampoule. Look at your map, find the “Catwalk” and go there. Leave the catwalk and go back down the staris and run all the way back up to the “Curtain control” room, and now you can poll the switch down, now leave the room and go onto the stage, you will not see a really big mirror.

Now use the mirror. Ok, first thing I notice is that I dont have a map for this place, so this gotta be fun, make your way to the back Away from the mirror you will find AmpouleRifle Ammo x2Chapter 3 Use the mirror and then change the theme of the stage to the one with the tree in the middle. Use mirror and search the scene, find Stage Office Keyas your walking back you will have a flashback. Use mirro to returen to normal world and leave silejt stage using the “Curtain control” room and make your way to the “Stage Office” Watch out for like 6 hanging eetonado.

Inside will be another dummy sileent him and find Prop oirgins Lever. Leave room and return to the stage. Watch out for more monsters on the way Get back to the controls detonadl use the Prop control Lever and seen the stages them to the dark blue one The only one you havnt used yet and use the mirror.

Some big weird thing? What i did was stop for a sec. Once you have beaten him get the Falsehood piece Cut Scene. When you wake up, you ;s2 be in the lobby of the theater, check the dead body and get the Motel Key.

Silent hill Once outside head west on “Koontz St. Go up the ramp and use the “Motel Key” enter the building. Cut scene, after the scene on the wall under the moose is the Motel Map Search the room and find the “Room Key” and then go behind the contour a pa2 out the puzzle. Leave the “Reception” out the right door and you will enter a small outside lot, and my psp froze?

Ok, look at your map and up up the stairs and run past room kill the mummy and go into room “”, get the Light standleave room and keep going down all the way past room and go down the stairs.

Watch out originw the bug backed lee-roy and another really big mostser, look at your map and run all the way to room “”, enter and you will find our zilent Mirror of the motel, before using it I want to check out the rest of the motel. Enter room ” and get ready to fight a really big and new monster with what looks like to be a small monster stuck on his back??

Kill him and get the shotgun Ammo and leave and holl back to room “”. Use the mirror,get the Note from your father off the wall on the way out and leave. Go to room “” and kill the mummy and get the Spear and Health Drink leave the room and run to room ” and use the door just detlnado the gate on the right, watch out for bug backed lee-roys, leave the yard and go down past the stairs and enter the other yard that stars with room Watch out for about 3 bug backed lee-roys and enter room “” kill the mummy and get the first aid kit.

Ok I check, nothing good, use the mirror. Check out the room and find a Note and leave, and run down to the green double doors and find a Shovel and then use the green doors and enter the “Maintenance Room” kill the mummy and find the ToolBox Health drink Redeemer Ammo Cool and the Note and check out the Vice on the table.

Leave the “Maintenance Hallway” and go back to the “Maintenance Room” and leave the way you came in and run all the way down by the Staff Accomodation” and use the gate behind it and run all the way around “Staff Accomodation” and you will have to fight a 2 Frogger yes that is what I will call them now: